8 Trending Smart-Home Technologies You Must Use

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Updated 9/11/2015 11:25am | Imagine a life where a home has everything it needs to keep your senior safe. A life where emergency services and social interactions are available for your loved one with a push of a button. Thanks to some new smart home technology, this can be reality! 

These technologies allow residents to control all elements of daily living. The elderly can now live independently at home without worrying about their safety. Let's take a closer look at the technologies that make aging in place even easier. 

Medical Alert Systems

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Medical alert systemsmake sure that your loved one won't be left alone in times of trouble. Think of this system as a personal security guard. Alertprovides alert systems that go with the user wherever they go, keeping them safe.

These senior medical alert systems will get your loved one help at the push of a button. The Alert1 operators at the command center will even stay on the line with the senior until help arrives! 

Equipping your senior’s home with medical alert systems keeps them safe and gives you a sense of security. Help your loved ones stay safe in their home and maintain their independence with this smart home technology!

Adaptive Mobility

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As we age, getting around the home isn’t as easy as it used to be. There are smart home technologies that make this easier. One great example is walk-in bath tubs. These tubs open from the side with a water-tight door, so that seniors don’t have to climb over the edge of the tub. This technology prevents slipping and falling in the bathroom, and makes getting around easier and much more safe.  And, adaptive mobility and Alert-1 medical alert systems go hand-in-hand. With the use of both of these smart home technologies, your senior will be in good hands.

Smart TV’s

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Smart televisions are able support video calling, emails and even photo sharing. They can also alert the elderly when they should take their medications. They are much easier for seniors to control because of the simplicity of the remote, as well as the large buttons. 

These TV's also encourage social interaction in seniors, which is a proven way to ward off dementia and Alzheimer’s. Good for your senior’s health and easy to use, what’s better than that?

Stove Guard

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This smart home technology protects the elderly from house fires and serious injury.Stove Guard monitors movement and will turn off your stove if your loved one leaves it unattended. 

If your mother slips and falls while baking, Stove Guard will recognize the absence of activity and will turn off the stove. Then an alert is sent her loved ones. This technology is perfect for aging seniors or even people with memory loss who spend time in the kitchen.

Automatic Medication Dispenser

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With this piece of smart home technology, there's no more worrying about your loved ones making mistakes with pills! Users can program theautomatic medication dispenserto release certain pills at specific times of the day. This means you never have to worry about your senior taking the wrong pills at the wrong time. You and your senior will never worry about missing a dose again.

Enhanced Telephones

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Enhanced telephones have large buttons and clearer sounds to make communicating easier for seniors. You can also use photographs of your loved ones’ favorite contacts to make speed dialing easier! These telephones help your loved ones stay connected, so that they may maintain healthy relationships and communication.

TV Ears

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Imagine you are watching TV with your family and Grandpa can't hear clearly. What do you do? You hand over theTV Earssystem, and BAM! Grandpa can finally hear without blowing out the eardrums of his younger family members.

This smart home technology helps seniors hear the television clearly without turning up the external volume. Not only does this system increase the volume for the user, it also makes the sound clear. TV Ears offers 3 different options that enhance the sounds coming from your television.  


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This smart home system specializes in computer-less email.Presto automatically transforms and prints emails that are easy to read for aging eyes. No more struggling with the computer or downloading confusing attachments. Presto does the hard work automatically. All your loved one has to do is pick up the email that prints out.

Help Your Senior Live Free

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Smart home technologies are a great way to help aid aging in place. They are able to create a sense of security, as well as eliminate worry. By incorporating them into your daily life, your senior is able to live free.