Alert1's Emergency Lock Box: The Who, What, Why, Where, and How

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Updated 8/21/15 4:42pm | Have you heard about the Alert1 Emergency Lock Box? It keeps your most important keys safe but accessible in case of an emergency. Our emergency lockboxes will ensure your senior can securely age in place. In the event of the unthinkable your senior will receive a quicker response time, thus lowering hospitalization rates Keep reading to find out more about why you should have this nifty little accessory.

WHO should use it?

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You should consider getting an emergency Lock Box if:

WHAT is it?

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The Alert1 Emergency Lock Box is a small, shatter-proof box with a reinforced body that keeps up to 5 of your keys safe inside. Only you or someone with your personalized combination can open it.

The lock box hangs and locks securely to your outside door handle, so your keys are always available when you need them. You can keep your house keys, car keys, and padlock keys accessible and all in one place. 

WHY should I use it?

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It is always a good thing to keep your doors locked. Alert1 thinks seniors should be secure in and around the home. But what happens if there is an emergency and you need help, but can’t unlock the door? How will emergency responders get access to you?

  • No broken doors or windows. If you don’t have a lock box, emergency responders might have to break down your door or shatter your windows to get inside. If you need help, the Alert1 command center shares your lock box combination exclusively with emergency responders. They will be able to safely and quickly get into your home, without having to break in.
  • No getting locked out. No matter how much we train to keep our minds sharp, we all are forgetful at times. Thanks to our lock box, forgetting your keys doesn’t have to ruin your day. Simply go to your lock box, put in your combination, and you have access to 5 of your keys. Your days of spending money on a locksmith are over! The Alert1 Emergency Lock Box helps you lose the stress, as well as save time and money.

WHERE do I put it?

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Your lock box needs to go somewhere quickly accessible. We recommend placing it on the door handle of your front or back door. With it secured around a door handle, no one will be able to walk off with it. EMS can easily access the spare keys if you store the lockbox near the entry of your home.

HOW do I use it?

You will secure your lock box around the handle of your front or back door. The front of the lock box opens using a combination lock to reveal a space large enough to store 5 keys.

If our Command Center needs to send emergency services to your home, we will give the responders the combination to your lock box. When they arrive at your house, they can enter the combination to get to you quickly. 

Be Proactive

The Alert1 Emergency Lock Box will help you enhance your aging in place plan. It allows emergency responders to safely get into your home to help you. You will not have to deal with a broken door or window. It also saves you the stress that comes with locking your keys in your house or car.

With this handy accessory, living a safe, independent life has never been easier!