Medical Alert Systems True Aging in Place Stories

Aging in Place
Aging in place is sometimes difficult to achieve. As we age, we become less able to care for ourselves and our bodies. That said, investing in a medical alert system can make aging in place a bit easier. We’ve brought you a handful of true, first-person stories to illustrate just how complicated living at home in old age can be. 

The Uninvited Visitor


 Sunday, November 25 2012 3:30 AM, Phoenix, Arizona –

Jeanne was woken by strange noises from her bedroom window. She felt a shiver of fear fizzle down her spine: what if there was an intruder in her home?

Jeanne clicked on the flashlight by her bedside and pointed the bright beam in the direction of the sound. An enormous raccoon had climbed onto her windowsill and was peering intently at her from behind the draperies! Jeanne froze and mentally kicked herself for not purchasing a screen window. She and the creature sat staring at each other, both on high alert.

Jeanne feared that at any moment, the creature would come flying through the window. What if it attacked?!

“C’mon Jeanne, you’ve got your help button!” she told herself. She’d recently purchased an alarm button on the advice of a friend, who was also aging in place.

So as not to draw the raccoon’s attention, Jeanne slowly reached her right hand to her left wrist and firmly pushed her Alert1 help button.

A familiar chime rang out from the POM console next to her bed, and a reassuring voice soon filled the room: “Hi Jeanne, this is Peter. Do you need help?”

Jeanne felt as though she could cry for joy. Between labored breaths, Jeanne managed to whisper that she had an uninvited visitor perched on her windowsill. The super sensitive speaker on the POM picked up her whispers. At the Command Center, Peter sprang into action.

“Don’t worry Jeanne. I’ll call your neighbor Anne,” Peter whispered back. “No, no, Anne is away on vacation,” Jeanne said in hushed, but panicked tones. “Call the police!” Peter agreed and dialed Jeanne’s local 911, all the while staying right with Jeanne on her POM.

Minutes later, Officer Rogers arrived on the scene. Peter had already briefed Officer Rogers that Jeanne was trapped in bed. So as not to wake any sleeping neighbors, Officer Rogers quietly entered the yard and picked up a long stick to try to poke the intruder away from the window. The uninvited visitor refused – he would not leave his perch. After several tries, Officer Rogers realized he would have to call for backup.

At Office Rogers’s call, Officer Spence left the donut shop and arrived at Jeanne’s house. Pulling a tranquilizer gun and a long reacher from his trunk, he quickly made his way toward where Officer Rogers stood. Wielding both the stick and the reacher, the two officers successfully shoved the raccoon off the window ledge…and directly into Jeanne’s bedroom!

Jeanne screamed in horror. Her worst nightmare had come to life! The raccoon shrieked and scrambled wildly around the bedroom. I thought aging in place was supposed to be relaxing! She thought, exasperated.

One after another, the officers followed the raccoon through the window. The panicked raccoon had already urinated on the carpet, torn the curtains, and knocked an antique clock from a nightstand.

Officer Spence drew his tranquilizer gun and fired off a round. His aim was true. The raccoon froze and fell to its side, twitching but immobile. The epic battle was over at last.

As the adrenaline rush from the night’s misadventure faded, Jeanne felt a deep exhaustion settling in. The officers helped clean up her room and called pest control to remove the uninvited beast.

Jeanne was profoundly grateful to Peter at the Alert1 Command Center and the two fine officers who had come to her aid. Her Alert1 help button had brought the help she needed, when she needed it. Jeanne shuddered. If she had not summoned help with her button, she could have been seriously injured by the wild raccoon. With relief, Jeanne settled back into bed and slipped into a deep and peaceful sleep.

Lessons Learned:

Many seniors think that a medical alert system is only for “real” or "medical" emergencies like a fall, heart attack or stroke. But in the hour of need, every emergency is a “real” emergency. Help buttons are not just for falls. They can provide essential assistance in any situation encountered while aging in place.

Just imagine, what would have happened if Jeanne did not have a button to press? She could have been injured by the raccoon. She might still be in bed, scared! Jeanne is lucky to be able to summon help whenever she needs it. In fact, it’s part of why she felt so comfortable deciding on aging in place.

If you have a help button, don’t be shy about pressing it. Alert1’s Command Center agents are ready to assist you with whatever you need, no matter how big or small the issue. Don’t worry about bothering them – they are there to help you!

There’s no such thing as the “right time” to seek help. If you need help, press your button. We will do everything in our power to keep you safe. If you would like to learn more about getting a help button, call us today!

Tips and Tricks to Stay Safe:

  1. Keep a flashlight at your bedside. It can help you assess unfamiliar situations.
  2. Lock and secure all your doors and windows before bed. This is especially important if your bedroom is on the first floor. 
  3. Use a lockbox so emergency personnel can access to your home quickly and easily. A lockbox securely holds your keys so that emergency services does not need to break down your door.
  4. Keep your Alert1 help button on you at all times.

