7 Reasons Why Seniors Deserve to Age in Place

Updated 8/5/15 2:04pm | Alert1 stands united with independent older adults that want to enjoy their golden years at home. No longer feeling safe at home shouldn’t be cause to uproot where you belong.  As you age, there are certain living modifications for seniors who want to successfully age in place. One integral device to help you age in place is a senior medical alert system. Seniors today can maintain their dignity and independence in the comfort of their own home. All while saving money vs Life Alert costs.

In your golden years, there are many factors that determine how you age such as cost comparisons for assisted living and aging in place. With ever growing aging populations, the decision to keep your home is one countless seniors face. Most American seniors and Alert1 members choose stay in their homes for the rest of their lives. You too deserve to age in place; highlighted in this article are the reasons why.

1. Seniors are connected to their homes

You are at a crossroads. You are entering the golden years. But decisions need to be made. Home is where the heart is and a senior's heart is defined by the lasting memories made at home.  Make the right choice and choose the home you’ve built, created and shaped. Will you leave your senior-friendly community and hometown?

Your house has been through many Christmases and Thanksgivings and Easters. The memories found within are irreplaceable. And the memories do not need to stop there. Build new memories to cherish for many more years and tomorrows to come. 

2. Freedom for Seniors

With the nest all but empty, this leaves plenty of time, space and freedom to do as you wish. Turn up the music and dance. Go for a brisk walk in the early morn. Invite friends over and host dinner parties. Turn that old bedroom into a fitness room. Having the liberty to do what your heart desires is a boon not worth giving up.

3. Seniors should be heard

You've steered the wheel of your life’s journey for this long. Why stop now? Make the choices on the type of lifestyle that you want. Family caregivers and seniors need to work together to create the safest possible environment at home.

Take care of your emotional health as well. Communication means making sure nothing is left unsaid. Move forward without regrets and articulate what you consider to be the best next steps for this exciting venture.

4. Senior friendly technology

A senior medical alert system from Alert1 ensures safety in every corner of your household.
Don’t know where to put one? Alert1’s home wireless system will connect to your Peace of Mind (POM) base unit without the need for a landline. Make use of a cellular provider to keep you even safer and place your POM anywhere.

5. Safety for seniors

You deserve to outfit your home with the safest possible environment to accommodate your needs. Senior home modifications such as grab bars, ramp installations and rocker switches create a safe aging in place plan.

If wheelchair accessibility is an issue, doorways, showers, kitchen counters and cupboards are all capable of accommodating your needs. The right jigsaw to your aging in place puzzle is just a means of finding the right pieces.

Need a Certified Aging in Place Specialist (CAPS)? Give us a call and Alert1 will be more than happy to help you locate one.

6. Senior recovery

The familiarity of your own home ensures a sense of comfort. Avoid the uneasiness of a new, possibly institutionalized environment.

Grand adjustments to foreign settings are not necessary when you have the option of staying in your household. If you are recovering from an injury, operation or particular ailment, your home is the best infirmary.

7. Senior happiness

Life is the pursuit of happiness. You owe it to yourself to shape the best possible situation you can give yourself. With the right discussions and planning, your happiness can continue forward. Happiness is aging in place.