Is The HGTV Dream Home Senior Friendly?

Updated 09/09/2015 10:45am | Every year we ooh and ahh over the HGTV Dream Home, but wonder, "Is it senior friendly?" Each with a different location and theme, they feature stunning architecture and interior design. This year’s home is a luxurious and airy masterpiece. And the best part of Dream Home 2015? It is perfect for seniors to age in place!

This year’s HGTVDream Home is located on Martha’s Vineyard, an island south of Cape Cod in Massachusetts. The Dream Homehas classic Cape Cod architecture, with a 1 story layout that means no stairs to climb. There’s nothing better than a home that helps seniors avoid danger! An open great room, guest bedroom, and kid’s bedroom mean the home is perfect for entertaining and having children and grandchildren over to stay. Every generation will have a place of their own!

The Exterior

A spacious front yard features a sweeping driveway to welcome you as you come home. There is no hike to get inside, whether you drop people off out front or park in the attached garage. The garage features an alcove where you can take off your shoes and keep your coats. You will wonder how you did without it before, when in the Dream Home you can simply grab your stuff and go – no searching around the house!

The Great Room

Walk through the front door and you’re inside the spacious great room. Vaulted ceilings and walls of windows let in lots of light. Both here and throughout the house you have automated blinds that open and close with the touch of a button. The open layout of the great room means the living room, dining room, and kitchen are all within sight and only a couple of steps away.  You will no longer feel left out from the action when you’re cooking in the kitchen! 

The Master Suite

The luxurious master suite has its own side of the house. With its own private hallway connecting the closet, bathroom and bedroom, you won’t have to navigate obstacles in the middle of the night. Bathrooms are extremely dangerous for seniors, so having a clear, open space will reduce the risk of falling. Alert1 does recommend adding nightlights to help the bathroom be even more safe.

The Master Closet

The extravagant master closet is actually two rooms: the closet and the dressing room. It is a private retreat where you can prepare for the day in comfort. The closet has plenty of room for storage, and has flat areas for folded items in addition to multiple levels of clothing racks. All of your clothes will be within easy reach. A window makes the room bright so you can see your clothes clearly without having to guess if that shirt is blue or black. The window seat is perfect for putting on your shoes so you don’t need to wobble around on one foot. Closets can be dangerous for seniors, but thanks to these features, you will avoid danger. The dressing room is simply an added bonus of living in the Dream Home – a space to take a moment to sit and recharge.

The Master Bathroom

The master bathroom turns a necessity into a luxury. The walk-in shower is ideal for seniors. A generous bench allows you to sit, and you can use either the rain shower head, side body sprays, or the removable hand sprayer. The drainless shower eliminates standing water and combines with the textured floor to reduce the risk of slips and falls. We recommend adding hand rails to increase the safety of this amazing shower.

A couple of steps away from the shower is the sculptural tub, which is slightly less ideal for aging bodies. The tub is very deep, which while amazing for soaking away your stiffness, can be difficult to climb into and out of without slipping. Seniors might need to install a lift to get in and out of the tub with ease. 

On the opposite wall from the tub are modern vessel sinks. The sinks sit on top of the counter, which will help your back by eliminating the need to bend over to wash your hands.

The Laundry Room

Even if you live in a Dream Home, you still need to care for necessities like laundry. HGTV has included a convenient laundry room in their design. Located right off of the great room, you don’t need to go down to the basement to clean your clothes. The designers included spacious cabinets, so that all of your supplies are within easy reach, and the counter that is the perfect height for folding your clothes. These are just a few of the many things in this home that help seniors age in place sustainably.

The Kids Room

The Dream Home is perfect for spending time with family, and has enough bedrooms and bathrooms that they all can stay over.  There’s a guest bedroom and a fun kids room that’s perfect for the wild grandkids. Both guest rooms have their own bathrooms, so you won’t need to share.

The Total Package

The HGTV Dream Home has been designed for luxury and convenience. While you might need to install handrails, a bathtub lift, and nightlights, the house on a whole is easy to navigate with its open and 1-story layout. Benches in key spaces like the closet, entryway, and shower allow you to sit and take your time where it counts. Counter and storage space in key areas are within easy reach, and automatic blinds allow complete control over the massive windows. Those windows let in light that will lift your mood and make it easier to see. The Dream Home has been designed to be a joy to live in, no matter your age.

Remember, senior friendly doesn’t have to mean boring! Even if you don’t win this year’s dream house, it is full of design inspiration so you can make your current house the home of your dreams.