Necklace Medical Alert

Necklace medical alert systems are among the most important items in the senior safety toolbox. Accessible, easy to use, and adaptable, these devices are essential for the elderly population in America. Older folks need reliable support during emergencies, and most necklace alerts provide just that.


But, as the over-65 population grows, so do the medical alert system options. For those just stepping into the world of senior health technology, finding a good fit can be overwhelming. The below guide is designed to help potential members figure out what’s most important in their quest for an emergency alert necklace. Is it fall detection or on-the-go use? Budget or customer service? We believe our necklaces are the best in the industry, but we want to empower you to choose the device that you or your loved one needs. We hope this resource helps steer you in the right direction.


Comparing Necklace Medical Alert Systems


Alert1 systems are among the best in the industry, but you shouldn’t take our word for it. Choosing an alert necklace for elderly relatives, or for yourself, is an important decision – one that should be thought through from all sides. We understand that most potential customers will want to gather as much information as they can in order to make an informed purchase. When it comes to emergency necklaces, we know members seek out information to compare contract terms, cost, customer service, and the types of devices available.


Our systems are neither the cheapest nor the most expensive out there. That said, we will only ever charge a fair price. Plus, we offer device and customer service features other companies don’t. Necklace medical alert systems are an important resource for all seniors, and you should have access to the device that meets all your needs. If you’re looking for a necklace alert system to suit your lifestyle, add Alert1 into your comparison calculations. We think you’ll be happy with what you find.


Why Choose an Alert1 Necklace Medical Alert


We at Alert1 understand the difficulties many seniors face. That’s why we strive to provide most features you could ever need in a necklace medical alert – all at a fair monthly rate. Our systems are pacemaker-compatible, waterproof, and come in a variety of styles to suit your lifestyle. From on-the-go necklaces to medical alert systems with added fall detection, you’re sure to find a device that meets your needs. Finding an alert necklace for seniors is easy at Alert1.


Additionally, Alert1 offers something that few other medical alert companies have. When you press your button, or when your fall detection device is triggered, we will stay on the line with you until help arrives. This service is provided to every Alert1 member, regardless of device. We want you to feel as safe as possible. In providing this service, we hope to offer some additional comfort during what is sure to be a scary experience.


Most importantly, we know that many seniors experience financial anxiety. Whether this is a result of a fixed income or a small savings account, reducing monthly cost is as important to us as it is to you. That’s why you’ll only ever see low, fair prices on our site. We don’t charge a premium, and we’ll never lock you into a long-term contract. An Alert1 medical necklace for seniors is a useful, effective, and affordable device.


How to Choose a Necklace Medical Alert


If you’re new to the medical alert system world, you might find choosing an emergency button necklace to be a difficult task. If you’re considering Alert1 necklace medical alerts alongside other brands and providers, we encourage you to ask yourself the following questions. This should help you decide which device will work for you, regardless of whether you choose Alert1.


·         Do you need an alert necklace that is compatible with pacemakers? Not all devices work with pacemakers, so this is an important piece of information to have.

·         Do you need added fall detection? Not all medical alert systems come with this service. Reflect on your personal needs and whether you want to use a fall alert necklace.

·         Should unlimited button pushes be part of your package? Many medical alert providers place a limit on the number of times members can press their buttons before they incur an extra charge.

·         How do you plan to use your medical alert necklace? In other words, do you only need protection in the home? Would you prefer to bring it with you on errands? Be sure to pick a safety alert necklace that suits your lifestyle.

·         How much are you willing to spend on an alert system? Remember that these systems are billed monthly. How much are you able to spend on this senior health device?


If customer service, pacemaker compatibility, product options, and fair pricing are important to you in your search for an emergency necklace for seniors, choose Alert1. With us, you’ll have a medical alert system you can count on – with compassionate phone operators and a low monthly cost, to boot.

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