Can A Senior Medical Alert Keep Mom Safe?

Updated 8/24/15 11:01 am | The medical alert systems for seniors provide peace of mind for both seniors and family members. Our mailbox is full of letters from our members that have seen our life-saving service in action and have firsthand experience with emergencies. Alert1 wants to share these impactful member stories with you. These collections of letters are very moving stories about Mom.

Keeping Mom safe

Your Mom has kept you safe and tried to keep you out of trouble your entire life. It may be the case that your Grandma has watched over and protected you growing up. Now it’s time to do the same for her. With our senior medical alert systems she will never be truly alone. She can get help with just the push of a button, even when you’re not around.

This handwritten note will warm your heart. Laurie was grateful for our quick response time so her mother did not have to wait in pain.

“My mother, age 96, lives alone with her dog and cat. While letting the dog out and trying to keep the cat in, she tripped and fell.  She was unable to get up and pressed her Alert1 button.  Within minutes, her neighbor was there, followed shortly after by the ambulance crew, who suspected a broken hip. She was on her way to the hospital within 15 minutes of falling. I am so grateful for the fast, efficient, service of Alert1. With Alert1, I have the assurance of knowing that if she needs help, it will be there immediately.”


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Senior safety comes first

If your Mother is resistant to a senior medical alert system, remind her that it’s better to be safe than sorry. You can’t predict accidents, and waiting for a fall to happen is too late. Get your loved ones set up and prepared before an accident or injury occurs.

With Alert1 you will never have to worry about your Mother being alone and in pain, unable to get up.  Kathleen loved our service, this is what she said. We are thankful Kathleen was determined to keep the service going for her mother!

“My mom fell the other morning at 1:30am….she broke her hip and her thigh bone. If she wouldn’t have had her Alert1 system, she would have laid there for hours, all alone and in pain. I’m so glad she wasn’t able to talk me into canceling her service!! She is 89 years old and she kept saying she didn’t think she needed it. Well, all I said to her was, mom, do you think you need that system now? Her facial expression answered my question! Thank you all so much for the great job that you all do!!!!”

Have a senior safety and contingency plan

Your mother should never be concerned about accidentally pressing the button. She gets unlimited button presses, and our operators will be glad to hear that she’s okay.

Robert’s mother thankfully has never had an accident. But over the past four years, Robert has had peace of mind knowing if his mother ever sustained an injury, we would be there. This is the story Robert sent in:

Thank you for your service over the past 4 years. Fortunately, my mother never had a real emergency, but on the occasions that she accidentally activated the alarm, the response was prompt, courteous, and understanding. I have recommended this system to friends who have parents with a similar situation. Thank you for your attention on this matter.”


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Alert1 protects seniors around the clock

Since we established in 1988 Alert1 has been dedicated to helping all families under our care. We want to keep your Mom safe and be there for her 24/7. With us by Mom’s side, you will experience the peace of mind of knowing Mom is in good hands.