Holiday Shopping Tips For Seniors

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As the holiday season approaches, the list of gifts you need to buy starts to increase. Gifts for your grandchildren, siblings, cousins, aunts, and uncles... the list goes on! We all know the struggle of finding the perfect gift for each of our loved ones. The long lines seem never-ending. Holiday shopping can definitely be a stressful time of the year. But no need to worry, here at Alert1 we have a few tips for you to make this holiday season easier than ever.

Stay Safe When Shopping

  • Keep Loved Ones Safe

When holiday shopping with Mom, help keep her safe by assuring she has her Alert1 Medical Alert Button with her. In a crowded, hectic shopping center, Alert1’s senior help button will give you and Mom peace of mind. Thanks to our PAX mobile fall detection system, your mom will never be left alone. PAX goes wherever she goes, and uses GPS technology to pinpoint her location. With just one press of a button, she is connected to the Alert1 Command Center within seconds. PAX is also equipped with fall detection technology. If Mom falls, PAX will automatically connect her to the Command Center. Thanks to our mobile fall detection technology, there is no need for Mom to miss out on the holiday shopping this season!

  • Keep Vehicles Secure

Before you leave your car to shop, be certain your doors are locked and all your valuables are concealed. When you look through your car windows, there should be nothing left out that could be attractive to a potential thief. Holiday season has the highest theft rates, so don’t take the risk of leaving something you care about in your vehicle! Put your packages in the trunk, leave your laptop at home, and bring your tablet into the store with you.

Save Yourself Time and Money

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It's easy to spend a lot during the holidays. With some planning and a watchful eye you can get the perfect gifts without overspending.

  • Make a List

Save some time by planning what to get at each store. Having a plan will help you stay on track, and will help you avoid un-needed spending on impulse items that you see as you browse.

Lists are particularly useful if you’re taking your children holiday shopping with you. She will appreciate your planned shopping day, and will be happy not to spend more time on her feet than needed.

For the times when you are out and about, make sure to bring our Kelsi Mobile Medical Alert with you. Equipped with GPS, Kelsi will be your guardian, watching over you no matter where you go.

  • Watch Credit Card Spending

Here at Alert1, we know holiday shopping can be financially hectic. After buying all the gifts we need, it's easy to lose track of the amount of money you've spent. This holiday season, be one step ahead. Keep track of every individual credit card transaction by writing in your notebook or using a note-taking app. As we age, keeping track of bills, due dates and bank accounts can be difficult. This will save you the time and stress of trying to add up how much you’ve spent when the new year rolls around. 

Utilize Cyber Monday

Maybe crowded aisles and all-nighters just aren’t for you. Avoid the mayhem this Black Friday, and opt for Cyber Monday instead. Cyber Monday is an online deal extravaganza!  You will get great deals on holiday gifts all from the comfort of your home. Grab a computer, your credit card, and your gift list! Here's why Cyber Monday is a great way to complete your holiday shopping.

  • Get Plenty Of Sleep

No long lines to stand in means you’ll get your beauty sleep! The days of waking up at 3am to get great deals are long gone. As we age, sleep gets more and more important for daily mind and body function. By sleeping in, both you will wake up feeling refreshed and ready to shop the day away.

  • Avoid The Black Friday Chaos

Shopping should be enjoyable! Having to fight for the last pair of jeans is not something anyone wants to do. Online shopping gives you the options to buy what you want, in the size you want, whenever you want it. Confrontation while shopping for great deals isn’t necessary thanks to Cyber Monday!

  • Extend The Thanksgiving Celebration

Once Thanksgiving dinner is over, Black Friday begins. But it doesn’t have to be this way! Make your Thanksgiving celebration last longer than just one meal. Spend the day after Thanksgiving with your family in the comfort of your home rather than out shopping.

Happy Holiday Shopping From Alert1!

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Whether you opt to go out and brave the crowds, or stay in and shop from home, Alert1 wants you and your loved ones to stay safe. Thanks to our many different medical alert systems, you won’t ever feel alone this holiday season. Let us protect you so you can celebrate the holidays worry-free.