Alert1 Reviews: How Medical Alerts Help Save Lives

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Updated 9/8/2015 11:23am | Alert1 understands that getting help fast is crucial in an emergency. We know that when you’re hurt, every second counts. When help comes sooner, your chances of a speedy recovery are much higher. Many Alert1 caregivers purchase our Fall Detection system to ensure their loved ones are always protected, even in an accident. Medical alerts make sure that help is only a button push away.

At Alert1 we receive a lot of great feedback from our wonderful members. We would like to share some of these heartwarming tales with you. These stories show how our medical alerts have saved lives all over the country.

Get help with any emergency

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Our medical alert systems can do more than just help you get up from a fall.  In Ed’s case he was able to get the help he needed after a gunshot wound.

No matter what your emergency is, whether it be a fire, a robbery, or you’ve locked yourself out of your house, our caring operators are just the push of a button away. No emergency is too big or too small. Even if you’re just testing your senior help button, our trained operators will be more than happy to help you. We will get you the help you need immediately and notify your emergency contacts as well. It is never too late to get yourself set up with our service to better protect yourself.

This is Ed’s amazing story:

“On November 14, 2012 I had an opportunity to use Alert1 when I sustained a gunshot wound to the head. Due to the outstanding performance by your on-call operators I was able to get the necessary help and, in effect, survived. I owe my life to your service and am grateful indeed.”

Alert1 is here to protect you

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Our service is all about protecting people, saving lives, and serving families. Wherever you go, the Kelsi Medical Alert system will protect you. For example, a lot of our Alert1 members like to take the Kelsi medical alert button out with them when they go grocery shopping! If you are more of a homebody, Alert1 also offers a home system, as well as the Fall Detection Pendant to protect you inside the comfort of your own house. With Alert1’s senior medical alert systems, you’ll be protected anywhere and everywhere.

Alert1 is dedicated to giving you and your family peace of mind with our services. Carol was grateful that we were there when her Mom needed us. We are grateful Carol trusted us to safeguard her mother’s life! Carol let us know how much we helped her mother in this letter:

“Thank you very much for your services. Your staff helped my mother on several occasions. I believe they saved her life on one of those occasions. So, I would recommend your company to anyone who wants to safeguard a loved one.”

A Medical Alert System can make the difference for seniors

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Alert1 knows minutes, or even seconds, can make a difference in an emergency. By getting help quickly, your chances of an easy recovery are much higher. Alert1’s senior help buttons are a proactive first step towards staying safe, even in an emergency. Medical alert systems give you peace of mind knowing you are protected in your everyday life. With a medical alert by your side, you have access to help from our Command Center 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We will get you help fast when it counts the most.

Willett was grateful for our immediate response that helped save his father’s life. He sent us this note:

“My dad was minutes away from dying when he pushed the Alert1 button- you saved his life.”

Thank you for choosing Alert1

We are grateful that these members chose Alert1 to protect them. We are dedicated to keeping you and your family safe. Alert1 is a company that seniors can trust.