Top 5 Cities for Aging in Place – Alert1

Growing up as a child you had an endless supply of questions. The million dollar question presented to everyone: “Where do you want to live?” This question puzzles adults to this day. Each city has its own unique flare for nightlife, amenities, recreation and attractions. How exactly are you expected to pick just one?

Keep in mind that as you age your needs will change. Does your city have the resources to help you live life to the fullest? A few questions to ask yourself: Do you have easy access to health care? Are there methods of transportation that support your mobility issues? Is there a thriving population of older adults?

Americans are aging to fuller and more prosperous lives. At Alert1 Medical Alerts, freedom and safety is our specialty. Our list below sheds light on the age old question of the perfect city to live in for seniors. These are cities you want to take a look at. Remember, no matter where you choose to live, a medical alert system will help you stay independent. 2014

Hustle and Bustle in Boston, MA

One key trait to consider when choosing a city is the average lifestyle of its citizens. At first glance you may see Boston as a college town. Other cities can’t match Boston’s innovative setting and endless choices for cultural exploits. These perks stem from local colleges. Plus the flocks of fresh college students will keep you young!

But Boston isn’t just for students. It is popular among adults 65+. The majority of Bostonians stay employed and continue their successful careers. There’s a good ratio of experienced professionals and fresh talent supported here. The only downside to this vibrant city is the high cost of living and healthcare.

Boston MA

Assisted Living in Austin, TX

When gauging how age friendly a city is, take a look at its assisted living and senior communities. These resources are especially important if you’re distanced from family or friends. Austin defines Southern hospitality with high-quality, low-cost home care.  In fact, there are upwards of 30 affordable options for senior assisted living facilities. 

In Austin you’ll enjoy living among other older adults. Don’t need assisted living? Alert1’s award winning service will look out for you so that you can stay in your home. Our fall detection technology is there when you need us! 


Peaceful Living in Provo, UT

Older adults love Provo because it is a safe community. In this Utah haven, crime rates are low. The law abiding citizens of Provo rarely hear police sirens! The city’s strong community will welcome you with open arms. In fact the community’s favorite pastime is volunteerism! Residents often give back to charities, shelters and food banks.

People in Provo live healthy lifestyles. It shines as a beacon of wellbeing due to low rates of smoking and binge drinking. The city has the fewest diabetes cases as noted in a 2014 survey of metropolitan cities. To sweeten the deal, Salt Lake City is just an hour’s drive away! 


Medical Attention in Madison, WI

Madison is your Midwest mecca for quality healthcare. You can access doctors, surgeons and nurses well trained in their craft. Critics acclaim hospitals in the region for speedy ER service and superb facilities. You can access medical support on anything from Alzheimers care to rehab services. Note that these medical benefits come at a price premium - though you’ll get your money’s worth.

There are a considerable amount of local services at your disposal. The University of Wisconsin is the hub for innovative and intellectual pursuits. Recreational and fitness facilities host events to support your active lifestyle. Additionally if you’re a museum or theater buff you will delight at the choices. You’ll love trying out new hobbies in Madison. And when you’re on the move, a Kelsi mobile medical alert system will keep pace wherever life takes you!


Opportunity in Omaha, NE

There’s plenty of fiscal advantages to living in Omaha. Older adults can find ample work and employment opportunities. Keep engaged in the community with local recreation centers and volunteer organizations. Cost of living is reasonable, and everything you need is within easy range. You’ll never be without easy access to a grocery or convenience store. All in all, this Nebraska municipality is a great place for advancing into your later years.

Note that many residents risk falling into unhealthy behavior trends in Omaha. Many of the citizens are at high risk for chronic disease. But as an emerging health-care hub, Omaha may yet kick the habit. Local med schools offer top-notch treatment and provide state-of-the-art medical advancements. 


Find Your Metropolis

Our nation is aging at unprecedented rates. In response, the landscape of our nation is shifting. The best cities for aging in place have the following:

  • health care
  • population wellness
  • living arrangements
  • transportation
  • financial wellbeing
  • employment
  • community engagement

Did your city make the list of top cities for aging in place? If it didn’t, there’s no need to worry! You can age in place with Alert1 services. Our medical alert systems can cover you anywhere in the country. We help you flourish and live in your community, no matter where you live.