Like Fine Wine


Pop! That distinctive sound of a cork being pulled out of a bottle was Lynn’s favorite noise. The glug-glug sound of wine pouring into a glass came in at a close second.

Lynn let the aroma waft up her nose as she swirled the contents in the bulbous glass. Here comes glass one!

Ira had been concerned. “Any particular reason you're eyeing that bottle tonight?” she had asked. 

“Why, to celebrate a whole new place all to myself, of course!” Lynn had exclaimed. She had just moved into the new home where she would be aging in place.

Lynn chuckled as she remembered the exchange. Her best friend Ira was always chastising her. With a sip of her pinot, Lynn slipped into nostalgia.

Back then, everyone called her “Lynn the Lynx.” She brimmed with a playful eagerness. Her cautious best friend could never quite keep up. Lynn had a teasing and mischievous nature. She thrived at barbecues on the beach, partied until morning, and raced her old Beetle like it was a Ferrari!

Even now, as she gazed at herself in the mirror of her new condo, Lynn could see the subtle Lynx crouching hidden behind her hazel eyes. Lynn was aging with a delicacy and beauty that she doubted would disappear, aging like the fine wine she was drinking.

She blushed at her narcissism. Or was it because of the wine? With a shrug, she poured herself glass number two.

Lynn made her way to the chaise and propped her legs up onto the cushions. She eyed the Alert1 POM base unit that her son, Jay, insisted she get for her new independent lifestyle.

Oh, what a fuss Jay made about it! It was like her best friend had raised him. Lynn loved Jay in spite of his careful nature. He reminded her so much of her husband...

Time for glass three. Aging in place was going to be so much fun!

Lynn awoke with a start. Her eyes and arms felt incredibly heavy. Slowly lifting her head, Lynn glanced at the clock. She had passed out for almost ten hours!

Like a drunk old cat, she thought.

With her head spinning and her body sore, Lynn could not bring herself to get up.

Nothing to worry about, Lynn shrugged. That's what this is for. She grasped the small pendant clasped around her neck and pressed the cherry red button.

Within seconds, a concerned voice responded. "This is Alert1 responding. Do you need help, Ms. Archer?"

The caring voice rang out like a clarion call in Lynn's hung-over brain.

"I'm fine. I just can't seem to get up. I may have had a little too much to drink. Please call my son and send him over."

"I'm glad everything is okay Ms. Archer. I will call your son right away."

"This is why you wanted to try aging in place?! To get drunk?!" Jay grilled Lynn with an increasingly frustrated expression.

"Oh honey, I was just having a good time. Besides, I have Alert1 to call you over whenever I'm having too much fun," winked Lynn. "This POM will always be here to make sure and notify you if—when things get too crazy."

Lessons Learned:

Aging in place is wondrously freeing. Alert1 will help ease you into an autonomous lifestyle, just as we helped Lynn. Your help button is a safety net that is always there. At Alert1, guardian angels come in small packages. We will watch over you, no matter how silly you think your aging in place request is.

Tips and Tricks:

  1. Don't drink alone! Enjoy your wine with a great friend to reminisce about the good times together.
  2. If you do enjoy a glass solo, be cautious about the second or third. Wine can creep up on you.
  3. If you want to let loose, keep your POM and Alert1 help button close by. We'll take care of you.

The Special Christmas Gift


Paula’s mother undid the beautiful green ribbon tied around her Christmas present.

“I wonder what it is?” she teased her daughter.

Paula grinned. “Just take a look!”

The wrapping fell away to reveal an Alert1 POM device.

“Thanks honey, that’s sweet of you. But I don’t know if I’ll ever need it…”

“Well, just keep it around so you don’t worry your silly little daughter!”

“Oh, all right, just for you. Merry Christmas, dear.”


A few hours earlier:

Paula wondered if her mother would be excited about her present. She looked down at the Alert1 POM and bejeweled help button necklace. She thought about the conversation she had with her siblings:

Will she need it?

I’m worried about whether we’ll be able to get to her in time if, God forbid, anything happens.

Paula's mother had 77 years under her belt and led an active lifestyle. Paula found her mother’s unshakeable energy admirable and extraordinary. Even so, Paula was concerned. She lived forty minutes away, too far to help in an emergency. She’d also made the decision to try aging in place for as long as possible. That is why she insisted on purchasing a medical alert system for her mother.


Two months later, well into the New Year, Paula awoke to a sharp ringing in the middle of the night. Paula squinted at the clock: 1:40 a.m.

Who was calling at this hour? Her curiosity turned to dread when she answered the phone.

It was Alert1.

A woman calmly informed Paula that her mother had fallen and injured her head and back. Paula jumped out of bed, barely registering that help was already on the way.

Panicking, Paula rushed towards her car. A million thoughts raced through her mind.

How did this happen? Is she hurt? Was aging in place a bad idea? Please let her be okay.

