PERS Protection for Teachers and Students

PERS for classrooms

Personal emergency response systems, also known as PERS, are often marketed to seniors – but that doesn’t mean that others can’t make good use of this lifesaving technology. In fact, a personal button alarm that you wear for safety and protection can be incredibly helpful for teachers, no matter if they are teaching in a tiny private school or a massive college. The system can also bring peace of mind to students, from the college kid walking alone at night to the elementary school student with a severe peanut allergy. And don’t forget what a relief it can be for parents to send their kids off with a PERS that will give their child the ability to reach out for help anytime, anywhere, or to a classroom that has an emergency alert system in place.

Great for Students Walking Around Campus

Many school campuses are huge and require walking from location to location. You might be walking across acres of rolling grass, skirting by dense woods or remote fields, or through blocks of urban development to get from one class to another.

You might be alone in certain areas on campus. You might head to class in the early morning hours, even as the sun is coming up. Or you might be out deep into the night with friends, studying or socializing. And it’s not just the students who might be out late – it’s not unusual for professors to teach at night or get up very early in the morning to prepare for class.

With a space that large, lots of things can go wrong, including the danger that might come from others. Unfortunately, more than one in ten college students will fall victim to sexual assault during their time at school, and almost 6% of all students will experience stalking[1]. Tragically, school shootings are becoming more common as gun violence becomes increasingly prevalent. Just this week, a 6 year old shot his first grade teacher in a Virginia classroom.

Wearing a personal emergency solution can ensure that if you need help immediately, you don’t have to fumble for a cell phone (which shouldn’t be used in the classroom as it detracts from the learning environment). You simply press the button on your panic alarm 24/7 and get help fast.

This is ideal for both teacher and student safety. Sometimes, simply noticing that an emergency help system is in place can be enough to deter someone who has bad intentions.

And remember that while a personal alarm is meant to keep you safe, it can also be a lifesaver for others. If you see something bad happening to someone else, the safety alarm allows you to get help fast for others as well. Trained emergency response agents will listen to your concerns and get emergency services rolling to your location immediately.

Help for Teachers Who Want More Protection

There was a time when schools seemed very safe. But unfortunately, recent years have shown us that terrible things can happen in even the simplest moments in the world we live in today. School shootings, once a rarity across the nation, have become a regular occurrence; there were 51 school shootings that resulted in injury or death in 2022, according to Education Week.

Schoolchildren and teachers now have personal safety concerns that are sadly justified. Cell phones don’t belong in classrooms as they are disruptive and distracting. Using a cell phone may even be impossible if there is an active shooter nearby. But someone with a personal emergency response solution on a pendant around their neck or on a belt clip at their waist can summon help immediatley with the touch of a single button. When every second counts, emergency button alarms can save precious time in a dire situation.

But there are other ways teachers are at risk. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, 10% of public school teachers reported being threatened by a student and 6% of teachers reported that they were physically attacked by a student at some point during the school year.

When a teacher is in the midst of an actively dangerous situation, they might not be able to reach the intercom system on the wall (assuming their school has one). Pressing a button on a wearable safety device is a surefire way to get help in any type of altercation.

Protection for Althetes

Did you know that sports are one of the biggest culprits for student injuries? Nearly half of all student emergency room visits are due to injuries sustained at school when a student was playing a sport. Injuries tend to happen more often in September and October each year, likely because students and teachers are getting accustomed to a new school year. Students in elementary school are the most likely to be injured, making up 37% of all youth injured in schools.[2]

Every coach with a PERS device could effectively provide a level of protection and peace of mind for each member of their team, not to mention the althletes’ parents.

For Those with Severe Allergies

Food allergies can be life-threatening. There’s a good reason why some schools have banned peanuts, as they are one of the most common allergen triggers of anaphylactic shock. The CDC reports that one in 13 children has a food allergy. More than 40% of children with food allergies wind up in the emergency department for treatment at some point in their lives.

Food allergies can lead to serious problems very quickly. Sometimes that can inhibit a person’s ability to breathe. The panic button on a medical alert pendant or wristband can be their lifesaver.

Even in cases when someone can’t speak when they press the button, Alert1’s trained agents recognize that something is wrong and send help. Our mobile alert systems have built-in GPS, which allows us to pinpoint a location and get emergency services on the way fast.

Providing Peace of Mind for Those Who Love You

A PERS can go anywhere with you. It is your constant safety companion that can provide peace of mind round the clock.

It’s tough for parents to send their kids out into the world, even if they are adults who are enjoying the new phase of their life on a college campus. And for those who aren’t in college yet, parents might still worry about the things that could happen while their kid is at school. A personal safety alarm system for classrooms can provide the peace of mind teachers, students, and parents need.

Choosing the Right PERS Model

There are numerous options available in personal emergency response systems. Teachers and students should definitely look at on-the-go mobile devices that allow them to get help anywhere. A valuable safety feature is GPS tracking, which helps pinpoint your location and send help directly to you, even if you aren’t sure where you are or can’t convey what is happening to you.

If you choose a medical alert pendant, you can wear it on a lanyard or belt clip. A medical alert watch is a more subtle option that is just as stellar in reaching out for help. The watch comes with a GPS as well as a pedometer, so those who are health-conscious can track their steps throughout the day.

Though these systems are more often marketed with the elderly in mind, it is clear that students and teachers can benefit from having a wearable personal safety alarm. The technology, while quite advanced, is super simple to use. Get in touch with Alert1 today to learn what options are available for teachers, students, and those who love them.