What is the Difference Between PAX and Kelsi Medical Alerts?

Here at Alert1, we are in the business of saving lives. We offer medical alert systems with comprehensive safety features. You may be familiar with some, like 24/7 protection, unlimited talk time and button pushes, and the 2-way communication with our Command Center. But if you’re looking for a mobile medical alert, which should you choose, PAX or Kelsi?

We think it is important for you to know what each product does. That way you can pick an alert system that best fits your needs. Let’s compare our most popular and advanced mobile medical alert systems so you can choose what’s right for you.

What is Kelsi Mobile Medical Alert System?

Alert1 Medical Alert Systems

The Kelsi mobile medical alert system is a small square pendant that uses 911 tracking technology to locate you during an emergency. This medical alert system is popular among our members because it is a pocket-sized guardian. Alert1 members have protection anywhere they go with this system and are just a button push away from getting help. We support independent seniors who are still working on their bucket-list!

Go Anywhere with 911 GPS Techonology

Active seniors appreciate the Kelsi because of its long battery life and unlimited range. The Kelsi pendant holds its charge for up to one month. Seniors that are on-the-go or are forgetful don’t need to worry about it charging every day and will still be protected.

When the button is pressed and you need help, we will send your personalized responders directly to their location. The Kelsi mobile medical alert uses 911 location technology and cell towers to find you. Whether you are at home or on the go, we will get you help fast. 

How to Wear Your Kelsi Pendant

The Kelsi can be put in your pocket, worn around your neck, or put on your phone/keys as an accessory. Our members because of how compact it is. It can also be worn in the shower, one of the most dangerous parts of the home - it is 100% shower safe!

What is PAX Mobile Fall Detection System?

pax held

PAX mobile fall detection is an all-in-one medical alert system. Like all of our medical alerts, the pendant features 24/7 protection and unlimited button pushes and talk time. But the PAX pendant is the most advanced system we offer. PAX has fall detection sensors that automatically call for help and GPS system technology for on-the-go protection. You deserve the peace of mind that you will be helped in an emergency, even if you can’t press the button.

Fall Detection and GPS Technology

Alert1’s PAX mobile fall detection system has advanced sensors that detect falls. This means if you were wearing the PAX system and fell, the pendant would detect the fall and automatically send out a call to one of our US-based Command Centers. A reassuring TMA 5 Diamond Certified operator would come on the line to speak with you directly through the pendant. After assessing the situation, the operator will contact your family, friends, or 911.

PAX also has GPS technology embedded in the pendant.  This technology is helpful if you are unable to communicate where you are. We can pinpoint your location and immediately send you help.

How to Wear Your PAX

You can wear the PAX mobile fall detection pendant either as a necklace or on the hip. PAX comes with a lanyard and belt clip. The new option of wearing the pendant on the waist is very comfortable. Plus, it is easy to switch back and forth; from a necklace to a pager look-a-like. 

Be on-the-go with Kelsi and PAX

PAX mobile fall detection and Kelsi mobile medical alert pendants are among the most reliable and comfortable medical alert systems on the market. Their features make life easy for Alert1 members. Whichever medical alert system you choose, you and your loved ones will have peace of mind.