Where Has Alert1 Been Reviewed?

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Updated 8/24/15 10:51am | At Alert1 we are proud to say that we have been highly rated over the years from review agencies and members alike. We are dedicated to keeping you and your loved ones safe, and we have the reviews to prove it.

Third-Party Ratings

We pride ourselves on having fair prices and clear business terms.  Many respected review agencies have reviewed our service and rated us highly:

  • Alert1 is accredited with the Better Business Bureau. That means we have a commitment to make a good faith effort to resolve any customer complaints.
  • We are highly rated on Consumer Affairs. We stood out in our affordability, clearness of business terms and helpfulness of the customer service team.
  • Our command centers are top quality and certified by both the The Monitoring Association (TMA) and Underwriters Laboratories (UL). This means our products, systems, and services have been rigorously tested. We have outstanding personnel who perform in the highest professional manner. You can trust them to take care of you in an emergency.
  • Alert1 has been rated the #1 best medical alert by Modern Senior Magazine.  They loved our service. They wrote that“Alert1 is without a doubt the best in class and the best alternative to Life Alert.”
  • Top Ten Reviews states, “You’ll be hard pressed to find a better system!” This company was impressed that Alert1 offers free monitoring for a spouse.

Customer and Senior Reviews

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We are dedicated to serving our customers, but don’t just take our word for it—read what our members have said:

  • “What peace of mind you create. Knowing that someone is second away to assist you if needed is essential to be able to successfully cope with illness or accident. Thank you for your always courteous and concerned staff.” Gail- Glen Cove, NY
  • “Trust me when I say, Alert1 has given us total peace of mind, knowing that our parents will have help with a push of a button should an emergency arise again. We know your parents will never have the panic or emotional trauma they experienced earlier this year, now that Alert1 is in their home. All I can say is: Thank you Alert1 and all the warm and caring customer service personnel who have put our minds at rest.” Dee Dee Plummer-Arkansas
  • “I would recommend this company to anyone living alone. It saved my life. All the people there are so friendly and courteous. You are never alone when you have Alert1” Barbara- Waterloo, Illinois
  • “We found Alert1 service to be excellent and reliable. It allowed my father-in-law to remain in his house while easing our minds regarding his health and safety. Thank you.” R. Curtis- Fairport, New York
  • “I would like to thank each and every one of you for being the nicest people I’ve ever encounter! It was a great relief knowing you were there to help.”  Catherine D.-Torrance, California

Not to brag, but when you have dedicated yourself to doing something, you get pretty good at it. That’s how we have earned the trust of our members all over America. From California to the New York Island, the Redwood Forest to the gulf stream waters, we serve America. We partner with local and national emergency services (EMT, Fire, Police, etc.) to ensure that you or your loved one gets help when needed.

We have members of all ages, and we know that our members want a personalized experience.  That’s why we offer so many options to customize your Alert1 experience: from the type of senior medical alert system, to the amount of service coverage and even who is notified or sent if an emergency occurs.

We are committed to your satisfaction and safety. We stay on the phone with you until help arrives and urge you to test your medical alert system regularly. We offer free technical support and our highly trained US-based operators available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 


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Alert1 Is There For Seniors and Loved Ones

Alert1 wants to give you and your loved ones total peace of mind. With our senior medical alert systems, help will be there with just the push of a button. You can put your trust in Alert1.