Overtaken with anxiety, Paula struggled to fit her keys into the ignition and they fell to her feet. Reaching down, Paula took a deep breath and thought: Alert1 said help is on the way.

And she would be on the way soon too.

With that thought in mind, Paula was able to remain calm. When she arrived, she found that Alert1 had indeed been quick to respond to her mother’s fall. Her mother was bruised and sore but would soon recover.

Paula was very glad she had gotten Alert1 as a Christmas gift. Despite everyone’s initial doubts, the Alert1 medical alert system proved its worth.

Lessons Learned:

Wondering whether your loved one needs an Alert1 medical alert system? The answer is simple: yes. We will do everything possible to ensure the safety of your parents, siblings and friends. With Alert1, you know your loved ones will be kept safe--whether they live in a care facility or are aging in place.

Though Paula’s mother was in good shape, she was not immune to falling. The POM device not only protects your loved one but also gives you peace of mind. In this day and age, living an active, mobile lifestyle is an important aspect of your loved ones' lives. They should not give it up out of fear. Alert1 ensures that help is always just a touch away.

Tips and Tricks to Stay Safe:

Breathe. While it is alarming to hear your loved one has been hurt, rest assured that Alert1 has already sent help. Take a deep breath and do not panic. The last thing you want is to rush and end up needing help yourself.

The Narrow Escape

Made in Italy

“Mother please, be reasonable.”

“Debbie, you’ve been badgering me for years. What makes you think I’ll be ‘reasonable’ now?”

“The nonstop nagging, maybe? I’ll call you every day—no, every hour! We need to solve this Mom, not just keep putting it off. What if you fall again?!”

A somber silence filled the air, as both mother and daughter remembered the terrible day of The Fall.

“Ok, fine! Just get it already. Your nagging is driving me nuts. But I hate dealing with sales people in those phone calls, so you do it!”


Her mother’s health was an ever-present source of tension in Debbie’s life. Debbie and her mother were always arguing about the right steps to take. Tensions had only risen after The Fall.

The truth was, Debbie felt guilty.

She had thought about having the Alert1 POM installed at her mother’s house several months before The Fall, but her mother’s vigorous resistance had stopped her short. Debbie knew that her mother did not want to feel like she was under surveillance.

Debbie also knew that her mom dreaded looking old. Growing up, Debbie heard many stories about her mother as a young and gorgeous debutante. Her mom still cared about being stylish. Debbie, on the other hand, was focused on safety, even at the cost of fashion.

Debbie found it difficult to answer her mom’s questions about the Alert1 help button: Won’t it be ugly? Will the neighbors see this and think I am too old to live alone? What if their kids do not come trick-or-treating anymore because they think I’m old and scary?

Now that her mother allowed Debbie to call Alert1, she could finally get some answers.

“Order toll free, America’s most trusted provider of medical alert systems.” Debbie read aloud. She dialed the number nervously. A cheerful voice answered her call: “Thank you for calling! It’s a wonderful day here at Alert1, how may I help you?”

Debbie hesitated.

She was about to tell a perfect stranger about her mother’s most embarrassing accident! But she took a deep breath and the words came tumbling out. Debbie recounted her mother’s recent fall and her own worry and guilt about not being able to prevent it. She told the sales person everything, including her mother’s worry about how she would look wearing the help button.

“Oh my gosh, I have been talking for all this time and haven’t let you get a word in!” Debbie exclaimed when she had finished her story.

The friendly sales person—Julie—laughed. Debbie felt like she had a friend on the other end of the line.

“It’s okay Debbie. The first part of my job is to understand what you’re going through so I can help you and your mom the best I can.”

The rest of the call was nothing like her mother had feared. There were no pushy salespeople – the process was remarkably easy.

Two days later, the Alert1 POM device arrived and Debbie and her mom opened the box together. A small velvet pouch held the orchid-colored help button that Debbie’s mom would wear. It hung on a shiny sterling silver chain stamped “Made in Italy”—a surprise for both women.

“It’s quite fashionable,” Debbie’s mom murmured. Debbie was so happy she could cry.

Two days later, Dan at the Alert1 Command Center called to let Debbie know that 911 emergency services were on their way to her mother’s home. Debbie’s mother had experienced a minor heart attack and blood clot in her arm.

As she stepped into the post-operative recovery room, Debbie couldn’t hide her sense of relief. “Thank god for Alert1,” she whispered. She could not imagine what would have happened if the help button on the silver chain had not been there. Thanks to Alert1, she did not have to.

Lessons Learned:

Debbie’s insistence on safety and her mom’s insistence on style delayed the decision to purchase Alert1’s service. They were lucky that the system arrived just in time. Debbie should have called as soon as she first considered Alert1. Julie would have told her about the stylish help button options, easily settling the style versus safety debate.

