When I’m On The Go and Fall, Who Shows Up?

Aging can take a toll on your body, limiting how much you are able to do. You love the outdoors, but you’re scared of falling. But why limit yourself?  Alert1 is proud to announce the PAX mobile fall detection system, our new on-the-go emergency response system. Now you can take your medical alert system anywhere you go. PAX will guarantee protection wherever you are located. Whether you are at home or out and about, you can have Alert1 protection anywhere in the nation

What is the PAX mobile fall detection system?

The new PAX mobile fall detection system will allow you to travel away from home while still enjoying our popular fall detection. This phenomenal system uses GPS technology and 3G cellular networks to send help to you during a emergency.

Advanced state of the art sensors are built into the help button which will automatically contact our Command Center when it detects a fall. With PAX mobile fall detection, you will finally get the peace of mind you have been looking for. 

What happens when I press my button?

When you press your help button, you will be immediately connected to our Command Center. Our friendly operators are available 24/7 to assist you in any emergency. In fact, it does not even have to be an emergency. We’ve had members who have called in and asked about what the weather is like outside. With Alert1, you get unlimited button pushes. Don’t ever hesitate to press your button no matter what the issue is, big or small.

Once you press the button on your pendant, you will be connected to one of our friendly operators. They will come on the line and ask if you need help. If you request help, the operator will first contact your predesignated Circle of Care contacts. Your Circle of Care is the people you want us to contact during an emergency. Want a neighbor to respond first? Or do you want 911 right away? You determine who Alert1 notifies in the event of an emergency. 

Who shows up when I press my button?

Alert1 allows you to choose who you want us to contact first. If you prefer 911 to come to your aid, we will call them first. Or you may want us to contact a neighbor or family member close by. However you decide to order your Circle of Care, we will make sure you get the help you need.

What if you fall and cannot respond back to the operator? The operator will then follow protocol and first contact your house. If there is still no answer they will reach out to your Circle of Care. Help will always be there for you whenever and wherever you need it.  

A situation where PAX came in handy

On January 5 2016, Maria Sanchez from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania suffered from an unfortunate fall. Luckily, her daughter Sandra was home during the fall to help her mother get back on her feet.

Maria was always the adventurous type of woman who loved the outdoors. However, after that fall Maria was not the same anymore. She felt like she couldn’t trust her body. She was scared to take even the smallest step outside of her home. Sandra noticed that her mother had stopped taking her daily stroll around the park. She did not know why and did not question her mother’s behavior. Instead she continued on with her day.

Another week passed and Maria was still at home, looking more depressed than ever. Sandra finally had the courage to ask her mother what was going on. Maria told her that ever since she fell, she did not have the confidence in herself to go venture out anymore. Sandra felt overwhelmed and was not sure what to do. Then she remembered something. She told her mom not to worry, that she’ll take care of this problem. Within minutes, Sandra ordered her mother an Alert1 mobile fall detection system.

Within days of receiving the system, Sandra saw a big improvement in her mother’s wellbeing. On January 29, 2016, Maria took her first step outdoors since her devastating fall. Maria looked livelier than ever, and she has since taken her PAX everywhere she went.

Maria has not fallen since getting her PAX, but she is extremely thankful for the peace of mind it gives her. Sandra also gave thanks to Alert1 for giving her peace of mind - she knows Alert1 is protecting her mother. Maria has nothing but wonderful stories to tell about her new medical alert system. This is just one example of how here at Alert1 we help members get back up on their feet so that they can live strong and free.  

Get your PAX today!

If you are always out and about, PAX is the perfect medical alert system for you. No more limiting yourself to staying only indoors. Enjoy the outside breeze and be adventurous! Even if it is a simple walk around the park or going to the local grocery store, Alert1 has you protected. Plus, Alert1 is lower than Life Alert costs.

With PAX at your side you have nothing to worry about. You will get protection anywhere and everywhere you go. All you need to do is simply wear the pendant around your neck or you can even clip it around your waist. PAX is our most highly demanded product we have to date. Get peace of mind today!