How to Change the Order of My Circle of Care

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Your medical alert system is life-changing. You have a safety net that protects you 24 /7 during your golden years. You also have a support system that gives you and your family total peace of mind.

Now that you are living gracefully with your medical alert, you ask to yourself: how can I change the order of my Alert1 Circle of Care?

This article will answer the question at hand. Let’s start from the beginning.

What is my Circle of Care and how does it work?

Your Circle of Care is the list of contacts you set up when buying your Alert1 medical device. It is the people we will contact should you have any emergency.

This list is in a specific order of your choice (you decided while purchasing). In an emergency, your list decides who we would contact first. If the first person listed in your Circle of Care does not answer the phone, the second person on the list is contacted. If the second person does not pick up, then we call the third person.

You can specify which contacts are responders, and which are notifiers. Responders live close enough to come to your aid if you need it. Usually the first person on the Circle of Care is someone who will be able to reach you the fastest. It could be a neighbor or your nearest family member (like your nephew, son, or daughter).

Notifiers may not be able to respond - they are the people whom you would like to be in the know if there is an emergency. Should you have an emergency, they will always be notified even if they are not able to respond to you.

Can I change the order of my Circle of Care?

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Elizabeth from North Carolina asked this same question. Her son Jonny was the first contact in her Circle of Care. He lived about 10 miles away from her. If she had an emergency, Jonny could be there in a matter of minutes. But Jonny’s work relocated him to California. He no longer lives 10 miles away from Elizabeth. He can no longer physically be there to help Elizabeth when she needs it.

Elizabeth’s number one responder should be someone who will be available to help her in any future emergencies. Someone who can reach her fast. Elizabeth needed to change her order of responders so that her son Johnny would still be notified, but someone else would be called to respond. Elizabeth decided that her neighbor, a good friend, would be a perfect responder. 

Can my loved one still be notified?

Elizabeth was hesitant to remove Johnny as the number one contact in her Circle of Care. She was worried that once she changed the order, Johnny would no longer be notified. It was important to her that Johnny still know about her emergencies. Johnny wanted to be kept in the loop so that he would always know what was happening.

In Elizabeth’s scenario, Johnny could still be notified. We worked with Elizabeth and put Johnny as her “notifier”. Should she have any emergency, Elizabeth’s notifiers will be contacted immediately once her responder has been contacted. This way Elizabeth’s loved ones will have peace of mind that she is safe and receiving help.

How can I change the order of my Circle of Care?

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Changing the order of your circle of care is easy. Once you have your new list ready, the next step is to contact our Member Care Services and inform them of your updated list. The Member Care Services phone number is 1(800)693-5433.

Keep your golden years safe

Get the most out of the best years of your life, but also stay safe. You want to get the best protection for yourself and surely your loved ones do too. Your loved ones worry about you, and keeping them notified will ease their fears. Keep your Circle of Care updated for your safety. It’s easy, so don’t hesitate to call! Should you have any other questions non-Circle-of-Care-related, please feel free to contact us. Alert1 is here for your safety.