The POM is not just for situations like “The Fall.” It is a comprehensive and general help system designed to support you in any health matter. We are here for you, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Tips and Tricks to Stay Safe:

  • Wear your help button. If you don’t like the style, call us. We’ll help you find the perfect accessory that you will want to wear.
  • Our friendly phone operators know that the conversation about getting a medical alert can be a difficult one. When you call Alert1 you will feel like you have a friend on the phone. We will help you and your loved one find peace of mind.

Summer Heat and Berries

Summer Heat

Holly entered her office and relished the rush of cold, air-conditioned air. She wiped the sweat off her brow and made her way down the corridor.

It had been four weeks of unbearable heat. A storm had taken out their electricity, and the air conditioning had been sorely missed. Holly was lucky – her work was one of the first places to get power back.

Holly sat in her quiet office, enjoying the cool breeze, until the peace was interrupted by the phone ringing. It was her mother, Marilyn.

“Honey, did you pick up the berries at the market?” With a palm to the head, Holly groaned—she had purchased everything on the list but the berries!

“I’m sorry Mom, I forgot. I’ll get them on my way home.”

“Okay dear, you take care now.”

“Bye Mom, see you soon.”

Living next door to her mother, who was aging in place, had its inconveniences—shopping for two being one of them. But it also had valuable benefits. It allowed Holly to take care of her aging mother, who suffered from a heart condition.

“Mom, I promise I’ll get th-“

“I apologize ma’am, but this is Elaine from Alert1 on the line,” answered a cheery voice. It was as if Holly could feel Elaine’s smile through the phone.

“Oh, I’m so sorry. I thought you were my mother. Did something happen?”

“Well, we noticed there was a power outage in your area, and have been trying to make sure that your mother is okay. When you didn’t pick up your home phone we assumed that the power outage also affected you. So we did a little digging and managed to find your office number.”

“Oh my! That’s considerate of you, to go through all that trouble…”

“Not to worry ma’am, here at Alert1 our Members are family. We were simply concerned that we could not reach your mother. Is she doing all right?”

“Yes, yes of course. I actually just spoke with her. Thank you so much for checking up on her!”

“I’m glad to hear that everything’s okay. Is there anything else I can help you with?”

With a no thank you and a goodbye, Holly hung up the phone and immediately dialed her mother. She recounted her conversation with Alert1’s Elaine. Both mother and daughter felt that they were in great hands, knowing that Alert1 would go above and beyond to make sure they were safe. Now if only they could do something to make those berries appear…

Lessons Learned:

Alert1 is more than just a system for emergencies. We are willing to go the extra distance to ensure that our Members are safe at all times.

Emergency weather situations can cause blackouts. We jump to action when we detect power outages to make sure our Members are safe.

Even if your loved one is right next door or lives with you, an Alert1 POM will give you peace of mind when you are not at home.

Tips and Tricks to Stay Safe:

  • Keep a flashlight handy in case of a power failure.
  • Consider installing (or keeping) a landline. They are usually functional even when the power goes out.
  • Your POM base unit has a backup battery. You will be able to press your button and get help even if the power goes out.

Good Night, Good Morning

Good Morning

Ruth hugged herself as a shiver ran down her spine. The winter wind swirled through the empty cottage. It was time to start a fire in the fireplace, but this brought back memories of her husband. Ruth remembered how Colin would always start the fires for her.

Men should always start the fires! He would declare with a smile. Instead of rolling her eyes, she would smile right back at him.

But now her husband was gone, and this fire was a task for her alone. Ruth had purchased a new home to leave the memories behind, but she was still trying to get used to the quiet. She missed Colin’s loud, expressive personality. Her life with him had been full of conversation, laughter, and noise.

Before she knew it, the fire caught, and the room was filled with the light of dancing flames.

Ruth stared into the fire and half-expected for Colin to come up behind her. She imagined him congratulating her, to which she would respond back: women don’t need men to start fires.

A tear trickled down her cheek.

Ruth met Colin at the young age of 18. He was loud, vibrant, and daring. He took care of her, and she took care of him. It was as if his spirit matched hers. Through the years they danced together side-by-side, like the shadow and the flame.

Ruth struggled to move on after Colin’s passing. With the support of her bereavement group, she had taken the first step into re-entering the world – buying a new home.

Ruth found herself reaching for the Alert1 pendant around her neck for comfort. Ruth became a Member at the recommendation of a close friend. Her pendant hung on a pretty beaded lanyard that Colin would have loved.

She found solace in the idea that, with a press of a button, there would be someone there to care for her. Alert1 helped stave off the fear of being alone for the first time.

As she toyed with the pendant, Ruth pressed the alarm button.

Oh no! Now they’ll think I’m in an emergency! Ruth panicked and wished she could un-push the button.

“Hi there Ruth, this is Elaine from Alert1, do you need help?”

“Hi Elaine. I’m sorry, I pressed the button on accident! Everything is fine.”

“No problem at all Ruth, please feel free to press the button whenever you would like.”

