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Alert1 Quiz: How Healthy is Your Senior?

Updated 7/16/15 12:18pm For your benefit, Alert1 revised the health recommendations below. Our recommendations are the beginning of the conversation towards bettering your health. To accurately determine your medical condition you should seek the advice of a medical professional.

Take this simple Alert1 interactive quiz to assess your health. Below are three simple tips to keep in mind to stay invigorated and happy. Use this as a guideline for your journey toward better health.

Proper Nutrition

Your mother pushed broccoli on you for as long as you can remember. Your physician has been recommending vegetables for a reason. Eating healthy is the key to both feeling good and helping proper body functions. Getting the proper nutrition is simple:

  • Consume fiber-rich foods. They give you the energy that keeps you going for the rest of the day.
  • Drink water. Daily hydration means drinking 6-8 cups of water, even when you don’t feel thirsty.
  • Avoid high sugar and protein-rich foods in the evening. They will keep you up at night and disrupt a healthy sleep pattern.
  • Eat vibrant, colored fruits and vegetables, especially in dark green and red. They are abundant in nutrients and vitamins.
  • Everyday staples in your diet can be doing more harm than you realize. Schedule an examination to see if you’re intolerant to certain foods.

You should also schedule a cheat day meal once a week. A small treat can help keep you motivated and is always a welcome reward on healthy diet. Before you start a new diet regimen or exercise routine, be sure to consult your primary care physician. They’ll know your health history and more accurately determine your individual dietary needs.

These recommendations are just the tip of the iceberg towards good nutrition. A healthy diet doesn’t mean you should stick to one certain food group. Experiment with different recipes and ingredients. Try different cuisines. There is a wide array of choices in the vast land of good eating. But they all lead you on the road of proper senior health. 

Maintain Regular Checkups

Doctor Checkup / Alert1

Did you hate seeing the doctor as a child? To this day many of us are weary of a  doctor’s visit. Yet, the best way to keep informed on your body’s well-being is to schedule consistent checkups. Your physician will help identify and educate you on moving forward as you enter the wonder years.

You will learn the proper vitamins and screening tests to take. Your doctor will inform you of the side effects of your prescription drugs. If you’re against antibiotics or chemicals you can also opt to visit a holistic doctor for medical attention. We also recommend that you visit the optometrist once a year to update your eye wear prescription.

Be proactive about your senior health. Let your physician guide you through the journey. If you have mobility issues and can’t drive to the doctor, you do have options. Door to door transportation services are easy to schedule and very accommodating. The National Transit Hotline can provide the names of local transit providers who receive federal money to provide transportation to the elderly and people with disabilities. Call Toll Free 1-800-527-8279.

Mental Wellness

Gym / Alert1

Endorphins, a hormone your body releases as you work out, can be your best friend. It’s the natural drug you should get addicted to. Not available over-the-counter. Doctor recommended. FDA-approved.

Endorphins are your natural stress fighters and pain relievers. They help maintain mental health for seniors. It is nature’s way to combat the onset of depression. By working out, you release a surge of positivity throughout your body.

What’s more, senior health begins with proper exercise. It not only induces happiness, exercise is a great motivator. Each day you can push yourself just a little bit harder. Keep in mind your limits, and create mini exercise goals to aim for. With each workout, each little effort, you are building confidence.

Find a workout partner to keep you motivated. Start the morning with a good workout. One extra trip up and down the stairs. One extra lap around the pool. And once you reach that goal, once you finish that final, difficult push, everything else in the day will seem like a cinch. You can take on anything. Ride that endorphin high. Build that confidence. Work out.

We know unsteady balance or impaired motion gets in the way of regular exercise. Now you can worry less about exercise injuries! Alert1’s fall detection system uses motion sensing technology and alerts our Command Center in the event of an incident. This smart button calls for help even if you’re unable to trigger the button. 

There are many ways to navigate through the path of your well-being. The key is finding what is right and comfortable for you and your body. Once you find that rhythm, the rest is following the beat of your own drum.

Miles Abadilla