Aging in Place is Easier with an Alert Necklace for Elderly Parents

Helping a parent age in place requires a multi-faceted strategy. From home health care to lawn care, children of elderly parents have a lot of decisions to make. But, no matter your parent’s situation, an alert necklace for elderly is always an essential addition.

We know you’ll want to think through all aspects of home care before making important decisions. An alert necklace can make you feel more comfortable, no matter what you and your parent choose. Below, we’ve outlined a few ways in which an alert necklace can make ageing in place safer, more secure, and more comfortable for all members of the family.  

Helping a Parent Age in Place

An alert necklace for elderly relatives can help your parent live comfortably in their own home. Offering both home protection and on-the-go functionality, these devices ensure that help is never more than a button-push away. Plus, the pendants available from Alert1 are comfortable and easy to use.

However, we understand if you’re unsure whether a medical alert system will be helpful. The below points are intended to show potential members just how helpful a medical alert system can be, especially when older parents are ageing in place.

·         You’re never more than a button-push away. When your parent experiences an emergency, or just simply needs to communicate, they’ll be able to contact you with the push of a button. This ease of use can be essential in times of high stress and anxiety.

·         They’ll have help, even if you’re not there. Allowing a parent to age in place is a tough decision. You want them to receive the support they need, but you also want them to enjoy their independence. An alert necklace is a great way to have confidence that they’ll get the help they need in an emergency.

·         Help is available anywhere and at any time. Whether your parent slips while in the shower or falls on their way to the car, an alert necklace for elderly ensures they’ll be able to contact help. Waterproof pendants and on-the-go functionality ensure that emergency services are always at their fingertips.

Choosing an Alert Necklace for Your Parent

With dozens of medical alert systems out there, choosing one device can be tough. We at Alert1 want to make your decision a little easier. While we believe we have the best medical alert systems on the market, we encourage potential members to research their options. 

We’ve found that customer service, pricing, and contract terms are the most important factors for potential members. The below grid is designed to compare these facets of our products to other, well-known brands. As illustrated below, our products are among the most accessible, flexible, and affordable out there.

Whether you choose Alert1 or a different provider, an alert necklace for elderly is essential to safe and secure ageing in place. Remember that we will never lock you into a long-term contract --  if you want to test out an Alert1 product for only a month, we’re more than happy to help.