Convincing Dad to Buy a Mobile Medical Alert System

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Dad has always been there for you, with his guidance and fatherly wisdom. Dads have the unique ability to make a bad situation better. They use their wealth of experience to fix all things that are broken. However, Dads do need help every once in a while. Even Batman needs a helping hand from Alfred so that he can keep fighting crime.

As we age, our bodies begin to change in a way that affects the way we perform routine activities. We may not be able to stay on our feet as long, use our hands as well, and we may have trouble driving at night. These are all part of aging and perfectly normal, but there are ways to alleviate some of these difficulties. The best way to ensure security wherever you are is with one of Alert1’s mobile medical alert systems. 

Take It Anywhere

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Our Kelsi mobile medical alert system can be taken anywhere in the country so Dad can get help in the case of an emergency on-the-go. The Kelsi is lightweight and portable and can easily be placed in his pocket. Our new PAX mobile medical alert system has the same portability as Kelsi with the added benefit of automatic fall detection. That means if Dad takes a bad fall, he won’t even need to press his button to call for help. He’ll promptly get the help he needs to get back on his feet.

Dad can take PAX with him to mow the lawn, or keep Kelsi in his pocket as he changes the oil on his ’57 Chevy. Our mobile medical alert systems can be taken anywhere. These products use GPS and cellular technology to find Dad once he calls for help. He will get the help he needs no matter where he is.

Wondering if a mobile medical alert would be able to keep up with Dad’s active lifestyle? Kelsi has incredible battery life and will hold a charge for up to 30 days. That’s 30 days of Alert1 keeping an eye on the most important man in your life and giving you both peace of mind. 

Comfort That Fits Into His Lifestyle

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You may wonder if a mobile medical alert is comfortable and fits in with Dad’s wardrobe. This concern is understandable. But our products are designed to be worn easily and without interfering with Dad’s daily routine.

At 1.7 ounces, PAX is a lightweight device that can be comfortably worn underneath his clothing as a necklace. At 1.2 ounces, the Kelsi pendant will bring you and your father peace of mind while hardly noticeable. Our help buttons are so light and small, Dad can take a hike or go fishing without noticing he’s wearing lifesaving technology. 

You can choose either an alert pendant or a belt clip for your father’s mobile medical alert. The necklace can be easily concealed under his clothing, giving him perfect mobility. He can also wear the device on his waist. Our custom clip will allow him to wear his device where it’s out of the way, yet easily accessible.

As Tough As He Is

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We made sure to design PAX and Kelsi so that they can hold up to your Dad’s strenuous activity. Both of our mobile medical alerts are highly water resistant. That means when he’s tending the yard and it begins to rain, he’ll still have protection. If he drops it in some water accidently, he can fish it out and still have our outstanding protection.

Still worried that Dad will break his medical alert? Sign him up for our Alert1 Advantage Plan, which will give him full warranty coverage. If he manages to destroy his medical alert we will send him a new one for free. And we will pay for shipping. We will make sure your Dad is covered.

Don’t Take Our Word for It

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Dads just like yours have been using Alert1 medical alerts since we began serving our community. Here’s what some of them have to say:

“My dad was very pleased with your service. As his daughter, I feel much more comfortable after our first experience. Thank you!” – William

“I was so glad to get the message about my dad. From what he said it was very prompt. He was satisfied as was I. Thank you!” – Gregory

“Your dispatchers did an OUTSTANDING job in continuing to call me each time my dad pressed the button. They even called the home phone later, to check that everything was okay. My dad had fallen out of bed and needed assistance. I appreciate your timely, professional and kind assistance! Thank you!” - Don

“The system worked great. My Dads oxygen machine quit, he hit the button, I got a call and was at his place within 10 minutes, before the ambulance. I appreciate that he has the means to get help when he needs it. Thanks!” - Kathy Sevy

Protection and Peace of Mind

Millions have already chosen to live a healthier life with the protection of a mobile medical alert device. Now is the perfect time to take advantage of Alert1’s excellent quality and customer service. When it comes to your Dad, make sure to choose the #1 rated medical alert system by Modern Senior Magazine. And even compare us to Life Alert with this Life Alert costs comparison guide to show how we stack up.