What to Prioritize in a Medical Alert Necklace for Seniors

Folks who have never used an emergency button may not know how to choose a medical alert necklace for seniors. To be fair, there is a lot to consider – especially if you’re choosing a system for an elderly relative or friend. From monthly costs and fall detection to pacemaker compatibility and on-the-go use, features can be tough to prioritize.

We at Alert1 try to be as attuned to our members’ need as possible. As a result, we have a pretty good understanding of what’s important to those seeking necklace medical alerts. To help make your decision process easier, we’d like to share this information with you.

How to Choose a Medical Alert Necklace for Seniors

Not everybody’s priorities align when it comes to finding a medical alert necklace for seniors. That said, we’ve found that some features are almost universally important. Below, we’ve presented the medical alert system features that are the highest priority for our members – in the order in which most folks prioritize them. We hope this helps you decide which medical alert necklace will work best for your elderly friend or relative.

1.       Pacemaker compatibility: Not all medical alert systems are compatible with pacemakers. This might not be a priority for those without pacemakers, but for those who do have them, this is of the utmost importance.

2.       Fall detection technology: For many seniors, fall detection is the most important factor in a medical alert system. This is especially true for folks who have experienced falls and emergencies in the past. However, not all alert necklaces are equipped with fall detection technology. Be sure to double check your product choice.

3.       Multilingual protection: Your medical alert necklace is only useful if you can ask for help in the language that feels most comfortable. Unlike most of our competitors, our devices can connect to responders representing over 190 different languages, including Spanish, Mandarin, French, Russian, and Vietnamese.

4.       Budget: Budgetary concerns are among the most important for Alert1 members. For those living on fixed incomes and with limited savings, we understand how difficult it can be to sign onto a recurring monthly expense. That’s why Alert1 is three times less expensive than some of the most popular brands out there. But we want to remind potential members that we at Alert1 will always provide you with a fair price. We want to provide an essential service to those who need it.

5.       Contract terms: Some seniors may be wary of a medical alert necklace for seniors because of required minimum contract lengths. We don’t blame them – some of the most popular brands have a 3-year contract minimum. For some seniors, this is unsustainable. Alert1 is different: We have no minimum contract lengths.

We know that priorities differ depending on an individual’s age, health requirements, mobility, and financial security. But we’ve heard our members needs, and we’ve adapted our model to suit them. If your priorities align with the factors outlined above, you can feel confident that Alert1 will fit seamlessly into your loved one’s life.