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Mandy Truong

Mandy Truong joined the marketing team at Alert1 in September 2016 after graduating from University of California, Davis with a bachelor's degree in Managerial Economics. Marketing and family are two things that Mandy has always been passionate about, and two of the many reasons she's ecstatic about joining the marketing team at Alert1.

Music has always been a huge part of Mandy's life and she grew up with the piano as her best friend. During her free time, you'll most likely be able to find her listening to the Global Top 50 playlist on Spotify, jamming on her ukulele and guitar, singing obnoxiously loud in the car or during karaoke with her friends, or teaching her ten-year-old niece how to play "Heart and Soul" on the piano. Two of her favorite bands include Maroon 5 and The Script.

When she's not doing something musically related, you can find Mandy out and about with her family and friends trying all the new restaurants in town, bowling, hiking, and playing board games - sometimes even all at the same time. Some of her favorite types of food include all you can eat Korean BBQ, all types of potato dishes, and carne asada tacos. As for board games, she's fairly certain that one day she will take the title of the World Champion of Settlers of Catan. She also enjoys playing card games such as Monopoly Deal, Exploding Kittens, and Family Business.

Having grown up in San Jose for most of her life, there are few places Mandy has visited outside of the United States. However, she does high hopes of traveling more often in the near future. One of her most memorable trips was when she went to Hawaii during the summer and was able to spend 24 hours a day at gorgeous beaches and only leave to eat the most delicious poke and acai bowls. While she was there, she also made sure to take full advantage of the beautiful scenery and went on lots of hikes. Her favorite view was when she hiked at Diamond Head.

Mandy is overjoyed to be working with Alert1 because of all of the wonderful people she's met that exude friendliness. She's also very excited to be working with a company that cares so much about the safety of our loved ones. So far, she's been working on writing blogs and learning about Alert1's customers. She's looking forward to everything else she will soon learn about how medical alert systems keep seniors safe!


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