“No kidding?! I thought this was only for emergencies.”

“We are here for you Ruth, no matter what you need. You can always press your button to test your device or just to talk with us if you want to say good morning or good night.”

“Tha-that is wonderful. My husband passed away recently and he used to say both those things every day.”

“I’m so sorry to hear that.”

“Thank you, Elaine.”

“Have a good night, Ruth. And, just so you have heard it once today, have a good morning as well.”
Ruth felt a tear trickle down her cheek for a second time that night, but this time around, she was smiling.

“Good night and good morning, Elaine.”

Lessons Learned:

Alert1 is more than just a system for emergencies. We are willing to go the extra distance to ensure that our Members are safe at all times, whether they’re aging in place alone or live near family members.

When she accidently pressed her help button, Ruth was afraid that she’d set off the alarm and started the whole emergency protocol. The qualified responders at Alert1’s Command Center understand that accidents happen. Feel free to push the help button for any reason, Alert1 will always respond. We are here for you.

Tips and Tricks to Stay Safe:

  • Grief, depression, loneliness— you can get through it. Join a social club or try a new extracurricular activity. Establish a support system. Bereavement groups are a good place to start. Consider an Alert1 POM as part of your recovery.
  • Change your environment and try new things. Shake things up and try that activity you have always wanted to do.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help from a Command Center expert. They are available to help you along the way at any time, morning or night.

To The Rescue

To the Rescue

High above the ground, Richard hammered a board to the tree. After months of pleading, his daughter Susie was finally going to have the tree house she had always wanted.

Over the sound of hammering, Richard heard a voice, distant yet distinct.

Richard could only make out one word as it echoed across his yard: Help!

Richard descended from the tree and followed the sound of the voice. It led him to his neighbor Evelyn's home. The kitchen window was open, and the voice was coming from inside.

Richard peered over the windowsill. The voice was coming from a white, rectangular device with bright red and green buttons.

“Evelyn, are you okay? Help is on the way!”

Evelyn, who lived alone and was aging in place, was nowhere in sight.

Richard climbed into the house and spoke to the box: “This is Richard, the next-door neighbor! I heard you calling Evelyn from outside.”

“Sir, Evelyn pushed her Alert1 medical alert button but has not responded to our calls. Do you see her anywhere? We are now activating our emergency protocol.”

“I’ll go look for her!”

After running throughout the house, Richard found Evelyn on the garage floor. She had fallen over but was still breathing.

Richard stabilized Evelyn and yelled in the direction of the kitchen that he had found her.

“Send emergency services!” he shouted.

“Don’t worry sir, help is on the way,” he heard back.

It was not long before EMT’s arrived and took Evelyn to the hospital. Richard followed, and was soon joined at the hospital by Evelyn’s son, Charles. Alert1 had called Charles to tell him what had happened. Charles thanked Richard profusely for helping Evelyn. His eyes teared up when he learned that she was going to be okay.

That night, Richard relayed the day's unexpected turn of events to his wife while Susie headed out to inspect the almost-finished tree house.

Susie paused in the doorway and turned to face her father. “Don’t forget to install an Alert1 POM in my treehouse too, Daddy!”

Lessons Learned:

The Alert1 system is more than just a simple button. The POM base unit has a range of the size of two football fields - more than enough space to cover your home. When you push your button, a team of trained responders at our Command Center will come on the line immediately. If they are not able to hear you, they will notify your contacts in your Circle of Care. You contacts are personalized so that you always get the help you need.

The POM base unit has a loudspeaker and sensitive microphone so that you can hear it and speak to the Command Center from anywhere in your house. The loudspeaker is what got Richard’s attention, allowing him to help Evelyn. With Alert1, you always have someone you trust only a button push away.

Tips and Tricks:

  • Great neighbors make great responders. Let your neighbors know to look out for you and your loved ones. More often than not they will be glad to help.
  • Susie’s request at the end of the story is very cute, but did you know that POMs are great for kids too? If your child is often at home alone, an Alert1 system can offer them extra protection to keep them safe.

Light In The Darkness


It was the worst hurricane in recent memory, blowing strong gusts of wind and rocking the state of Maryland into a frenzy.

Yolanda had protested the evacuation order, but the howling wind had convinced her it was time to leave. Her home, where she was aging in place, had begun to shake from the stress of the storm. Her nerves increased with every tremble of the walls, making packing difficult. The flickering lights did not help her progress, and their strobing was only getting worse.

Suddenly, even the flickering light was gone. The house plunged into darkness.

Yolanda froze in her tracks, her heart dropping to the pit of her stomach. As a child, Yolanda had been scared of the dark. That fear came rushing back as she stood alone in the dark house, the storm raging around her.

Shaken, Yolanda made her way to the front of her house. She took cautious steps, but she could not see the puddles that the leaking roof had let in. She slipped, crashing hard to the ground.

