5 Fun Ways For Seniors To Stay Active

Updated 9/14/2015 12:02pm | Alert1 knows staying healthy becomes more and more important as you get older. You have no reason to put off exercising because there are many fun ways to stay active!

Physical activity helps you stay independent and keep doing the activities you enjoy as you age. No matter what your fitness level is there are many fun, low cost activities to enjoy! 

Why should seniors stay active?

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Exercise should be an important part of your aging in place plan. Exercise helps improve your physical and mental well-being. It can relieve your stress, and even energize your mood.

Regular exercise is important for reducing your risk of falling. Adding any amount of movement and activity to your life has tremendous benefits. Every little bit helps.

Alert1 promises protection

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At Alert1, we want to put your mind at ease. Our medical alert systems give you quick access to help, just in case.

When you’re on the go, take our mobile medical alert pendant, Kelsi, with you. If you prefer to stay active around the house, our automatic fall detection system will protect you. 

5 fun activities for seniors

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Walking or hiking

Walking or an easy hike is a great way to get back into exercising. Whether it is around the block, a walk on the beach, or an easy nature hike, any amount of walking gives your heart and lungs a workout. Ourmobile medical alert systemcan give you the peace of mind to get out of the house again. With the touch of a button our command center will always be there if you need them.


Summer is here! Stay independent and get back out in the yard to enjoy the beautiful weather. At Alert1 we want you to feel safe in your own home. Our automatic fall detection system covers 600 feet around the base station (two football fields) so you feel protected anywhere in your home or yard. Once your senior garden is growing, you can get the extra health benefits of fresh fruits or vegetables. With these at your disposal, cooking healthy meals has never been easier!

Senior sport or activity classes

Check local community centers or your local YMCA to see the availability of senior activities. Many communities have a wide range of fun activities such as golf, Tai Chi, yoga, dance classes and exercise classes.

Exercise can help reduce the risk of developing disabilities and diseases as you grow older. Regular movement and exercise is a treatment for many chronic conditions. People with arthritis, heart disease, and diabetes benefit from regular exercise.  As well as people with high blood pressure, balance problems, or difficulty walking. Community centers are not only a great place to stay active but for meeting new people as well.

Water aerobics classes and swimming

Swimming is an especially beneficial activity for you. It is easy on joints while using all large muscle groups of the body. You can start your balance exercises in the pool without risk of falling. Swimming even increases bone density which can reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

Volunteering or attending local events

Volunteering or attending local events are great ways to stay active. Get more involved in the community and discover new things you enjoy doing!

There are a vast number of volunteer opportunities that allow you to help people, as well as meet new people and get out of the house. As you age you should stay active every day to maintain health, find activities that are meaningful and enjoyable to do.

Get out there!

No matter what activity you choose to do, adding any amount of activity to your life has benefits. These activities strengthen your mind and body and you will have a great time doing them. Stay safe and healthy with the help of Alert1. Now get out there and try something new!