Smart Jewelry is Popular, but Senior-Friendly Emergency Necklaces Are Safer

Smart jewelry accessorizing is on the rise. An increasingly popular accessory across age groups, smart jewelry allows users to gain insights to their personal health through stylish bracelets, necklaces, and rings. But, while smart jewelry might seem like an obvious choice for seniors, this isn’t always the case. Most of the time, these stylish emergency necklaces aren’t made for senior use, and they don’t provide the services most elderly folks need. 

Still, there is a way for seniors to engage in the smart jewelry trend: through using a medical alert system. While these devices may not be a dainty as a ring heartrate monitor, they’re a great way for seniors to engage in a trend while staying safe.

What is Smart Jewelry?

In the simplest terms, smart jewelry is a wearable health device disguised as an accessory – a watch, a bracelet, a ring, or a necklace. Ideally, these accessories will be both stylish and functional. They often include certain health metrics and monitors, tracking things like heart rate, steps, calorie burn, and blood oxygen levels. Unfortunately, few – if any – have the emergency necklace functions most seniors need.

We should note that we have not found a piece of smart jewelry that functions as a medical alert system. Even accessories that say they are medical alert systems are often only medical IDs. We want to make clear that these are different devices, and smart jewelry advertised as a senior health aid should be viewed with a bit of skepticism.

And, while smart jewelry can come with some helpful health metrics, many also include complicated smartphone compatibility. In many cases, these items buzz when the wearer receives a text message. While this may be useful for some users, most seniors will find this feature annoying and difficult to navigate.

Simplicity is essential for a safe senior experience. Unfortunately, few smart jewelry options have the functions seniors need – and many have functions that are too complicated for seniors. 

Medical Alert Necklaces are a Safer Choice

While there’s some novelty in counting steps and tracking your heart rate, smart jewelry isn’t made for senior use. Often, the devices are small and difficult to set up, and they don’t provide the services seniors need – namely, medical alert technology. Emergency necklaces, like those offered from Alert1, are a safer choice. That said, you won’t necessarily need to miss out on a trendy accessory.

Our medical alert necklaces are easily identifiable as medical alert systems, but there are many ways for members to spruce up their accessories. We have a variety of stylish necklace accessories that allow users to make their medical alert systems reflect their personal style. If you want something truly unique, try making your own lanyard for your alert system. 

Emergency Necklaces from Alert1

Whether you’re trying to get in on the smart jewelry trend or simply looking for a medical alert system at a fair price, Alert1 has what you need. We know that all features aren’t essential for every user. But, no matter how you choose to accessorize your necklace, rest assured that you’ll always get a great product, compassionate service, and a fair price.