"True Aging In Place Stories" #1 Best Selling Ebook

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Updated 8/28/15 1:08pm | Alert1 Medical Alertsis proud to announce  our  #1 Best Selling ebook“Medical Alert Systems: True Aging in Place Stories,”now available on Amazon.

This eye-opening and entertaining publication is a collection of 13 short stories based on testimonials by our members. Since 1988, we've been collecting aging in place tips and we've included those recommendations at the end of the Ebook.

Aging in place can be tricky; as our protagonists learn, preparation is key. Medical alert systems are an important component of aging in place preparation as protection in case of emergencies. The tales in our book demonstrate how medical alerts can be used in a variety of ways to keep seniors safe, from dealing with uninvited guests or having an accident when no one is around.

These heartwarming stories contain important lessons that we hope will help seniors enhance their aging in place experiences. Our mission is to help you live safely and independently in your own home.

“Medical Alert Systems: True Aging in Place Stories” is now available on Amazon.Check out our exclusive sneak peek below!

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Light in the Darkness - A Senior Sneak Peek

Alert1 knows the terror of being caught in a winter storm. For that reason our medical alert systems for seniors come equipped with backup batteries to last if your power goes out. In the snippet below, you’ll get an impression of how a senior help button can protect you in the event of the unthinkable.

“It was the worst hurricane in recent memory, blowing strong gusts of wind and rocking the state of Maryland into a frenzy.

Yolanda had protested the evacuation order, but the howling wind had convinced her it was time to leave. Her home had begun to shake from the stress of the storm. Her nerves increased with every tremble of the walls, making packing difficult. The flickering lights did not help her progress, and their strobing was only getting worse.

Suddenly, even the flickering light was gone. The house plunged into darkness.

Yolanda froze in her tracks, her heart dropping to the pit of her stomach. As a child, Yolanda had been scared of the dark. That fear came rushing back as she stood alone in the dark house, the storm raging around her.

Shaken, Yolanda made her way to the front of her house. She took cautious steps, but she could not see the puddles that the leaking roof had let in. She slipped, crashing hard to the ground.

Yolanda’s eyes brimmed with tears. She was at a loss. She could not get up, she could not see, and it felt like her home was ready to collapse. What could she do? ....”

See what happensto Yolanda in "Medical Alert Systems: True Aging In Place Stories"!

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