Should Mom Use Door-to-Door Transportation?

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Updated 8/31/15 9:40am | Alert1 caregivers are often concerned about transportingaging seniors who can't drive. This concern grows especially when caregivers pick up the responsibility of running errands for aging loved ones. Door-to-door transportation is a great way to help Mom age in place, without restricting her to her home. But how do you know if it’s time to get Mom set up with door-to-door transportation (D2D)?

Can D2D transportation help older adults?

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Your Mom’s eyesight and reaction time isn’t like it used to be.  If you worry about your senior who drives, the first step is to be a passenger in the car. Observe and sense how she is feeling when she drives. Is she stressed? Scared? Worried? Watch to see if she is struggling to see traffic signs, swerving or forgetting signals. If so, it may be time to look into D2D transportation.

What do senior D2D transportation services actually do?

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  • Drive! – Door-to-door transportation drivers come directly to Mom’s house to pick her up and take her wherever she may need to go. With their help, she can go grocery shopping, go to her medical appointments, and run every day errands. They also drive Mom back home when she’s done.
  • Physical Assistance - Many transportation services also will help Mom with daily activities if she needs it. Some drivers will provide arm-through-arm, door-through-door services.
  • Extra Help - Drivers may help with packages, or help carrying groceries and other goods to and from Mom’s home. These services aim to make seniors’ lives easier.

Why should seniors use D2D transportation?

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  • The Fear of Driving - Many seniors are hesitant or scared to drive because they feel like it is unsafe. Door-to-door transportation takes the stress out of trips, but still lets your loved ones be active in the community. Seniors across America rely upon our mobile medical alert to stay protected while on the go.
  • Morale - Seniors are happier when they are able to interact and socialize with others outside of their homes. These services help with just that.

How can seniors keep safe while out and about?

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When it’s time to set Mom up with D2D transportation, consider getting her the Kelsi Mobile Medical Alert button from Alert1. Kelsi will give your Mom quick access to help. That feeling of safety will empower her to live her life independently.

When used as a team, door-to-door transportation and the Kelsi Mobile Medical Alert help keep your Mom social, self-sufficient, and safe.

What options do older adults have?

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Here are a few examples of door-to-door transportation companies that are currently helping seniors in the United States:

  • The Independent Transportation Network (ITN) - American seniors 60 years and older have access to the Independent Transportation Network. The ITN is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, for any purpose. The drivers at the ITN provide arm-through-arm, door-through-door service, as well as help with packages. With this service, no money is exchanged in the vehicle, and tips are not accepted. You can pre-fund a personal transportation account to take care of payments. This means your senior doesn’t have to worry about paying on-the-spot! One customer of ITN services said, “It makes me feel independent. I love the service and don’t have to ask family and friends for rides.” 
  • Seniors First - Seniors First transports your senior to medical appointments, dental appointments, labs, pharmacies, grocery stores, banks, and hairdressers. This service is offered in Auburn, Roseville and Sacramento, CA.  
  • City of Los Angeles Department of Aging - The City of Los Angeles Department of Aging offers a demand response transportation service. It is sensitive to the needs and limitations of your loved one. When you or your senior requests service, they also schedule their pickup and drop-off arrangements.  Drivers will assist your loved one to the door of their home into the vehicles if needed. If your senior is 65 years of age or older, they qualify for this service!  
  • West Austin Caregivers - West Austin Caregivers provide trips to any destination needed in the Austin, TX area. These drivers are volunteers that are willing to help with whatever your senior may need. 

How to find a nearby senior D2D service

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  • The Internet - If door-to-door transportation interests you, a great first step is to search for senior-friendly options on the internet. Make sure you search in the area your senior lives in, as some services only operate in small towns or regions. This will help you to find the service that is best for your Mom.
  • Community Centers - You can also take a short trip to your city’s community center. They have plenty of information about the services that Mom can take advantage of.

Don’t forget…

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Make sure to read the fine print of each service carefully. Some services only offer transportation. Others are willing to help your senior with anything they may need.

Door-to-door senior transportation is a great way to help your senior age in place. When teamed with the Alert1 Kelsi Mobile Medical Alert, seniors will never feel unsafe or dependent again.