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My Experience of Gifting a Medical Alert to Grandma

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My Grandma still lives in the same home she and Grandpa settled into back in 1965. Together, my Grandparents created many happy memories raising my mother, aunts and uncles in that home. As a child, I’d often stay overnight with my Grandparents. I have memories of learning how to write my name with paper and pen, eating steaks Grandpa brought from the commissary coupled with Grandma’s famous potato salad, and even helping them mow the front lawn.

I cherish these memories of time spent with my Grandparents. As you can imagine, it was devastating when my Grandpa passed away back in 2011. After we honored the life of my Grandfather, our family discussed how Grandma could continue to stay at home with nobody else to keep her company. One thing was certain: Grandma didn’t want to leave the home she loved. And we all agreed that she should stay and age in place.

Grandma will soon turn 89 years old. She remains physically sound and mentally cognizant, but living alone has not been without incident. Several times Grandma fell while gardening in the backyard or rummaging around the house in the middle of the night. My Aunts and Uncles started a rotating schedule of helping Grandma throughout the week, but they can’t be available Grandma’s every waking moment. Fortunately, a medical alert system is the perfect solution to give her independence while always being there in case she needs help. My family agreed that a medical alert system would be a great Christmas present for Grandma.

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Installing Grandma’s Medical Alert

The Alert1 package arrived at my Grandma’s house soon after we ordered it, and I eagerly went over to help her out and get hands on experience installing a medical alert system.

Knowing my Grandma’s house well, I explained to her that the POM base unit would live next to her telephone in the living room. Immediately, Grandma demanded to know why she needed that “box” and how it would help her. I explained to her that the “box” worked like her cable TV box— it would connect her button to a trained operator at the Alert1 Command Center. The POM base unit installation was a breeze. (Much easier than setting up a cable TV box!)

With the base unit successfully installed, I gave Grandma her senior help button, which she chose to wear as a necklace. I let her know that she should wear her new senior help button at all times so it will be there in case she ever needs help. My Grandma was a little unsure about that, but I reminded her that Alert1 is a medical alert system specialist that's been in the industry since 1988. She can trust that they will be there for her. Grandma was really impressed to learn she could wear the button whether she was upstairs, in the backyard, or even while showering.      

Grandma initially thought the button would get her directly in touch with our family in the instance of emergency, but medical alerts are more than just a cell phone. When she presses her button she will be immediately connected to the highly trained Alert1 operators at the Command Center. They will send her the proper people for her particular emergency and stay on the line with her to guide her. We personalized her medical alert so that we, her immediate family members, would be notified if she ever needs help. She won’t need to go all the way to the telephone, look up the phone numbers, and call us in an emergency.

system box

Testing Grandma’s Alarm Button

Now came the time for Grandma to press her senior help button and test her new system. Grandma was reluctant to press the button since she wasn’t in an immediate emergency, but we asserted that it was very important to test the button, and for her to test her button on a regular basis. That way she could be sure her system is fully functional and become used to talking with the Command Center. Convinced, Grandma pressed her button.

It wasn’t long before a comforting voice came on the line. The operator greeted my Grandma and asked her if everything was OK. Grandma replied that this was her first button press as a member. The operator was very friendly and welcoming and said that he was glad to hear she was fine. He also reaffirmed that she should feel free to press the button anytime and she’ll be connected to help instantly.

Grandma then understood how her new medical alert system would aid her in a time of need. Grandma was so pleased that the button would work no matter where she was in her home that she agreed to keep the necklace on permanently. I was very glad she grasped the life-saving quality of her present. It was such a relief to know my gift provided full monitoring service coverage for my Grandma.

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Cathy Medicis 5:58 PM on January 23, 2015
What a wonderfullly caring grandson you are. Thank you for sharing such a heartwarming story. We should all be so lucky to have a grandson like you someday.
Nick L 3:28 PM on January 26, 2015
This sounds exactly like my family! Thanks for putting it so clearly and giving me a few ideas!
D Gray 2:12 PM on April 4, 2015
What a nice thing to do. My wife just got her's yesterday. A loving grandson. That company also has a mobile unit Grandma can carry in her purse and grandson can track her on his cell phone.
elizabeth milholen 1:13 PM on May 14, 2015
we want to get my grandma one but she says no she is so stubborn
sharina moore 5:04 AM on May 25, 2015
Now all you need to do is get grandma a dog and teach him or her to push that red button on the call box, on command only, of course.
pat heidelberger 1:34 PM on May 31, 2015
Have you ever thought about what will happen when Grandma falls & knocks herself out. Who is going to push the Button then????
Emily Lincoln 12:08 PM on June 1, 2015
Hi Pat,

Thanks for leaving us a comment! You asked what if Grandma falls and can't push her button. That's why we provide a fall detection system.

