Medical Alerts Give Seniors Peace Of Mind

Updated 8/19/15 11:17am | AtAlert1we see our customers as family. We want you to know your loved ones are in good hands with a senior medical alert system by their side. We strive to give you total peace of mind to let seniors live independently and continue doing the activities they love. Here are some customers’ responses where we have achieved just that. Since the start of our company, we’ve also compiled more Alert1 aging in place stories in our Ebook. 

Helping seniors during an emergency

There is no way to predict the future and many families are not prepared for an accident occurring. Whether an accident has occurred or your family is just being cautious we are grateful you decided to get some protection. Feedback like this warms our hearts and puts smiles on our faces. Our mission is to make sure your parents are safe and give you the peace of mind your family deserves.  Carmen, Norma and Cesar especially loved our affordable pricing and  dedicated staff and how much lower we were than Life Alert costs, this is what they said:

review. alert1 medical alert systems


“January of this year, my mother was hospitalized and had emergency surgery. After post recuperation time she came home and I found your company online. The staff you employ is great, caring professional and your price is reasonable. What a great service you do for humanity. We are very pleased to have the set up for any future emergency. It gives us peace of mind. Thanks to all involved. Keep up your excellent work and dedication Carmen, Norma, and Cesar Ricaurte. Thank you all very much.”

Seniors will be never be alone

Always remember, we are here for your parents 24/7 to be their safety net. Help is only the push of a button away. We stay on the phone with until help arrives so they are never alone during an emergency. Our command center operators are highly trained, compassionate individuals who are dedicated to protecting you. Gail appreciates our around the clock service and wrote is this review:

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What peace of mind you create. Knowing that someone is second away to assist you if needed is essential to be able to successfully cope with illness or accident. Thank you for your always courteous and concerned staff.

The goal: peace of mind for seniors

We truly care about our customers at Alert1. We strive to make your experience as great as Dee Dee’s and give you total peace of mind.  Dee Dee loved our service for her parents from the very beginning.  We are just a call away waiting to explain everything you need to know about our products. When it is delivered we check to make sure the equipment is working properly after set up and then continue to check on your loved one every month after that. We are just the push of a button away and never want Mom or Dad to hesitate on calling for any reason. When it comes to senior independence, Alert1 is a company seniors can trust. Here is what Dee Dee had to say about her family’s Alert1 experience:


review3. alert1 medical alert systems


“Recently my father, 83 years, had a horrific falling incident where my Mother, 79 years, wasn’t able to lift him off the floor, then having to call and wait for help. It was at this time my sisters and I decided to make sure this didn’t happen again. After researching many “help” systems we decided to call Alert1. It was the best decision we ever made! I talked with Brenda at Alert1, who explained everything, in a warm and friendly manner, how the complete Alert1 system worked. She took all the information required and helped me set u o the system we wanted and the delivery I preferred.  She also made sure I knew I could call her at any time if I had questions or concerns. Which I did and she was great. The Alert1 system was delivered right on time and my Mother was called a week later to make sure the system had arrived and did she have any questions. She was also reminded to feel free to call them at any time for any reason since the Alert1 comes with so many great options for medical advice and help. Since then, Alert1 has called to double check on everything and Rachel Null, from alert1, even called me to make sure I was happy with the system. I cannot express enough how wonderful the customer service people are and the caring manner in which they treat you. Trust me when I say, Alert1 has given us total peace of mind, knowing that our parents will have help with a push of a button should an emergency arise again. We know our parents will never have the panic or emotional trauma they experienced earlier this year, now that Alert1 is in their home. All I can say is: Thank you Alert1 and all the warm and caring customer service personnel who have put our minds at rest.”

Keep your aging loved ones safe

All of these wonderful letters bring smiles to our faces as we see how much we are helping our customers. Our senior medical alert system ensures help is on the way with just a push of a button. Keeping Mom and Dad safe is what matters.  We want to keep you stress and worry free.Alert1wants to give you total peace of mind.