The Senior's Guide to Indoor/Outdoor Holiday Fun

Snowy mountain trees

The winter season is upon us. On the other side of your door, there’s a cool winter breeze. You don’t want to get up from your cozy bed because you’re wrapped up in your warm blankets. Your coats and winter boots will finally be put to use. It’s the winter holidays you and your grandchildren have been waiting for, and they have come faster than ever.

It’s time for some fun activities with your family. It’s also time to eat delicious food and drink lots of hot chocolate to keep you warm. During this season, however, one thing we don’t prioritize is our exercise. Lying on the couch, with a cozy blanket wrapped around our shoulders, is much more appealing than going outside for a walk. 

This winter season, there’s no need to hibernate inside your home. Here at Alert1 medical alert systems we’ve compiled some ideas for seniors to stay healthy. We’ve included some indoor and outdoor activities you can enjoy with your family. Keep warm, have some fun, and celebrate the holidays to the max!

‘Tis the Season to Exercise

Holiday shopping

As a senior, you have to look out for your health. To do so, eating the right foods and dedicating time to exercise should be your number one priority. Early morning exercises, such as walks around your neighborhood, should now become part of your daily routine.

With winter approaching, you might start to wonder: if it’s too cold outside to take a walk, what can I do to exercise? Well wonder no more - here are some ideas to keep you healthy throughout the holiday season.

  • Window shopping

If your neighborhood block is filled with snow it can be impossible to go outside for a walk. Take a small trip to the mall and walk around for a while in the warmth.  Who said exercising can’t be fun? Enjoy your workout as you gaze through the stores and do some holiday window-shopping.

This is the perfect opportunity to take our mobile medical alert system with you. The mall might be crowded with people doing last minute holiday shopping and there is a chance you might get overwhelmed. In case of an emergency, with one click of a button, Kelsi can ensure your safety.

  • Indoor swimming

If you like swimming, why only swim in the summer? This winter get a membership at your local YMCA or gym that has an indoor pool. Swim some laps or some freestyle. Enjoy the perks of a heated pool!

  • Treadmill walking

Does leaving your cozy house and stepping outside into the cold winter breeze seem impossible for you? If you don’t’ have one already, try buying a treadmill. You can stay inside the comfort of your home while exercising. If you’re in the spirt, watch a holiday movie as you’re working out. That way it won’t feel like your exercising!

In the worst case scenario, if you were ever to fall while exercising indoors, our fall detection system will be there to protect you. It can detect falls right away and immediately alerts our Command Center. Always be prepared by keeping your help button at your side 24/7.

‘Tis the Season for Holiday Fun

Senior in the snow

Even though remaining healthy is essential during the holidays, so is having fun. This winter, spend your time trying out new activities. Whether you’re staying cozy indoors or braving the chilly air outside, there are an endless number of fun holiday activities you can do. Hang out with your family and create new traditions! 

 Stay Warm and Cozy Indoors

Staying indoors is the perfect time for you to bond with your grandchildren. It keeps you all warm and cozy enjoying each other’s company.

  • Holiday movie marathons are the best! Nothing can top popcorn, hot cocoa, and Christmas films. Movies such as “When the Grinch Stole Christmas” and “A Christmas Carol” will give your home that holiday vibe.
  • Board game marathons are fun for everyone. Classic games like Monopoly or Scrabble are great fun. Your grandchildren can practice their spelling and learn new words playing Scrabble. Or they can practice their math skills counting money from the bank in a game of Monopoly.  Spend your entire day playing different games that bring out the competitive side of your grandkids. Get ready, get set, bring out the board games.

Be Cool and Brave the Outdoors

Brave the cold and be rewarded with holiday fun. Throw on some layers, a jacket, and a scarf to keep you warm.

  • Tree lightings and holiday parades are the perfect way to start the holidays. Gather up your grandchildren and take them with you. If it’s not already, make this a tradition! These are the ones that remain in our memories forever.

While you’re away, take our PAX-mobile fall detection to keep you safe. This device can locate you with its GPS technology. Holiday parks and parades are busy this time of year, so try not to get lost in the crowd. If you do, no need to worry, PAX will be there to save the day!

  • Ice-skating rinks are now open, so why not give it a try? It’s not every day you can put on a pair of skates and glide over some ice outdoors. Enjoy this activity to the fullest, but remember your safety comes first!
  • Snowman building is incredibly fun! Why settle for watching the snow when you can make something out of it? Ask your grandchildren: “Do you want to build a snowman?”

‘Tis the Season to be Jolly

Happy New Year Snowman

Stay nice and healthy this time of year. Don’t let the cool winter breeze stop you from your daily exercises. Tough it out and grab a coat or try something new indoors.

Try something new and you may even start a new holiday tradition. Whether you stay indoors to play some board games or go outside to ice-skate, there’s a lot you can do this winter. Call your grandkids and your family to join you for some holiday fun. Remember to stay safe and have a holly jolly holiday!