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About Staff Author Sarah Moreno

Sarah Moreno

Sarah Moreno joined Alert1 at the beginning of January 2016. She is a part of the marketing department and works as a Marketing Scholar. Sarah and the team work to maintain the company website and write blogs for our members. She also takes on other projects like updating product photos with her photography skills. 

In Sarah’s spare time she loves to explore state parks and take pictures. Occasionally, she ventures out to the city to see a theatrical performance or an art exhibit. She’s always had a passion for the arts, but holds theater and photography close to her heart. To Sarah, theater is expressive, raw and magical. She is impressed by all the things that can be accomplished on stage like, extreme set changes.

Furthermore, Sarah believes photography is important because it captures moments and conveys messages without using words. She recently got the courage to start posting her work on Flickr where one of her photos was bought by Yahoo! That special photograph was taken in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Travel is a big part of her extracurricular activities as well. Sarah had never been on a plane until she was 13 years old, while many of her friends had experienced a plane ride years before. She feels that this delay has shaped her hunger to explore the world. Right now, her passport holds stamps from Scandinavian countries, Japan, and Guatemala.

Every place she’s visited is very special, but her favorite experience was when she studied abroad in Finland. Though she struggled to get used to the bland food she wouldn’t change a single moment. Studying abroad is the most unique and ultimate experience for any person. Being in your early twenties and being abroad people learn a lot about themselves. You also get to have fun, learn a new culture, and explore beautiful places with new people that become lifelong friends in the end. She encourages taking advantage of studying abroad in college because it’s the greatest experience that will be cherished forever.

Now, Sarah will be receiving her diploma this May with a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Business Administration, Marketing from San Jose State. Everything that involves business and marketing is very interesting to Sarah. To her marketing is the way to speak to the public, but is also a puzzle which she loves. Both her parents own small businesses and she believes that might have influenced her interests as well.

One day she hopes to build her own company that will have a positive impact on our planet. She cares about the environment and feels that corporations have the power to make the difference.

Sarah is very proud to be a part of the marketing team here at Alert1, because it is an honest company that improves people’s lives with medical alert systems. She has a profound respect for seniors. It is her pleasure to be a part of a team that helps seniors stay safe like they deserve. She feels that she is beginning to make a difference.


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