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Medical Alerts for Mom and Dad

Mom and Dad are happy aging in place. They’ve been in their home for many years, and they don’t want to move. Now that they’re getting older, you worry about their well-being. Getting them each a medical alert device is the perfect solution. They can stay independent, and you’ll know that they’re always safe. However, you may be worried about the inconvenience and expense of two medical alerts. Fortunately, Alert1 is here to ease your mind. In this article, we cover 4 common misconceptions about getting a medical alert for two.

1. “They Will Need Their Own System”

granny and gramps

This is the most common misconception people have. It’s reasonable to think that you might need to purchase two medical alert devices for two people. However, this isn’t the case with Alert1 medical alert devices.

If you plan on buying a medical alert for Mom and Dad, you won’t need to purchase two separate systems. Alert1 offers medical alert devices that can monitor two people at one single location. These devices are our Home Medical Alert and Home Fall Detection System. Each system includes a base station and a help button.

Mom and Dad can share one base station and have their own help button. This minimizes confusion about whose button goes to which base station. Your parents will get immediate help without any problems. 

2. “Mom and Dad Live Together, They Don’t Need Medical Alerts”

grandpa and grandma cutting cake

“If Mom and Dad live together, they won’t need medical alerts. They’ll have each other if anything happens.” But what happens when Mom goes out to visit her friend or when Dad runs out to the store? They may live together, but they won’t always be at home together.

When they aren’t together, an accident could happen. Mom could fall and hurt herself gardening while Dad is out buying groceries. Dad might slip in the tub while Mom is playing bridge. If this were to happen, Mom or Dad would be left without help for hours.

With a medical alert, there’s no need to wait for hours. Mom or Dad can get immediate help by pressing their help button. When each person has their own medical alert, they will have extra peace of mind when they aren’t together.

Mom and Dad will have their own Circle of Care with Alert1. The Circle of Care is Mom and Dad’s emergency call list. When an accident occurs, those listed in their Circle of Care will be notified immediately. Mom or Dad will be contacted straight-away if something happens to the other.

After listing each other as their contact, Mom and Dad will have space for two more people in their Circle of Care. That means you and another loved one will always be in the loop when it comes to their safety. Let Alert1 give your family peace of mind.

3. “Buying Two Means Double the Price”


Buying one medical alert device seems financially doable, but you’re not sure if you can afford to pay for two. Getting two devices sounds expensive.

That’s why Alert1 offers competitive pricing – especially for two users.  After purchasing a medical alert device of your choice, you can add another device for 50% off. This means both Mom and Dad will be covered at all times without breaking your bank. At Alert1, our number one priority is keeping Mom and Dad safe.

4. “They Have to Live Together to Share Medical Alerts”


So you want to buy medical alerts for two, but it’s not for Mom and Dad. Perhaps one is for your great aunt and the other is for your mother-in-law. If they don’t live together, they won’t be able to share a base station. Will they still qualify for the second user discount?

The answer is “Yes”! If you’re purchasing medical alert devices for two people who don’t live together, consider Alert1. We offer a Mobile Medical Alert System and a Mobile Fall Detection System. They’re both mobile devices that can be taken anywhere, anytime. When you purchase two mobile medical alerts, you’ll receive 50% off the second user.

Because our mobile devices aren’t connected to a home base station, your loved ones don’t need to live together. They will each receive a mobile medical alert to use wherever they go. You can rest assured that both your loved ones are safe without paying too much.

A Gift for Mom and Dad

The holidays are right around the corner. A medical alert device is the perfect gift for peace of mind. With a medical alert, there’s no need to stress about Mom or Dad’s safety.

Alert1 is here to ensure your peace of mind while keeping Mom and Dad safe this holiday season. After all, the only thing better than the safety of one loved one, is the safety of two!


12:26 PM on November 10, 2016 Nina Henderson
Thank god I can buy separately. My parents can't stand each other hahahaha
12:36 PM on November 10, 2016 Joan Dranton
My parents both have medical alert buttons. We were so happy to find out that the 2nd device was 1/2 off. This made it so much more affordable for us.
12:54 PM on November 16, 2016 Anabella Johnson
my sisters and i recently got devices for our parents. we were orignally planning to split the cost of the two devices but it was wonderful to find out the second one was 50%
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