What Are The Benefits of Having a Medical Alert?

Senior organizations, such as the AARP, have suggested that a medical alert system can help seniors age in place, keep them safe, and provide peace of mind. In an article published on its website, the AARP discussed the benefits of senior medical alert systems for their members. The article stated that "these gadgets really can help when you've fallen and can't get up," emphasizing that they can help save lives.

Here at Alert1 medical alert systems, we wholeheartedly believe in medical alert systems for elderly seniors. That's why we do what we do! Here are three reasons why you should consider getting a medical alert today.

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1. Medical Alerts Get You Help Fast

A man enjoying a day in the park with his mobile medical alert

Too many people have accidents in their homes and are unable to call for help without an elderly alert. Immediate medical attention is crucial to avoid serious complications that can result from falls and other medical emergencies. According to the Centers for Disease Control, more than one in three adults of the ages 65 and older will fall in a given year.

For those who are at risk, just the fear of falling has its own consequences. They tend to restrict their physical activity and experience more stress. This can do the opposite of what they desire, and actually increases their risk of falling.

That’s why a medical alert for elderly individuals is so important. No one wants to live their lives in fear. Senior medical alerts are a safety net that can help to increase a senior’s quality of life and help them stay independent. 

2. Medical Alerts Can Give You Independence

Mobile medical alerts with fall detection

Some seniors fear that getting a medical alert means they will lose their independence. Not so! Mobile medical alerts support an independent lifestyle while providing extra peace of mind.

At Alert1, we wanted to make sure that all of our members stay safe while adventuring. When there’s an emergency on the go, it’s important to have help there fast. Our mobile medical alerts Kelsi Pro and PAX Plus come with GPS location technology that pinpoints your location in an emergency. Short for Global Positioning System, GPS technology uses satellites to accurately detect and transmit your location to our Command Center.

A medical alert for elderly seniors doesn’t mean a loss of independence. Mobile medical alerts can keep you safe and active by traveling with you everywhere you go in the United States. 

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3. You'll Learn to Love Medical Alerts

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An important fact to highlight: medical alerts are only good if you wear them regularly and press the button if you need help. Some seniors are reluctant to press their help buttons on their alert pendants because they don’t want to alarm others and cause trouble.

That’s why we encourage our Alert1 members to test their systems at least every month. We want our members to feel comfortable pressing their help buttons and talking with our Command Center operators. The Command Center is there to help you 24/7, they won’t be bothered!

Medical Alerts Prove Their Worth

We want to give you the opportunity to age in place safely and independently with our alert for elderly monitors. We are working to remove the stigma medical alarms have acquired.

Medical alert systems for seniors save lives, and they don’t deserve the negative reputation. We’ve designed our medical alert system to help our members feel comfortable using them. If you let us, we will have your back 24/7. We will be there for you, whenever you need us.

As always, you'll want to compare Alert1 costs to the costs of Life Alert and others in the field to make sure you are buying within your budget. Check the button below for our pricing plans.

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