Yolanda’s eyes brimmed with tears. She was at a loss. She could not get up, she could not see, and it felt like her home was ready to collapse. What could she do? Yolanda fought to ignore the storm as she examined her options. Then suddenly, a solution appeared: her Alert1 medical alert system!

Yolanda grasped the pendant around her neck and pressed the bright red button. Moments later she heard a voice.

“Hello, this is Alert1, do you need help?”

“Y-yes s-send someone p-please,” Yolanda somehow managed the words. “I-I can’t see anything. I fell…”

“You’ll be okay ma’am, I’m here for you. We have your son as a contact in your Circle of Care, would you like me to give him a call?”

“T-that would be g-great, t-thank you.”

Yolanda remembered little of what followed, save the calm, reassuring voice of the other woman on the line. The storm seemed to recede as she found solace in the voice that consoled her. Her son soon came to help and they retreated a safe distance from the storm. As soon as she could, Yolanda wrote a note to her daughter, thanking her for the little live saver that kept her safe and helped her face her fears.

Lessons Learned:

With over 25 years in the elder care industry, you can trust Alert1 to keep you safe. Alert1 is ready to respond 24//7, even during natural disasters.

It is important to call the Command Center sooner rather than later when a natural disaster is eminent. Our skilled operators can help you prepare and avoid the worst.

Alert1 provides top-notch quality service. We will never leave you alone. We will stay on the line with you until we are certain you are safe.

Tips and Tricks to Stay Safe:

  • Remain calm and be aware of your surroundings.
  • Keep an emergency kit at hand.
  • Test your help button often so you are comfortable using it.
  • Create a safety action plan so you know what to do in the event of a natural disaster or emergency.

First Responders


Kristen pressed her emergency medical alarm button. She had fallen out of her car in the detached garage. She was worried, because she was not sure if Alert1 could hear her pleas for help.

This was her first time using Alert1 in an emergency. She had fallen two times in the past few months, and Clara, her daughter, had wanted her to move into a nursing home. Kristen had put up a fuss - she wanted so badly to try aging in place! So Kristen had suggested Alert1 as a compromise. Clara had been doubtful but was willing to give it a try. But if the Command Center operator could not hear her, what good could Alert1 do?

This thought made Kristen even more upset. If a medical alert could not keep her safe, Clara would force her to move to a nursing home!

But for now, there was a more pressing concern: how was she going to get help?

Kristen noticed her handbag lying within reach. Inside, she found her cell phone. She quickly called 911.

“Please send help right away! I’ve fallen over!”

To her great surprise, the 911 responder assured her that emergency services were already on the way.

As Kristen pondered this, the garage door burst open. In came emergency responders, with Clara following close behind.

“Wha—how did you know, honey?”

“Alert1 contacted me! They said you had pushed your button but were not responding to their calls. I got here as soon as I could. I’m sorry for not believing you about Alert1. It seems that they can definitely take care of you!”

Lessons Learned:

Alert1’s classic system covers the size of two football fields so that you are protected both in and around the home. Whether you are gardening, grabbing the mail, or parking in the garage, you will be able to call for help if you need it.

We will still send you help even if we cannot hear you. When you sign up, you tell us whom you would like us to call. That could be a daughter or neighbor, or 911. We will get you the help you need, even if you are unable to talk to us.

Tips and Tricks:

  1. Keep your button close even when out of audible range of your POM base station. Your button can call the Alert1 Command Center for help even when your voice cannot. 



Magda suddenly found herself in a rainstorm – in the middle of her apartment. Water streamed down her walls and the ceiling buckled.

Clad in nothing but her robe, Magda rushed towards the front door. But no matter how hard she pulled on the handle, the door would not budge. The collapsing ceiling was keeping the door from opening!

Trapped and surrounded by cascades of water, Magda was at a loss for what to do.

She saw a bright flash at the edge of her vision. The electronic sockets spurted sparks of electricity! Frightened, Magda jumped on top of her coffee table.

It appeared that electric shock might do her in before she drowned!

The telephone was out of reach and there was no way Magda was going to wade into the water with the risk of being electrocuted. She clasped her hands together in prayer hoping for a miracle. As she clasped her hands in front of her chest, Magda brushed against the pendant dangling from her neck. Hanging from a silver lanyard was her Alert1 medical alert.

Without any further thought, Magda firmly pressed the button. Only a few seconds later, a voice called her name.

“Magda, this is Alert1. Do you need help?”


“How are you feeling, Mom?”

“I’m fine now, honey.”

Sitting inside an ambulance with a blanket wrapped around her, Magda was truthfully still a little breathless. She looked back at the building and shuddered. What a nightmare!

It was all a blur. What she remembered most clearly was the concerned voice of the Alert1 Command Center operator guiding her through her panic. The operator stayed with Magda until the firemen arrived to tear down her door.

Apparently, the pipes had burst in her apartment building. Magda’s home had borne the brunt of the assault.

