How to Travel With Your Mobile Medical Alert Device

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Last Updated 7/13/17 10:30am |Did you know that in addition to our home units, Alert1 has mobile help buttons as well? The great thing about these mobile emergency medical alerts is that they don’t hold you back. They allow seniors to remain active in retirement and travel wherever they please.

Whether you need to run a simple errand or take a vacation, you are always in safe hands. This article will describe how you can bring your Alert1 mobile help button on the go, and how it will keep you safe for all of your travels.

What Mobile Medical Alerts Does Alert1 Offer?

Alert1 mobile medical alert devices are the most reliable and useful pendants on the market. Their portability does not take away from their capabilities.

Whichever mobile help pendant you choose, you are guaranteed peace of mind. So which emergency medical alerts does Alert1 offer to elderly individuals on the go?

Alert1 keeps seniors safe with:

  • Kelsi—our mobile medical alert system. Kelsi is the smallest pendant on the market. With the push of a button, Kelsi uses 911 tracking technology to locate you during an emergency. It ensures that you have protection 24 hours a day.
  • PAX—our mobile fall detection system. Like all of Alert1’s medical alert devices, PAX features 24/7 protection, but also comes with automatic fall detection. Automatic fall detection calls for help and uses GPS system technology to locate you for on-the-go protection.
  • PAX Plus—our complete mobile and home fall detection system. PAX Plus is the most comprehensive system that Alert1 offers. You can use it as both a mobile and home unit. Like PAX, it uses GPS and cellular technology to find you in an emergency.

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Get All of Alert1's Features On The Go

Alert1’s state-of-the-art features make us the best medical alert company around. Our mobile medical alert features work anywhere!—both at home and on the go.

With an Alert1 mobile emergency medical alert you will:

  • Get help fast with unlimited talk time and button presses. Travel with ease knowing there is no limit to the help you receive. No matter where you are, your mobile alert sends emergency responders to you with the push of a button.
  • Always have our operators by your side. When you press the button, you call the Alert1 Command Center. A trained operator will stay on the line with you until your emergency responders arrive. Slips and falls can occur anywhere, and your mobile medical alert device will make sure you are ready.
  • Stay protected with nationwide mobile fall detection security. With mobile fall detection, you don’t even have to press the button since the device senses your fall. Even if you are knocked unconscious, fall detection technology in PAX and PAX Plus will automatically call for help.
  • Have Alert1's GPS technology for all your travels. When you press the help button on your mobile alert, we use GPS and cellular technology to pinpoint your location. If you are unconscious, the GPS will guarantee that the operator knows where to send help.

How You Wear Mobile Alerts On The Go

Alert1 mobile medical alerts are discreet and low-key. No matter where you go, Alert1 mobile help buttons can be:

  • Worn as a necklace. You can clip all Alert1 mobile pendants to your lanyard to wear around your neck. Anywhere you go, your help button within reach if you slip and fall.
  • Clipped to your belt. You have the option to clip your PAX or PAX Plus mobile medical alert to your belt. So if wearing a necklace isn't for you, clip your alert to your belt and maintain peace of mind.
  • Hung on your keys. Kelsi can be clipped to your keychain so that you never forget to bring it with you. If you keep your keys in your pocket, you keep Kelsi there too. Stay protected no matter what comes your way by having it on you at all times.

Travel Locally or Nationwide in the United States

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Whether you need to run some errands or leave town for a trip, Alert1 has you covered. With an Alert1 mobile emergency medical alert, you can:

  • Go anywhere within the United States. With a nationwide range, you may travel and experience new regions with peace of mind.

    The U.S. is a huge country, with so many travel destinations to explore. Since your mobile medical alert device works on the go, pack your bags and enjoy your retirement.
  • Give yourself a much-needed vacation. You can discover all the senior-friendly travel destinations the U.S. has to offer. Retirement is the perfect time for any senior to travel. Travel at will with Alert1 and vacation like never before.
  • Run errands around town. Falls can occur even when you are out doing simple errands. With a mobile alert, the protection doesn't end at home. You are able to bring it with you on your errands, and ensure that you have protection when buying groceries.
  • Travel to the park or beach. It's a beautiful day and retirement means you have all the time in the world. Don't let fear prevent you from enjoying the outdoors.

Live Life to the Fullest

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Maximize your retirement today with Alert1. If you want to exercise in the park, an Alert1 mobile unit is your safety net at all times.

Go on a trip and take Alert1 with you to stay protected no matter what comes your way.

We make sure seniors can live their golden years to the fullest, all while being safe. Where will your Alert1 mobile medical alert device take you?

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