5 New Year's Resolutions For Every Senior

Updated 9/8/17 3:19pm | Alert1 wishes all our members and followers a Happy New Year! With the promise of a New Year comes the promise of new possibilities and new adventures.

Our fall detection system is the perfect companion for the ups and downs that come with your new beginning. But what would the New Year be without the age-old promise of New Year’s resolutions? Here are five New Year’s resolutions that active seniors should keep to start the New Year on the right foot.

1. Master The Internet

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Connecting to the web can boost your awareness to the world at large. Older adults have a greater propensity for finding like-minded individuals who share their interests online. If you're going to connect and start using the web regularly, remember to beware of senior internet scams. Here are two resources you should not live without:

  • Google search. Look up anything. Yes, anything! You will be a mere click away from knowing how to make that recipe just right or learning the definition of “scintillating.”
  • Social media. Feeling lonely? Scores of social media sites allows you to engage with friends old and new. Start with Facebook. You can even peek in on your grandkids’ lives. But don't tell them we said that.  

2. Prepare for The Future

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It’s never too early to start. We all grow older and require some help here and there. As you begin to age in place, start looking to rely on proper avenues of senior care.

  • Figure out future care. Let your family know whether you eventually want to have a caregiver, age in place, or move into a comfortable home. Lay out plans now to avoid headaches in the future.
  • Get a medical alert. Give yourself permission to have extra peace of mind. Order an Alert1 medical alert system. Help will always be at your fingertips. 

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3. Eat Healthy in the New Year

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Your diet is the fuel for your day and helps to keep your mind sharp. Avoid processed food and snacks high in sugar and sodium. Healthy alternatives for food are plenty.

  • Include avocado and walnuts in your diet. For those “good oils” and fiber, add these health food staples into your diet. Avocado toast, anyone?
  • Make sure to consume fresh fruits and vegetables. They help supply your body with necessary supplements and vitamins. 


4. Schedule Regular Checkups

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So what if you’re no spring chicken? Age like fine wine! Annual senior checkups are vital to determining how to maintain and improve your health.

  • Keep your doctor informed of any health changes. It’s hip to have your doctor’s phone number in your wallet. Let your MD know of any health and lifestyle changes so they can better assist you.
  • Know what to expect in the exam room. Doctor visits seem to change every year. Calm your nerves by learning about what to expect before you go. Ask your doctors office to send you over any brochures or flyers to study so you'll know what's coming.  


5. Engage and Socialize

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There are numerous ways to keep an active lifestyle. The simple action of getting up, identifying your interests and making contact is a surefire way to immerse yourself in an active lifestyle this New Year.

  • Volunteer for a cause you believe in. Meetup.com is a good place to find social events. You can also use your new Facebook account to learn about volunteer opportunities.
  • Join a book club or exercise group. Whether you’re reading the latest bestseller or counting reps at Jazzercise, you’ll make a bunch of new friends in no time. 


New Year, New You

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Alert1 wants to help you flourish as you begin this New Year. To stay on track with your resolutions you may consider finding an accountability partner. Keeping track of your accomplishments will motivate you and those around you. Setting health goals is a great way to begin the new chapter in your aging in place story. Alert1 wants to know your goals for the new year. Comment below with what you resolve to do this year!

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