Kelsi Pro: Alert1’s New Mobile Medical Alert with Fall Detection

kelsi pro mobile medical alert system with fall detection worn around neck

Alert1 has released another medical alert system to keep seniors safe and independent. We are happy to announce the release of the Kelsi Pro mobile medical alert with fall detection.

If you’re in the market for a mobile medical alert for yourself or a loved one, it’s your lucky day. Here is everything you need to know about the Kelsi Pro mobile medical alert with fall detection.



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What is Kelsi Pro?

Kelsi Pro in Hand

Kelsi Pro is a medical alert system designed to keep you safe. The device has two features that work together to aid you during an emergency:

  1. The mobile medical alert has nationwide coverage. The pendant is a showerproof help button to use during all emergencies. It works in home and on the go, so you have the ability to take safety with you wherever you go.
  2. Fall detection sensors are built into the pendant. Kelsi Pro has the lifesaving feature of automatic fall detection. If you fall, the pendant calls our monitoring center and sends you help. With a range that’s covered nationwide, you will stay be safe and prepared on daily adventures.

How Does a Kelsi Pro Work?

kelsi pro mobile medical alert system with fall detection, close up

Kelsi Pro works effectively to keep you safe both in and out of your home. Since it’s a mobile fall detection system, you take its protection with you everywhere. But how does it work? With these few simple steps, Kelsi Pro keeps you safe:

  1. Press the help button during an emergency. When you need help, just press the call button. Since it’s worn around your neck, the button press is fast and simple. Whatever your emergency may be, help is just a button press away.
  2. Or, Kelsi Pro detects your fall. State of the art technology within your help button senses your fall, then automatically calls help for you. The sensors are differentiates falls from average body motions, which means you don’t have to deal with false alarms.
  3. We pinpoint your location with GPS and Wi-Fi.  Kelsi Pro uses GPS, Wi-Fi, and cellular coverage to find your location. Even if you don’t know where you are, we still send help. The pendant connects you to the Alert1 Command Center right after your fall.
  4. An operator from our Command Center responds and calls for help. The operator responds through two-way voice communication in the built in speaker and microphone. Even if you can't respond, our operators follow a non-verbal protocol to make sure you receive help.
  5. Help arrives from your Circle of Care. With Alert1, you get to handpick who you want to come to the rescue in an emergency. We call those responders your Circle of Care. You can pick a family member, neighbor, or anybody you trust, with 911 as an added default responder.

Who Benefits from Kelsi Pro?

happy family with peace of mind that grandparents have a mobile medical alert with fall detection

Kelsi Pro can fulfill the needs of many different people, so how do you know if it’s right for you? These are just some of the people who benefit mobile fall detection systems:

  • Aging adults who live alone and want to stay independent. Many seniors can take care of themselves, but that doesn’t mean they are prepared for the unexpected. A medical alert is the best safety measure to make sure you are safe and prepared for any danger that comes your way.
  • Active seniors who want to live safe and without fear. With a mobile fall detection system, active seniors can live more freely than ever. Fall hazards lurk in plain sight, especially out of the comfort of your home. With Kelsi Pro, you will leave the house for daily walks, to run errands, or do any activity with peace of mind.
  • Seniors who are more prone to falls. As you grow older, you may become more prone to falls, have a medical condition, or be recovering from an injury. Whatever the case may be, it’s better to be ready with a medical alert system. Sometimes people don't realize this until after an injury when it's too late.
  • Families who want peace of mind for their loved one. A medical alert isn’t just for the user, it’s for their family too. Not all families have time to care for their loved one, or their loved doesn’t live nearby. Medical alerts give families peace of mind since they know their loved one will always be safe. It also saves money as a great alternative to assisted living.

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Kelsi Pro Helps You Live Your Golden Years to the Fullest

hiking safely with kelsi pro mobile medical alert system with fall detection

Alert1 knows that safety is important both in and out of your home, so you need something dependable. That's why the Kelsi Pro is the perfect solution to keep you safe. With mobile fall detection, you will be ready for whatever comes your way, anywhere you are. Where will you go with your Kelsi Pro?