Which Medical Alert is Best for Me?

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Are you in the market for a medical alarm system? If so, you’ve probably asked yourself, which medical alert is best for me? Picking the right one can be tricky when there’s so many options to consider.

If you need some guidance, you’re in luck. Alert1 is here to help decide which unit is best for you. Here at Alert1, we offer top-of-the-line medical home alerts, mobile medical alarm systems, and fall detection systems. Read on to learn what system fits your needs so you can start aging in place and living more independently today!

Traditional Home Landline System

If you are looking for protection solely inside your home, the traditional medical home alert is for you. A home alert is the most basic unit that Alert1 offers. With a few simple steps, the home unit ensures your safety.

  • Press your help button. Protection is as easy as that. When you slip and fall, get hurt, or need assistance of any kind—just press your home medical alert button. You have unlimited button presses, with no additional charges. Wear the help button as a necklace or bracelet so it's always on you. The help button is showerproof with a range of 600 feet, ensuring you are always safe.
  • Connect with an operator through your pendant. After pressing your medical alarm system help button, an operator from one of our two Command Centers will come on the line. They will ask you if you need help. Alert1’s Command Center operators are specially trained and ready to answer 24/7.
  • Help arrives from your Circle of Care. Your Circle of Care is a personalized list of emergency responders you can rely on to bring you assistance if your time of need. Choose your neighbor, family member, friend, or whomever you trust. 911 emergency services are automatically put on the list to come to the rescue when no one else can. 
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These medical alarms act like our landline home alerts, but with an extra feature—fall detection. Since over one third of seniors 65 and older will fall every year, fall detection is a useful addition. Do you feel like you are more prone to falls or just want the added protection? If so, this is the system for you. Here’s what you need to know about Alert1’s fall detection.

  • There are advanced sensors within the unit. These sensors detect changes in your body motion and position to detect your fall. Shortly after a fall, the pendant will call the operator and the emergency protocol action begins. Help arrives before you know it.
  • Automatic fall detection helps you in countless situations. A fall detection pendant will call for help in circumstances such as slips and falls around the house, seizures, blood pressure spikes, dizziness, or tripping down the stairs—anything that may cause a fall. Fall detection allows you to live more independently in your home and enjoy peace of mind.
  • Fall detection will call for help even when you can’t. It's common to be knocked unconscious or unable to speak after a fall. But have no fear, our operators will follow a nonverbal protocol and still contact those in your Circle of Care to get you help.
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Mobile Medical Alert Systems and Mobile Fall Detection

If you live an on-the-go lifestyle or consider yourself an active senior, a mobile alarm system is the right choice for you. Alert1 mobile medical alerts allow you to experience the same level of protection on the go. There is even a mobile fall detection option.

Take your protection on the go and bring your pendant on daily walks, grocery shopping, or any outdoor adventures. With an Alert1 mobile medical alert you always have assistance by your side.

  • Kelsi is our mobile medical alert system. It’s a small and portable pendant that works anywhere in the United States. With Kelsi, all you have to do is press the help button, state your emergency, and help will arrive. Even if you don’t know where you are during your emergency, Kelsi’s cellular location technology will pinpoint your location. Knowing that help will always arrive gives you peace of mind when out and about.
  • PAX is our mobile fall detection system. PAX does everything that Kelsi does, with the added feature of fall detection and GPS location technology. PAX will detect your fall wherever you are. You will stay protected on the go, ensuring you are ready for any situation. With PAX by your side, never fear not receiving the help you need.
  • PAX Plus is our all-inclusive mobile fall detection and home alert system. PAX Plus includes both a mobile unit and an in-home fall detection unit. The in-home unit lets you stay protected in your home and the mobile unit is your companion when you leave the house. With PAX Plus, you always have complete protection both in and out of your home. 
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Add Safety and Protection to Your Life With a Medical Alert

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Buying a medical alarm system is a decision you won't regret. In the end, any medical alert you choose will help you stay independent and enjoy peace of mind in your home. Check out this page to comapred Alert1 vs Life Alert costs. If you have any more questions or have decided which is the best medical alert system for you, call us at 1-866-672-6239 or order online today.

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