How to Stay Close to Mom in a Long Distance Relationship

granny smiling because her medical alert keeps her safe

Updated 08/01/2017 4:05pm | Here at Alert1, we know that keeping up with Mom can get hard as you get older. Life gets busy between work, friends, and kids of your own. If Mom doesn’t live nearby, keeping in contact is even harder. Out of sight, out of mind.

Staying in touch with Mom will strengthen your relationship with her. It can improve Mom’s health as well. Parents tend to feel lonely as they age. Loneliness is associated with depressive symptoms and can lead to a decrease in health. 

Let’s keep Mom feeling great with Alert1’s five tips to stay connected, despite the distance.

Stay In Touch and Stay Protected

Young girl placing a phone call.

Setting up a weekly phone call with Mom will give her something to look forward to. Your call will make her feel loved and help combat her feelings of loneliness. This routine also provides assurance that you two will have contact at least once a week.

A set day and time to talk will ensure availability from both ends. This will also keep the pressure off you to remember how often you should keep in touch. This is a beneficial solution for those who have busy schedules.

Another way to show your mom you care is with a medical alert. We can't always be there for our mom, but a medical alert can.


Email or Text to Bridge Schedule Gaps

Woman using cell phone and laptop.

Does Mom tend to go to bed early, but you often get stuck late at the office? Not a problem! Text message and email are great solutions for those who are too busy for frequent phone calls or visits.

Benefits of Texting

  • It’s a great form of communication for those who have conflicting schedules.
  • Allows the recipient to respond when it is convenient for them.
  • Even if Mom doesn’t respond all the time, she’ll appreciate hearing from you.

Video Chat to Feel Closer

Family video chatting on Skype.

Is Mom always asking for you to come visit? Help put her mind at ease by video chatting with her. Video chat is a great way to avoid long distance phone charges. All you two need is internet connection, a computer with a webcam, and a preferred software download. Web chatting software if usually free of charge.

Available video services to use:

  • Skype
  • ooVoo
  • Apple
  • FaceTime

Most laptops come with built-in webcams now, but if Mom has a desktop you can buy a plug in webcam for around $50. Traveling long distances to visit Mom can get expensive. These web chat programs allow you to feel as if you’re in the same room as one another.

Connect Through Social Media

Facebook on tablet.

If your Mom isn’t on social media, help her create and set up an online profile. Mom might need some help getting used to it so be prepared to answer any questions she may have. Facebook is the most popular social media outlet with almost 2 billion users worldwide. Not only is Facebook popular, but it has one of the easiest interfaces to learn.

Here’s what you can do on Facebook:

  • Send messages and photos to each other from your cell phone or from the computer
  • Share your posts and pictures with Mom to make her feel like a part of your life
  • Tag her in posts that make you think of her

Not only will social media lessen your mom’s sense of loneliness, but it can make you two feel closer than ever before.

Plan a “Can’t Miss” Monthly Activity

Family visiting and daughter hugging mom.

Technology can make it easier to keep in touch, but it still does not compete with a face-to-face meeting. If you live within driving distance of your aging parent, plan a day trip or weekend visit. Find an activity or hobby you both love to do, and make a day out of it.

  • Have a meal together. If your common interests differ, plan a lunch or dinner date. Mom would love a home cooked meal. Not a fan of cooking? Visit Mom's favorite restaurant instead!
  • Pick a meeting spot that I close to both of you. Does Mom live too far for you to drive the whole way? Offer to meet her halfway. Pick a different neighboring town each time and take a weekend to explore a new place with her. That way you’ll be able to create memories together while seeing new places. It'll also give Mom some much deserved vacation time.
  • Get the grandchildren involved. Regular visits to Grandma will help your kids maintain healthy family relationships. Family-friendly activities will allow your kids to spend time with their grandparent. And at the same time, you get to re-establish your connection with Mom.

Stay Close to Mom

Mother and daughter holding each other laughing.

Whichever method you choose to use, Mom will appreciate the effort. As she ages it is important to take her health into consideration. Open communication lines will make it easier for her to let you know any health concerns she may have. Take the time to strengthen your relationship through the distance so she knows she can come to you at any time.