Our advanced fall detection pendants sense falls and will automatically call for help. That way Grandma gets help even if she can't press her button.

-Emily Lincoln, Senior Care Specialist
Joann Peterson 4:54 PM on June 10, 2015
When you are at a mature age, it is comforting to know you are protected if you have an emergency. This young man did a wonderful thing for his grandma. Bless him!
sandi spyres 11:53 PM on June 11, 2015
Medical alert pendants should be advertised for anyone who lives alone. The elderly are not the only ones who could fall and not be able to summon help. Think about.
Susan Wagner 12:20 PM on June 24, 2015
We got one for my mother-in-law. It gave her and the family peace of mind. The only problem she had was wearing it to bed. She would fall asleep on it and it would contact the medical alert service. When that happen they assure her that it was no problem. Great job Grandson!!!
Princess Funchess 10:32 PM on July 8, 2015
When my mother moved into her own apartment after living with me for 6 years. She hinted around to me that she wanted a medical alert button. We order one and had it hooked up within a week. She is happy and feels safe knowing she only has to push a button for help.

You are a blessing to your grandma.
J Gier 1:14 PM on July 26, 2015
I think that is the most thoughtful and wonderful gift to provide for loved one. It is a blessing to have grandparents who install the strong values of family and life as I can clearly see it is be carried out for generations to come.
Josie Chico 2:18 PM on August 19, 2015
I'm in need of having an Alert1. My problem is...My Income is not that much. I'm retired on Social Security only. I have coronary heart decease and have had several heart attacks since 2011 due to clog arteries and stent. How or where can I obtain an Alert 1 for little money or no money at all? You help is greatly appreciated, Thank you.
Nelle Rote 2:41 PM on September 22, 2015
My Lab pushed her head against my wrist and hit the button. I, in turn, made the mistake of turning off the set. Next, two uniformed EMTs shined their flashlights into my bedroom window, got me to come to the door, and came in to check if everything was ok. They hit the reset button, said good-night and left. No further problems.
Joan Strange 8:53 PM on October 9, 2015
you have a very nice Grandson that loves you a lot I am now in my 60's
and I have been thinking about that
thing for myself, my Husband is living
so I don't think I need it right now.
Mary Swan 1:37 AM on October 23, 2015
If two elderly people live at the same house, one should have the medic alert button. The one who is most apt to go grocery shopping or elsewhere, should leave the alert button at home for the other. That way the one left alone is assured fast help in an emergency. The one with the button can signal if the partner falls, etc.
W Cmore 5:34 AM on November 13, 2015
My mother-in-law has 1, too. Her 2 daughters did the same thing over a2 years ago. She's 95 now still lives by herself. But we do have lady that lives down the hallway, who does check in every so often.
Sara Ann Morgan 12:59 PM on November 20, 2015
God Bless the families that are there to help our older citizens. Technology is a wonderful thing !
Aurora Tiller 2:28 PM on December 29, 2015
wow!! you are the best grandson ever! I wish my grandma was still alive :(
Brenda Simpson 12:28 PM on January 6, 2016
My sister and I are care takers for our Mother, which means she transfers weekly to our homes. We both work and thought that this might help us not to worry so much, when she is alone, while we are out. My hesitation is that my Mother has severe earing lost. If she fell, I'm not sure that she would hear the operator correctly. If she does not have her hearing aids in, she is totally death. How does this system work for this problem. Thanks
gloria sarlo 6:55 AM on January 25, 2016
How do I get one of these? I live alone, and am so afraid I will fall, And I have no one to call. Thank You.
courde fairless 10:44 AM on February 14, 2017
Brenda my mom has one - if she does not respond in a certain period of time, they dispatch EMTs.
CAROL Y. LANGLAIS 9:43 PM on May 14, 2017
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