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New Technologies in Senior Safety

Alert1 features some of the most advanced senior safety technology on the market. With Alert1’s suite of products, you can create a complete 24/7 safety net that will help keep you and your loved ones safe from harm. From mobile medical alerts to monitored smoke detection, you and your home will be safe no matter where you go, 24/7.

With Alert1, you get to determine how your emergency will be handled. When you first become part of the Alert1 family, you set up your Circle of Care. This is your list of customized contacts – who we should contact, in what order, in what situations. With just the touch of a button you will be connected to the Alert1 Command Center, and we will get the help you need quickly. You can’t beat the comfort of speaking to a trained and comforting voice when you are in distress. We will take care of you no matter what help you need or when you need it, and we will stay with you until we know that you are safe.

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Mobile + Home Fall Detection System

Mobile + Home Fall Detection

Stay protected with the complete Alert1 fall detection package. PAX Plus is the most comprehensive system that Alert1 offers. The PAX Plus system is designed for comfort both at home and on-the-go. With its built-in GPS technology and fall detection sensors, you'll be safe on the go - even if you can't press the button! PAX Plus is your safety net.

When you're out and about, take your PAX Plus with you and get help fast. The PAX Plus has a battery life of 24 hours before it needs a charge. This means you'll be able to enjoy your daily adventures without any battery concerns.

Put PAX Plus into its Charging Cradle when you get home. For maximum comfort and ease at home, put on the compact home fall detection pendant. PAX Plus is now your convenient home unit. The fall detection pendant is the perfect companion for at home. Because it's extremely lightweight, you'll be never even notice it is there. 

At the end of the night, take off your fall detection pendant and slip on your classic wristband. Its compact size ensures you will not notice it throughout the night. The wristband will guarantee that you stay protected while you soundly sleep. PAX Plus, the fall detection pendant, and your classic wristband are all water resistant, so you can take them into the shower with you.

Each help button included in the PAX Plus system is designed to be easy to use, convenient, and discrete.

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Mobile Medical Alert + Fall Detection

Kelsi Pro in Hand

Now you can reap the benefits of both mobile medical alerts and fall detection! Alert1’s Kelsi Pro mobile fall detection pendant offers ultimate protection both at home and on the go. How does the Kelsi Pro medical alert do this?

Kelsi Pro is a fall detection pendant you can take with you when you leave home. If the pendant senses a fall, it will automatically call for help. A qualified operator at one of the Alert1 US-based Command Centers will come over the two-way speaker in the pendant. Even if you are unable to speak, help will be sent immediately.

And don’t worry about any false alarms from fall detection. Just tell us in was a mistake. With service from Alert1, you get unlimited talk time and button pushes. We love to hear from you. Please don’t ever hesitate to push your button if you feel uncomfortable or need assistance.

What if you don’t know where you are when you need help? When you press your button or a fall is sensed, we use GPS and cell tower information to find your location. The Alert1 Command Center will give this information to emergency responders so you can get the help you need as quickly as possible. We stay on the line with you until help arrives, so you are never alone in your time of need.    

And no need to worry about additional charges for a cell phone plan. We take care of that for you. The Kelsi Pro mobile fall detection system arrives preprogramed and ready to use. All it needs is a charge and then activation by doing a quick test call.

The Kelsi Pro alert pendant is showerproof. Alert1 encourages members to wear their pendants at all times - you never know when an emergency will occur. Here at Alert1, we want you to stay protected as you enjoy your golden years like you deserve. 

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Mobile Medical Alert

Kelsi Guy

Alert1’s Kelsi is a mobile medical alert that you can take with you anywhere. When you press Kelsi’s help button, you are connected to the Alert1 Command Center via a speaker and microphone. One of our capable operators will come on the line to assist you. They can send you help directly to your location using patented 911 technology.

You do not need to purchase any cellular coverage plans to use Kelsi – we take care of it all for you. Kelsi uses T-Mobile to give you extensive national coverage. 911 technology means we can locate you precisely. Emergencies can happen anywhere, and you might be unable to locate yourself. With Kelsi you don’t need to worry, we will quickly call for help and tell them where to find you.

Kelsi has a 60 day battery life between charges and low battery detection means you will not be caught with an empty battery when you need it most. Kelsi is also 100% shower safe so you can keep it with you at all times without worry about water damages.  

You never know where your life might take you, but your mobile medical alert can come with you on all of your adventures to keep you safe.

Kelsi Product features

Fall Detection

Fall Detection

Are you concerned about your ability to press the help button if you fall? Alert1 offers a fall detection pendant that will automatically call for help if you fall.

The fall detection pendant contains sensitive sensors in addition to being a traditional help button. If the pendant senses a fall, it automatically calls the Alert1 Command Center for you. You don’t need to worry about us charging you for false alarms – with Alert1 you get unlimited button pushes and talk time. Just tell us that it was an accident.

Once the pendant is activated, in moments you will hear a Command Center operator come on the line over the base unit. You can talk to them through the unit’s sensitive microphone and loud speaker. You will still get help if you are unable to speak: we will call your personalized contacts from your Circle of Care in the order you choose.

Fall detection technology gives you an additional layer of 24/7 protection. Even if you fall and are unable to call for help yourself, we will send you the help you need.

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Monitored Smoke Detection

Most smoke detectors merely make noise. Alert1’s monitored smoke detectors do so much more: they interact with you and call both you and emergency responders. They work in combination with your home medical alert to give you:

  • 24/7 monitoring, even when you are out of your home
  • Fewer false alarms
  • Extremely loud alarm that you will always hear

When Alert1’s smoke detectors sense smoke in your home, they immediately contact the Alert1 Command Center. An operator will ask if you need help through the POM base unit.

Alert1’s smoke detectors use photoelectric detectors to reduce the amount of false alarms you experience, particularly from everyday cooking. If you do experience a false alarm, you simply tell the operator there is no emergency and go on with your day. If you are out of your home, the Command Center will call you and emergency services. Your home will be protected even when you are not there.

With Alert1’s monitored smoke detector you will never have to worry about not hearing the alarm go off. The alarm rings at a very loud 95 decibels so that you and your loved ones can always hear it.

Why settle for a smoke alarm you might not be able to hear or be home to respond to, when you can have a personalized smoke detector that makes sure the alarm is responded to. Alert1 will keep both you and your home safe from harm

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