It’s Time: Mom, You Need a Medical Alert


Is it time to tell Mom it’s time to get a medical alert system? Worried you will hurt her feelings? Or, have you already suggested the topic and now she feels insulted?

Well, you aren't alone. These reactions are a lot more common than you think. As you have probably realized, it's not easy telling a loved one that they need a medical alert. We do it because we love them, but despite our best intentions, it can make them feel "old." 

No need to worry, Alert1 is here with tips to make the job easier. There are many ways to convince Mom it’s time to get a medical alert. She’ll be thanking you that she got one in no time.

What You Should and Shouldn’t Do

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Know the difference between the right and wrong ways to convince Mom. Success depends on your approach. Make sure to take her feelings into consideration. Keep in mind that doing it the right way can hurt her feelings too.

What You Shouldn’t Do

Don’t tell Mom that she needs a medical alert because of clumsiness that comes with age. This will just make her feel bad and you don’t want to hurt her feelings. As our loved ones age they can't help what is happening with their bodies. Don't make her think that is her fault!

Avoid making her feel like she is a burden to you, or tell her the medical alert is your solution to relieve you of this burden. That is a perfect way to make her feel like you don’t care. Remember that the whole point of this is to show that you do care. 

What You Should Do

Have your reasons for getting a medical alert ready, and approach Mom with a kind and empathetic tone.  Stress the importance of how it will positively impact her well-being. 

Suggest a medical alert so Mom can remain living at home instead of at an assisted living facility. A medical alert is the perfect way to keep Mom living in her lifelong home so she can age in place. Remind her that you’re always there for her even though she has a medical alert.

Try to relate getting a medical alert to something that has recently happened. Do you know someone who recently had an accident or became widowed? You can bring that up to point out the practicality of a medical alert. Or if she has recently fallen, you may wish to bring up how a medical alert can make her (and you!) feel safer Try to keep your tone light to sound less threatening and overbearing.

A Few Points to Win Her Over

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Need more help convincing mom? Let her know that:

A medical alert is a safety measure and creates peace of mind. Once she has one, she may not always need it. And if she does end up needing it, tell her about how easy help buttons are to use. Plus, medical alerts are small and discrete.

Owning a medical alert will allow her to be more independent. Instead of being constantly supervised at an assisted living facility, Mom can stay independent and live at home on her own terms. All she needs to know is help is a button push away.

Phones aren’t reliable enough. She might reject a medical alert and say a phone works just fine. A phone might be dead or out of reach, but a medical alert can be worn at all times and works with just the push of a button.

Dangers are lurking in plain sight. Walk through the house with her and show her that accidents happen just about anywhere. For example, hardwood floors may not seem like a danger, but a slip could make her fall and hit the floor hard. Stairs or steps around the house are also hazards. You can make a plan to address these issues.

Help will always be available. You may not be able to help her if she has an accident, but help will always be available with an alert system. Fall detection is a great safety measure. With 24/7 service, Mom will get the immediate assistance she needs, at any time of day.

It will ease your fears. Mom may not want a medical alert for herself, but she may be willing to wear one for you. Tell her how it will help ease your fears so that you will worry less about her.

Make an Activity Out of It

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You know your mom best—what are some of her favorite activities? Doing an activity together is great for bonding, and will lighten the mood for when you bring up medical alerts.

Is Mom more active and always on-the-go? Let her know that a mobile medical alert system won’t hold her back from her active lifestyle. It lets Mom stay protected wherever she goes, without slowing her down.

Go for a walk together at her local park. The perfect opportunity to talk to her from the heart is on a stroll. It’s not an easy subject to bring up, and a walk can help lighten the mood.

Bring up the topic while gardening. Gardening is a way to de-stress and relax. Do this with Mom and use it as a chance to tell her about medical alerts. Tell her she can continue gardening with peace of mind!

Take her out for lunch or dinner. Take her to one of her favorite restaurants so that she enjoys a delicious meal. Or, try cooking her favorite meal for her at home. Filling her up with her favorite food will put her in a good mood, and is an excellent time to bring up a sensitive topic. 

You’ll Keep Mom Safe in No Time

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Once you've convinced her to get one, Mom will understand what it means to have peace of mind. It will allow her to age in place safely and independently. She will have her help button there for her in case of an emergency or any time she needs help, no matter if it's large or small.

Remember that our senior care specialists are just a phone call away if you or Mom have any questions. Alert1 is happy to help you learn more about medical devices so your loved one can age in place the best way possible.

Mom is your best friend and you want her to be around for as long as possible. Do her a favor and get her an Alert1 system today! 

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