What is the Most Popular Alert1 Medical Alert Member Name?

Updated 7/16/15 12:14pm | We refreshed our highest ranking member names to reflect the new trends for the year. While the names have changed, Alert1 medical alert systems keeps the #1 title in customer satisfaction. Whether your name is Debbie, Jeff, Karen, or Leanne, we've got you covered for all your aging in place needs. To learn more about our medical alarms, call us at 1-866-581-4540.

Our Alert1 command center employees noticed a pattern when talking to our members. They noticed that they assisted an extremely high number of Ruths. Intrigued, we decided to take a look. Once we compiled the names of all our medical alert system users over the years, we got some extremely interesting results. They were so interesting that we decided to share them with you. Now, here are our top ten most frequent member names of all time (with some fun fruacts).  

#1: Mary

Mary is our most popular member name ever, with more than twice as many members compared to the second place contender. Mary is not a surprising result, as it is a classic girl’s name that never lost its charm. It also helps that almost two thirds of our medical alert system users are ladies.

From when the US began recording name popularity in 1880, Mary had been the most popular female name. In fact, Mary was so popular, that she maintained first place until the 1960s. That is a winning streak of 80 years! Plus, when Mary got bumped out of 1st place, she only went down to second place. However, after the 60s, Mary became less and less of a popular name. Right now, Mary is in 123rd place.

Even though Mary is not currently a very popular name, Mary is our most popular name because the majority of Alert1 medical alert systems’ members are seniors. Most of these ladies were born before the 40s, when Mary had its first place position unchallenged. Thus, we are currently and expect to serve many more Marys in the future. In fact, we have a steady number of Marys call regularly to order systems like our fall detection medical alert.

#2: Dorothy

Dorothy got second place though mostly because it was popular at the right time. Dorothy quickly rose to prominence to the top ten most popular female names. Dorothy’s peak was from 1900 to the 1930s. In fact, Dorothy peaked in the 1920s with 2nd place.  After the 30s, Dorothy fell into obscurity. Alert1 Medical Alerts revolutionized aging in place dating back to 1988. During that time we have assisted decades of Dorothys. Currently, we are assisting many of the younger Dorothys born in the 1930s.

#3: Helen

Helen’s situation mirrors Dorothy’s in many ways. Like Dorothy, Helen rapidly rose out of obscurity to reach the top 10 most popular female names in the 1890s to the 1930s. Helen Hayes, the First Lady of American Theater, is a good example of that. She was born in 1900. Right after the 30s, the name Helen quickly fell out of favor. We have served a great number of Helens from our inception, and currently are. A majority of members named Helen choose our fall detection system in the event of an emergency.

Helen Hayes and Alert1

#4: Betty

Betty also had a whirlwind romance and quickly became less popular. But sometimes it’s the short lived stars that burn the brightest! Betty was extremely popular in the 1920s to 30s, and peaked at 2nd place during the 1930s. It quickly lost its popularity after that, but a good testament of Betty’s popularity is Betty Boop, who was created in 1930. Betty Boop is a cartoon character who resembles flappers from the 1920s. A good majority of our Bettys are using our medical alert systems daily. In the future, we won’t expect as many Bettys.

Betty Boop and Alert1

#5: Margaret

Margaret is in fifth place because of its steady, but slowly decreasing popularity. From the 30s on, Margaret slowly fell out of favor. This means that we have already served a good portion of our Margarets and are currently assisting the youngest group of them. Margaret was very popular in the 1880s to the 1930s.

In fact, its popularity was at its apex in 1900 at third place. The only female British Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, was born during this era. Unlike Ms. Thatcher, many of us don't have a security detail in the event of an emergency. For that reason, our members rely upon Alert1 help buttons for 24/7 protection. 

Margaret Thatcher and Alert1

#6: Ruth

Ruth’s popularity peaked early. It was in the top ten from the 1890s to the 1920s, and reached a top popularity of 5th place during the 1910s. This could possibly be because of the influence of Ruth St. Denis, a pioneer of modern dance.  These statistics mean that Alert1 medical alert systems have helped a good number of them already. It also means that we don’t expect to see too many more of them in the future. Read more about if Alert1 is solely for seniors from our article linked here.

#7: John

Finally we see a predominately male name! This alone demonstrates how many more women use our medical alert systems in comparison to men.

John is very similar to a male version of Mary. It was the most popular boy’s name from the start of the US’s records (in the 1880s) and became less popular at a snail’s pace. Only in 1990 did John finally get out of the top 10 baby boy name rankings. In fact, John is the 26th most popular male name as of today. That means John fared better than even Mary did (Mary’s current rank is in the 120s). This means that we have been serving, are serving, and will be serving many, many Johns.

#8: Robert

In number 8 is Robert, our second male name. Robert, like John, has been enjoying some lasting popularity. It has also been in the top 10 male names until the 1990s. Robert’s popularity also peaked at 1st place during the 1920s. A good testament of this was Robert F. Kennedy. This means that we are assisting a good percentage of our Roberts right now. Either way, we expect to see quite a few Roberts using our medical alert systems in the future. 

Robert Kennedy and Alert1

#9: Barbara

Barbara reached the rank of #3 in the 1930s and 40s after coming from relative obscurity. After the 40s, Barbara fell back into even more obscurity. These trends tell us that we are currently serving a good number of our Barbaras right now and will continue to assist them in the future.

#10: Elizabeth

Last, but definitely not least, our tenth place is taken by Elizabeth. Elizabeth is a classic name like Mary and John. However, it never had such popularity in the recent years. Now, Elizabeth ranks so low on our member chart because Elizabeth’s popularity dipped during 1910s to the 1930s. Elizabeth’s popularity was most likely helped with Queen Elizabeth II’s ascension to the throne. That means, we aren’t helping many Elizabeths right now, but we should see more Elizabeths in the future. 

Queen Elizabeth & Alert1

The Name You Expected to See

There has probably been a name that you thought would be popular enough to make the list: Michael. Now that you know Michael isn’t in the top 10, you would expect that Michael would be popular enough to get in the top 100, if not top 50.

Extremely surprisingly, Michael is our 103rd most frequent member name. This means that we have helped more Ethels, more Lucilles, and more Phyllis’s than Michaels.

There is a reason for this, however. This is because Michael was a rather unpopular name until the 1940s. During the 40s, the popularity of Michael skyrocketed from #45 to #2. Thus, Alert1 medical alert systems expects to see waves of Michaels ordering our Kelsi mobile medical alert systems in the future, but not right now.


As expected, female names were predominant in our most prominent member names. Almost all of our most frequent member names were extremely popular during the 1910s to the 1930s. Being a perpetually popular name also helped tremendously. But regardless of what your name is we would be happy to keep you safe and independent. Even if you have a rare name, we will still make sure you get unlimited button pushes too!