Introducing PAX Plus: Mobile + Home Fall Detection System

Nancy was in a tough spot. Her mother, Phyllis, fell a week after her milestone 80th birthday. Her fall landed her in the hospital with a wrist sprain and a bruised hip. Nancy’s worries about her mom’s ability to safely age in place were growing. Phyllis needed monitoring in her day-to-day life. But, Phyllis wasn’t quite ready to give up her independence. They needed a solution that offered Nancy peace of mind while respecting Phyllis’ independence.

Initially, Nancy considered moving Phyllis into an assisted living facility. Naturally, Phyllis resisted— there were many activities she wasn’t ready to give up yet. Her daily walk with her neighbor, a ritual for over 10 years, was a big one. She also enjoyed picking fresh produce at her local farmers’ market on Sundays and gardening. Not to mention, she loves her house and has called it home for over 40 years. Living independently was something Phyllis was proud of. With this in mind, Nancy took to the internet to find a solution. 

As Nancy researched their options, she learned about Alert1. Relating to our mission to help senior Americans age in place, she wanted to know more. On our website, she found the latest Alert1 product, the PAX Plus. It was a perfect fit. Within a few days, Phyllis received her new medical alert system and fell in love with it. Finally, Nancy is able to relax and have the peace of mind that her mother is staying safe.


What Is PAX Plus?

pax plus system
  • PAX Plus is Alert1’s complete mobile + home fall detection system. It works to keep seniors safe at home and on-the-go.
  • It’s our most inclusive system offering 24/7 fall protection. The system includes an on-the-go fall detection device, home fall detection pendant and sleep wristband.
  • The 3 help pendants work double duty to keep seniors, like Phyllis, aging in place.

How Does Phyllis Use Her PAX Plus?

PAX Plus is Phyllis’ safety net for at-home and on-the-go.

  • Outdoors. She clips her PAX Plus to her belt or wears it like a necklace. She takes it as her companion for daily adventures.
  • At Home. Phyllis places her PAX Plus in its Cradle to charge and puts on her compact Fall Detection Home Pendant to stay protected at home.
  • In Bed. She slips on her Classic Wristband and sleeps soundly throughout the night. She knows, she can press the button and get help fast!
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What Are The Benefits Of PAX Plus?

pax in hand

At Alert1, we understand our products need to be discrete and functional.

It’s easy for Phyllis to add any piece of her system to her ensemble. With PAX Plus’s gray, black and white design colors, the pendants go with everything!  Her PAX Plus system offers a variety of different ways to wear it. This keeps help close, but her devices discreet. No one ever notices she’s wearing a medical alert device. 

PAX Plus is the most compact and portable system available. The device is an industry leader with built-in GPS location technology. This means Nancy doesn’t have to worry about help finding her mom. And Phyllis loves that she doesn't have to carry around a bulky device.

These are Phyllis’ favorite features of her new PAX Plus:

  • She can shower with her device on. She knows that showers are the #1 place for senior falls, so this eases her fears of falling in the shower. 
  • The 24/7 fall detection monitoring allows her to live without worry. She no longer fears a fall going undetected. She can keep up with her walks, gardening and so much more!
  • If she needs to push her button, the built-in microphone allows 2-way communication. She can speak with the Alert1 Command Center right from her device. 
  • Her mobile + home system arrived activated. All it needed was a quick charge and it was ready to use.

Why Did Nancy Choose Alert1?

command center

At Alert1, we proudly provide the best service and devices for seniors wanting to age in place. We offer 24/7 peace of mind to our members and their loved ones. There is no length we won’t go to ensure seniors, like Phyllis, are as safe and worry-free as possible.

Here are a few things that stood out to Nancy:

  • They were able to personalize their Circle of Care. Phyllis and Nancy are able to choose who the first responder call will go to. Then who the next 2 calls go to. They chose the first call to be 911, and the other two to be loved ones who live nearby.
  • We stay on the line until help arrives. Unlike any other monitoring company, Alert1 stays on the line while help is on the way. Nancy loves that if her mom needs help, our Command Center will stay on the line until her help arrives.
  • Our mobile devices work anywhere Phyllis goes. They work off cellular towers and GPS to find her location should she need help.
  • Fall detection sensors automatically notify our Command Center when they detect a fall. Nancy doesn’t have to worry about a fall going unnoticed and her mother going without help.

Getting Phyllis PAX Plus Was The Best Choice

loving hands

In the past, Nancy didn’t know how to talk to Phyllis about medical alerts. After her latest fall, it became an important conversation to have.

With Alert1, Nancy was able to learn about the different medical alerts and choose the best one to fit Phyllis’ lifestyle. Now they’re both happy because of the peace of mind and ensured safety that Phyllis has with her new PAX Plus mobile + home fall detection system.

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