7 Ways to Help Seniors Keep Their Minds Sharp

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Updated 8/8/17  | Alert1 wants to remind you that successful aging in place starts with taking care of your mind and body. That includes both mental and physical exercises in addition to your Alert1 medical alert system.  We’ve given youworkout suggestions, now it’s time to work out your brain!

Brain exercises are fun and rewarding.Studies have shownthat they are effective in maintaining mental functioning so that you can stay sharp and alert. The key is to do a variety of stimulating activities on a regular basis. Keep it interesting by mixing these suggestions. Keep it fun and you won’t want to stop –your brain will thank you!

Internet Brain Games for Seniors

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  • The internet is a great resource for brain games. There are many sites with free games for you to take advantage of.
  • Make a quick search and you are sure to find a treasure trove of fun exercises. Computer games of this sort stand out because of their interactive capabilities and immediate feedback. 
  • This makes them perfect for games involving words, math, and spatial awareness. They are constantly creating new games – you will never be bored! 

Card and Board Games for Seniors

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If you’re ready for a break from the internet, have some fun with some classic card and board games.

  • Any game that makes you think is good for your brain. Memory matching games, poker, go fish, and many more count as mental stimulation.
  • Board games are another fantastic option. Word games like Scrabble and strategy games like Monopoly or Risk will get those brain cells firing. Pull out your old favorites – it’s game night!
  • You get bonus points if you can play these games with friends! Aging in place by spending time with friends is good for the mind and soul. Talking, laughing, and playing games provides an immediate boost of happiness that will help you stay healthy.

Puzzles for Seniors


Not much beats puzzles in terms of mental stimulation, whether it’s a traditional tabletop puzzle, crosswords, or sodoku.

  • Puzzles are easy to integrate into your daily routine. 
  • Morning crosswords at breakfast, chess with a friend, evening sodoku by the fireside… doesn’t that sound lovely? 
  • You can relax and work out (your mind) at the same time! Now that’s how you age in place.

Seniors Can Learn Something New

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Have you always wanted to take up dance, pottery, or chess? Did you love to draw and paint, but have not in a while? Now is the perfect time to take up a new activity or pick up one you used to love.

  • New activities create new neural pathways in the brain – these pathways are very important for mental health. 
  • Not sure which activity to pick? Your brain will love any that is a creative outlet, hands-on, or mentally challenging. 
  • An activity you can do with friends is a big plus! There’s no time like the present to start an activity you’ve always wanted to do.

Break Your Senior Routine

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We all love our routines, but try challenging yourself by mixing things up.

  • See if you can confuse your brain! Give it a few tries and it will stretch to adapt – your brain will love it!
  • It doesn’t have to be complicated, even little changes to your daily routine will help your brain to grow.
  • Notice when you tend to do the same things in the same order every day, and try doing them differently. Take a walk in a new direction, or tie your shoes in the opposite order. Challenge yourself!

Seniors Should Try the Unexpected

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Ready to take it a step further? Try doing your daily activities in a way your brain doesn’t expect.

  • Use your non-dominant hand to use your phone and brush your teeth. 
  • Close your eyes and try tying your shoes while simultaneously buttoning your shirt. Try not making a single error!
  • This might be difficult at first, but it will soon become easier and easier. You will be able to feel your brain getting stronger each time!

Seniors Should Have Fun!

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Here at Alert1 we support your aging in place plan. Our senior medical alert systems give you peace of mind so that you can focus on living life to the fullest.

  • Don’t use up your brainpower with worry! The key to keeping your mind sharp is doing a variety of mentally stimulating activities. 
  • Grow those neural pathways and stretch your brain now and you will see increased brain performance down the road. The effects of mental stimulation are lasting.
  • How do you get the most benefit out of these exercises? By having fun! If one type of exercise doesn’t suit you, feel free to move on to the next until you find some that you enjoy. Do things that make you think and interact with the world in new and unexpected ways.

Combine mental and physical exercises for whole body wellness. Our mobile medical alert will allow you to explore the world in safety.  You will be having so much fun that you will forget that you’re exercising!