How to Return the Holiday Gifts You Hated

Updated 7/30/15 11:25am | If you’ve gotten stuck with a holiday gift that you have no use for, Alert1 has got you covered. Our guide to returning your most hated holiday gifts will make sure you get the most out of your unwanted items. And for you gift givers that always find yourselves forking over gift receipts, there's still time to change your ways. Give the gift of safety and independence with a senior medical alert system!

Find Out Where the Gift is From

Determine where your gift giver bought the hated holiday gift. This is tricky as most gifts are wrapped as presents with no indication on the store of origin. If you open the gift and immediately dislike it, you’ll want to announce “Hey I just saw this at Best Buy!” If that doesn’t elicit any information from the gift giver, you have one last resort-the internet. Call up your favorite search engine and enter the product name to find the list of merchants.

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Return Policies without receipts

A surprising number of stores have lenient return policies. Stores like Wal-Mart will allow refunds of $25 or less, and store credits for $25 or more. Nordstrom has a policy of not having a return policy at all! Just return your Nordy’s gift to the store with no receipt, no hassle. (It could even be worn!) Other stores that do not require a receipt are L.L. Bean and Costco. Whether you're a gift buyer or gift receiver it's best to understand the full refund policy. At Alert1, our medical alert systems for seniors have clearly stated terms and conditions.


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Be Prepared

When returning a gift, return as soon as possible. The closer to the date of purchase, the more likely it can be returned. Additionally, make sure you still have the original packaging. Stores can’t restock unwrapped items. Don’t forget to be as understanding and amicable as possible—you want the store clerk on your side. Alternatively, anticipate that store credit is the only option possible. Hey, a better option than receiving nothing!


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Donate It!

Who says your unwanted gift can’t be the gift that keeps on giving? The Salvation Army, Goodwill, Toys for Tots and numerous other organizations are more than willing to accept donated toys, clothes and other handmade paraphernalia. You can also try your local church. Alert1 endorses many charities both during the holiday season and throughout the year.


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Re-gift the gifts

One person’s trash is another’s treasure. Consider re-gifting your gift. Even if you won't use the gift, you may know someone who would think it's the perfect holiday gift! Just make sure that the original giver is in no way related to the new recipient! If the item is not perishable, consider using it for the next holiday White Elephant game in which you take part.

Just because you received a present you do not wish you want to keep does not mean you can’t get creative with how you get rid of it. Want to earn some cash? Thrift stores will buy your clothes at a reduced rate. And if all else fails, there is always eBay.


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Alert1 wants to know: are we missing anything? Let us know your personal ways to dispose of items you abhorred this season in the comments below!