Why an Emergency Alert Necklace is the Best Medical Alert System

While every senior will have a preferred way to wear their alert system, emergency alert necklaces are the most popular choice. We think this is the case for a variety of reasons – they’re budget-friendly, comfortable to wear, and easy to style. But, perhaps most importantly, alert necklaces are often the safest way to wear a medical alert system. Whether you’re looking for added fall protection or a comfortable wearing option, an alert necklace from Alert1 may be the best choice for you.

Choose an Alert1 Medical Alert System

The emergency alert necklace is often the standard option provided by medical alert companies. In other words, almost all medical alert systems come as pendants, and it is up to the user to purchase accessories if they prefer a different wearing option. In some ways, this standardization levels the playing field, allowing potential customers to make easier cost comparisons. We know that budgetary concerns are front of mind for most of our members, so we wanted to make this step in the process a bit simpler.


Our medical alert systems are neither the most expensive nor the least expensive in the market. But Alert1 has a few features some other providers don’t – multilingual protection, pacemaker compatibility, and HIPAA compliance, to name a few. We know this decision isn’t an easy one, but if you’re in the market for a necklace medical alert, we hope you give Alert1 a chance. 

What is an Effective Medical Alert System?

A medical alert system is only effective when worn as intended. For most seniors, an alert necklace is the safest, most comfortable option. If you’ve never worn a one of these devices before, here are a few reasons to try an emergency alert necklace.

·         Fall Protection: Fall detection technology is only available in necklace form. The current technology cannot reliably distinguish between regular arm movements and experiencing an accident. If you want or need added fall detection, a necklace is your best – and only – option.

·         Comfort: Medical alert necklaces are the most physically comfortable way to wear an alert system. Some people tend to fiddle with wristbands when they feel anxious, while others don’t like the feeling of wearing a bracelet. Most users barely notice their alarm systems when worn as necklaces.

·         Budget: Almost all medical alert systems from Alert1 come standard as a pendant. If our members want to try a different way to wear their alarms, they’ll need to purchase an accessory. This makes an emergency alert necklace the most accessible way to wear a medical alert system. If you’re new to the medical alert world, we recommend wearing your alarm as a necklace to see how you like it.

Emergency alert pendants aren’t for everybody, but they’re the gold standard for medical alert systems. If you’ve never worn an alert system before, or if you’re growing tired of your wristband accessory, give a pendant option a try. We bet you’ll be surprised by how much you like it.