Lockbox: Why Do Seniors Need One?

Updated 8/31/15 11:30am | The Alert1 Lockbox. You might know them from real estate, or perhaps they are completely new to you. Alert1 offers lockboxes as an add-on to complement our Alert1 medical alert system. We always highly recommend our members take advantage of them. Why? In short: lockboxes allow emergency crews to get you help faster and do it without costing you thousands of dollars in property damage.

You should always keep your doors locked for security purposes, no matter where you live. But what happens if you are experiencing a medical emergency and cannot open the door for those coming to help you? There are many disastrous consequences that can result from help not being able to reach you. Luckily, a lockbox is a simple senior solution that allows you to mitigate those problems.

 A lockbox is the perfect complement to your home medical alert system. The medical alert system allows you to call for help, and the lockbox allows that help to reach you.

Can seniors use lockboxes?


A lockbox is a secure way of keeping a spare set of house keys accessible from outside the home. They are a small container in which you place your keys and shut the door. The door automatically locks, and you need the combination in order to open the door again. Lockboxes are designed to keep away thieves and burglars, and have been shown to help seniors feel safer in their own homes. 

Most people know lockboxes from their real estate use. Real estate agents hang these on homes that are for sale so that they can let buyers into the home while keeping the home secure. Unlike a fake rock, lockboxes keep your keys safe with a combination lock. Your combination is secure; we will release the combination only in the event of an emergency.

Why do seniors need a lockbox?

If you call for help, emergency personnel will use any means necessary to enter your home. This includes breaking windows and breaking down doors. This adds up to costly maintenance repairs for seniors on fixed budgets. Having to force their way inside causes time delays in situations where every second counts.

During cardiac arrest, every minute that passes without CPR or defibrillation decreases chances of survival by 7-10%. CPR is likely to be effective only if commenced within 6 minutes after blood flow stops. There is no time to waste. You do not want emergency crews to arrive at your home in time only to not be able to enter it to help you. (via heart.org)

How does a lockbox save money for seniors?

Broken doors and windows cost thousands of dollars to replace, and the process is not immediate. Not only that, but if you need to be taken in an ambulance, a broken-down door will leave your home open and vulnerable to theft and the elements. Thousands of dollars in home damage on top of senior healthcare are expenses that seniors cannot financially support.

These are the last things you want to worry about when you should be focusing on your health. Luckily, a lockbox is a simple and effective solution to these problems. A lockbox will ensure that emergency personnel can enter your home without breaking down the door.

You can order your lockbox at the same time you order your medical alert system. When you purchase your lockbox, we will securely keep its combination on file at our certified Command Center. When there is an emergency, and only in the event of an emergency, we will share the combination and location of your lockbox with emergency responders. When the EMT’s arrive, we will tell them where to go and how to open up the lockbox. They will gain access to your keys and let themselves into your home. They will not have to waste any time figuring out how to enter your home. They can attend to you without any additional fuss or damage.

Can emergency responders access the lockbox?

Alert1’s lockboxes can hold up to five house, car, or padlock keys inside the secure, reinforced storage compartment. Place your spare house keys in the lockbox and shut the its door. Our lockboxes are secure, and feature a reinforced body so that you feel safe using them. They can be hung and locked over your door handle, much like a bicycle lock, for security and ease of access for emergency responders while being impossible for anyone else to access.

Once you have placed the lockbox and have updated our Member Care with information about your lockbox’s location, you are all set up. As an added bonus, if you are ever locked out, you have an easy way to access your keys. If you are ever in need of help, our Alert1 Command Center will make sure that emergency crews know exactly where to go. They will be able to get to you quickly and easily, with no damage to your front door or windows.

A lockbox + a medical alert is the perfect combination

A lockbox is easy to set up and easy to use. They prevent property damage and most importantly, get you help even faster. There are so many problems that can result from emergency crews being unable to get into your home. Why would you take the chance?

The Alert1 medical alert system plus a lockbox will enable you to get help as fast as possible. In the event of an emergency, simply press your help button to contact our Command Center. They will call your Circle of Care in whatever order you choose. Want us to call EMS immediately? We can do that. Want a friend to come check on you first? We can do that too. If emergency services do need to be called, a lockbox will allow them to come to your aid as fast as possible. The entire process is quick and efficient. With a medical alert and a lockbox you will never need to worry about how you will get help. Let us take care of you, so that you can stay safe and independent.

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