What to Do if Mom Doesn't Want a Medical Alert

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Mom’s decided that she’s going to stay in her home throughout her golden years. You want to support her decision to stay in her home, but are worried about her safety.

After some research, a friend introduced you to medical alerts systems. He suggested that a medical alert would be the perfect fit for your Mom. But when you first broached the subject with Mom, she declared it was out of the question.

That’s why Alert1 is here to help. A medical alert will support Mom’s active lifestyle and keep her safe while aging in place. Here’s what you can do to help Mom understand that a medical alert help button will make her life easier. 


You’ve Heard All the Excuses

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Every time you sit down with Mom to let her know you’re worried about her safety, she doesn’t want to hear it.

It’s frustrating, but you want her to stay safe. You’ve heard all the different excuses:

  • “I don’t need it.” After all, her friendly next-door neighbors can call the police if someone tries to break in.
  • “I hate technology.” She still loves to use her wall-mounted landline.
  • “I’m not old.” In an emergency, Mom feels confident that she’ll be able to get for help herself, no matter the situation.
  •  “What would my friends say?” Mom has a tight-knit group of friends, and she’s pretty sure that none of them have medical alarms. 
  •  "It's too expensive." Show her that we are cheaper than the big brand Life Alert's costs.

Better Safe than Sorry

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Mom’s convinced that she doesn’t need a medical alert system. She’s stumbled and tripped before, but never fallen.

Let her know that it’s better for her to have a medical alert device and never use it, than her not having one. When you talk to Mom, be sure you:

  • Emphasize safety. Mom won’t have to worry about strange noises in the middle of the night, knowing she can get help at any time. If she does slip and fall, the alert will be right there to help her make sure that she stays safe.
  • Encourage peace of mind. Tell Mom it’s extra security for everyone else in the family too. They want to make sure that she stays safe. Her help button will add to everyone’s peace of mind.
  • Ease the false sense of security. It’s impossible for Mom to know if an emergency is going to occur. Accidents happen on any given day without warning. A medical alert button will make sure that she gets the help she needs fast, no matter the situation.
  • Erase the stigma. Mom doesn’t want to be reminded of her age. Let her know that medical alerts are for anyone. Reassure her that advertisements showing seniors after a fall are dramatic reenactments, and it’s unlikely to happen to her. 

Technology That’s Easy to Use

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Mom doesn’t trust the newest advancements in technology. Remind her that a medical alert isn’t as complicated as the latest iPhone.

All she needs to do is push the button and she’ll get help fast. Help Mom understand her medical alarm button by letting her know that:

  • There are different types of alerts. With Alert1, Mom can choose a help button that fits her lifestyle. A mobile medical alert with fall detection will help her stay active and safe.
  • It’s there for her. Medical alert technology won’t interfere with her daily life. It’s there when she needs it, and will connect her to help at the press of a button.
  • The pendant is small and discreet. Mom’s seen a technological evolution. Tell her it’s not the size of a computer from the 1980s. Alert1 medical alerts sit discreetly around her neck or in her pocket.
  • She can customize the response. With Alert1, Mom doesn’t need to worry about an ambulance in front of her house. With her Circle of Care, she can choose who she wants us to call after a fall. 

For All Ages

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Mom’s worried that a medical alert system will turn her into a laughing stock among her friends. She feels like a medical alert means she has to identify with the general senior population.

But that doesn’t have to be the case. Understand and transcend her fears by letting her know that:

  • Alert1’s medical alerts are for all ages. From ages 4-104, our medical alert systems keep people safe. With the wide range of alerts we have, Mom won’t feel trapped with something ‘senior specific.’
  • Fancy accessories add flair. Mom can dress up her medical alert pendant with stylish lanyards and accessories. When she tucks her medical alert into her sweater, it’ll look like a fancy necklace. Tell her to prepare for compliments from friends!
  • Her peers have help buttons too. Mom can use the medical alert as a great conversation starter the next time she goes to bingo. Once her friends see the necklace it’s on, they’ll all want one too.
  • There’s a community to support her. Our Command Center operators are standing by 24/7 ready to help Mom. The friendly faces in our Member Services are happy to help answer any questions Mom might have. With Alert1, having a medical alert is easy.  

Medical Alerts Are Here to Stay

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At Alert1, we understand Mom’s hesitations about having a medical alarm. We know that you’re ready for her to stay safe, and for you both to have extra peace of mind.

With these tips, Mom’s fears regarding medical alerts will disappear.