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6 Things Seniors Need in a Medical Alert System

Updated 8/10/15 4:23pm | 

As you age, you begin to hear more about companies like Alert1 that offer popular senior services like fall detection. But senior caregivers are often unfamiliar with senior care terms and vocabulary. How can you be sure you’ve found the best possible solution for your aging loved ones? If you further pursue emergency monitoring services you need to be assured you are partnering with the best possible company. Alert1 is a company seniors can trust to protect the people that matter in your life.

We want to help family caregivers in their search for comprehensive senior care. Call Alert1 today to discuss how senior medical alert systems can support your aging loved ones. If you’re still weighing your options, here are the six things you should look for in a medical alarm system provider.

1. Transparent Pricing for Seniors

Make sure the medical alarm company pricing is posted clearly online. You’re already unclear on what senior care options are out there in the market. The last thing you need is to have to dig deep to find out how much you need to pay. Some companies actually only offer you their pricing once you call. We think you should always know the details of the product upfront. With Alert1 you won’t break the bank considering you never pay any hidden fees. Compare our prices with Life Alert® and Lifeline®.  

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2. Seniors Avoid Contracts

The process of getting safety for you or your family should not be as hard as signing a mortgage on your home. Make sure that the process is hassle-free. You don’t want to be tied down with a long-term contract. We accommodate your aging loved ones if at any point you want to reduce or upgrade your service plan. You’ll be in good hands with Alert1’s flexible service plans. You can easily set up our senior medical alert system. The aging in place process starts with a call to Alert1 today.

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3. Unlimited Call and Talk Time.

Nothing is more comforting than knowledge that in any given situation, there is someone looking out for you. You need to have unlimited calling with a push of a button and a responder willing to stay on the line with you once you have activated your alarm. Even if you accidentally signal for help, seniors will never be penalized for false alarms. From seniors who solely rely on technology in emergency situations or those who plan to use the emergency response service regularly, Alert1 accommodates all types of users. With Alert1’s Command Center, you receive 24/7 coverage for any circumstance big or small. 

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4. Established Track Record.

Scam artists and imposters target seniors offering fraudulent services. Today there are a host of online scams and fraudulent companies who target seniors. Make sure the company you choose is well established in senior care. Alert1 is strongly recommended by the BBB and Consumer Affairs. Our emergency monitoring centers earned CSAA 5 Diamond and UL certification. You want a company with a long track record and proven success in the industry. Alert1 is a company seniors can trust

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5. All American.

Never compromise on quality for the ones you love. Don’t outsource or choose senior retirement in Thailand. You want a senior medical alert system with call centers based 100% in the USA. Our emergency monitoring services allow seniors to live in their safety and comfort of their homes at any age. We provide medical alert systems for seniors across the United States including Alaska and Hawaii. Alert1 offers quality care to over a quarter million American seniors and their families.

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6. Superb Customer Care.

Our customer care keeps in regular contact with your Circle of Care at the onset of an emergency. We also can notify senior health care providers and physicians of any instances of a senior medical emergency. When you're spending your hard earned money, make sure your medical alarm company treats your loved one like a member of their family. If you aren't getting excellent customer service, it may be time to search for a better option. We also notify our members about special promotions and technology advancements to users and their caregivers via email. friendly customer service. alert1 medical alert systems

We think Alert1 is the best option for to keep you and your aging loved ones protected. Comment below if you rely upon Alert1 for medical alert systems for seniors.