As she watched her neighbors empty out of the apartment building, Magda was very glad that no one had been hurt. She had been in the most danger, but she was also the first to be rescued thanks to her Alert1 medical alert system.

Magda brought her eyes up in prayer for the second time that day and thanked the little miracle that hung from her neck.

Lessons Learned:

If there is an emergency, take a deep breathe to calm yourself. Take a moment to assess the situation and press your help button immediately.

We will send you help, and the voice behind the POM base unit will be with you for as long as you need.

Tips and Tricks:

  1. You never know what can happen. Ensure your safety with a medical alert system from Alert1. Why risk being sorry when you can be safe?

My Fair Lady

Fair Lady

Sharon giggled as she lowered herself into the steaming water that filled the bathtub. Earlier that day, a strapping young man with sparkling blue eyes had helped her cross the street. She blushed at the memory.

Sharon dropped a scented bath bomb into the warm bath and waited for the lavender fumes to waft up to her nose. She sighed contentedly. Relaxing into the calming waters, she was soon overcome by nostalgia. Back in her prime, being the debutante that she was, there was no shortage of strapping young men interested in courting her. Like a proper Southern belle, she kept the gentlemen on their toes. Sharon employed an endearing charm and a mild-mannered mystique.

The toll of the clock dragged Sharon back from her deep thoughts. As she stood up, preparing to step out of her warm bath, Sharon felt the blood rush to her head—vertigo!

With a squeal, Sharon fell back into the tub.

Guess I’m no longer as gracious as I used to be.

The impact smarting, Sharon attempted to stand up, to no avail. The fall had knocked the wind out of her, and she could only just keep herself propped above the water. Sharon immediately reached for the Alert1 wall-mounted unit next to the bathtub. She’d only just installed the system in her bathroom a couple of weeks ago, when she doubled down on her decision to try aging in place.

At least I’ve still got my wits about me.

Though the POM base unit was situated in the adjoining room, Sharon could hear a voice calling her name.

“Ms. Burnside, do you need help? This is Cindy from Alert1.”

“Darling, I’ve fallen down in the tub. I’m ever so shaken and cannot bring myself to stand back up, could you please send for help?”

“Right away Ms. Burnside!”

With each passing moment Sharon’s worry heightened, but her anxiety was dispelled at the sound of her door opening—must be thanks to the lockbox I had installed.

As the footsteps neared, Sharon heard a deep, concerned voice: “Ma’am, this is Chase from the fire station, I’m coming in to help y—. “

“Oh honey, no!” At the sound of his voice Sharon realized that she was wearing nothing at all. Her debutante days may be behind her but she was not about to give a free show. “Avert your eyes and cover me with one of my blankets from the next room over, dear. I’m afraid I’m not proper.”

“Yes ma’am.”

Sharon heard her rescuer walk into the next room and back before he opened the bathroom door. The man approached her with the blanket held up like a protective shield. Grabbing the blanket, Sharon was able to cover herself.

After pressing the blanket to her body, Sharon looked up at her rescuer. She smiled in delighted surprise. It was the young man who had helped her across the street! He lifted her waterlogged form from the tub and carried her out to the waiting emergency vehicle.

Sharon felt herself flush for the third time that day. His muscles felt strong and safe.

Lesson Learned:

Alert1’s help buttons are waterproof, but we offer wall-mounted options if you prefer to bathe or sleep without your button. The wall-mounted button can stay next to your bath and bed so you can easily push them in case of emergencies. If you are aging in place, we recommend using a combination of pendants and wall mounts throughout the home.

Alert1 cannot promise that a handsome young man will come to your rescue every time, but if you press your button in times of need, we can promise help will be sent right away.

Tips and Tricks:

  1. Make your home senior friendly. Install ramps, curbless showers, and grab bars throughout your house.
  2. Make use of the wall-mounted button option and install them in easy-to-reach places.
  3. Be careful not to daydream in the tub for too long. Be aware of your condition and step out with care so you do not trigger vertigo.

A Close Call

Close Call

“He’s a loud one, your husband.”

Judy chuckled at her twin sister Susan’s observation. The snores from Judy’s husband reverberated throughout the household.

“Well, I’m off to bed dear. Is there anything else I can get for you, Judy?”

Perched on the hospital bed in the middle of the living room, Judy waved goodnight in her sister’s direction. She could hear Susan’s footsteps climbing the stairs as she left.

Susan had taken care of Judy for years. Judy suffered from multiple sclerosis and had been legally blind since childhood.

Judy’s perception of the world relied on her acute sense of hearing. Her favorite activity was listening to music – jazz in particular. In fact, Judy’s snoring husband was part of a jazz band. Hearing him play his sax for the first time, Judy was ravenous for more of his rhapsody.

It was love at first sound.

Judy jolted as an abrupt noise came from the back door.


Footsteps approached her, and an unfamiliar presence entered the room.

Fear crept up Judy’s spine and beads of sweat trickled down her brow. Frozen with fear, she found herself unable to scream. Judy heard the stranger move towards her. Without another thought, she reached for the emergency help button around her neck and pushed!

The POM base unit responded in an instant, shattering the silence in the room.

“This is Alert1, do you need any help?”

“HELP!” screamed Judy.

The intruder, startled, fumbled around the room before running out the way he came.

Judy heard a familiar set of footsteps rushing towards her.

“What’s going on!?”

“Judy are you ok?!”

“Ma’am, do you need us to send someone over?”

The trio of alarmed voices—her husband, her sister, and the Alert1 responder replaced Judy’s panic with warmth in her heart. After all of the trials and tribulations Judy faced in her life, it was comforting to know that there were people in her life who cared for her. Their concerns were like music to her ears.

Lessons Learned:

Familial caregivers are wonderful to have in one’s life. But for those moments when they are unavailable, Alert1 provides additional safety. Rest assured that when you push the emergency button, our responders will answer right away.

And the service doesn’t stop there! The Alert1 responder will stay with you and assess the situation with care. They will send you the help you need while you are reassured by a comforting voice.

Tips and Tricks:

  1. Even though you may feel safe in your bed, sometimes things go bump in the night. It is important to keep your help button close.
  2. When seconds matter, a simple push button is quicker than a mobile phone you must open, unlock and dial. With Alert1, ‘one touch solution’ takes on a whole new meaning.

A Night at the E.R.


“67-year old Caucasian female brought in pale and sweaty. Experiencing chest pains, IV set up and EKG reports cardiac alerts!”

“—BP’s dropping. She’s fainted, no pulse! Grab the crash cart and prep the O.R.!”


It was just another day in the E.R. for Fran. So far, so good, just some minor scrapes and bruises and a few fractured wrists. Easy-peasy.

One year into her Residency Program and Fran was given the honor of managing the E.R. for the day. Everything had to be by the books. Any mistakes and it could cost a life—and her career!


“What do you mean the surgical attendant is in another operation?! Fine! I’ll do this solo. Okay, here we go. Scalpel…”


An hour into the surgery and everything was going fine. No unexpected complications. The patient, Shirley, was lucky she had gotten to the hospital so fast. During her intern days, Fran saw patients succumbing to complications because they were not rushed to the hospital.

Shirley was going to make it. Fran beamed with pride. She made her way to inform Shirley’s friend Tanya of the good news.

“The surgery was successful. You can see her once she’s woken up.”

“Oh thank goodness! I’ll have to call Elysia and let her know.”

“Is that her daughter? I’m afraid I don’t see her as an emergency contact.”

“Oh heavens, no! Elysia was the young lady that contacted the EMT. She even stayed on the line with Shirley ‘till the paramedics came. She called me after to tell me what was happening.”

“Sounds like you have yourselves a guardian angel.”

“We do! With her medical alarm system, I’ll always know Shirley is safe.”

“Well, I’m so glad that things worked out. We will keep you updated on Shirley and let you know when you can come in to see her.”

“Thank you so much!”

With a goodbye, Fran made her way back to the E.R.

A medical alarm system? Curious, Fran spoke with the paramedic that took care of Shirley. He told Fran that the company was Alert1, an emergency response system.

Despite her medical know-how, Fran was not familiar with this system. To learn more she headed to

“A quick push of a button and we dispatch emergency medical personnel...” Huh, what a genius idea!

Fran considered getting one for her father. Of course, the old timer would not listen to her (M.D. or not). Yet, maybe if she told him Shirley’s story he’d be a little more amenable!

Lessons Learned:

Over 26.5 million Americans suffer from heart disease, according to the Center for Disease Prevention and Control. During emergencies, time is not always on our side. It is crucial to get to the hospital fast. Over 90% of individuals who arrive in the hospital conscious survive a heart attack. The odds of surviving decrease dramatically when more time passes.

When you push your help button, you can depend on Alert1 to ensure you are among that 90% who survive.

With Alert1, you know that your loved one will be brought to the hospital when there is an emergency. 

Tips and Tricks:

  1. Quickness of breath and pressure or pain emanating from the chest are general symptoms of heart attacks.
  2. If experiencing symptoms of heart failure, sit down, try to remain calm, breathe, and get help.
  3. Make sure that you listen and follow professional medical advice after experiencing a heart attack.
  4. Eat nutritious meals and exercise daily to keep your heart in tip-top shape.

About Alert1 Medical Alert Systems

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Founded in 1988, Alert1 is committed to helping seniors live independently by providing affordable and reliable home medical alert services. The Alert1 service provides emergency response at the push of a button – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whether you’re aging in place, not yet a senior, or have decided to move into an assisted living facility, Alert1 has a device to suit your needs.

More information on Alert1 can be found on our About Us page or by calling 1-800-693-5433