Alert1 Medical Alerts Awarded Williamsport’s Best of 2018

Alert1 Medical Alerts was selected as the Williamsport Best of 2018!  We are proud to be a small town business providing our members with nationwide coverage.  While most people know Williamsport as the Birthplace of Little League Baseball, Alert1 knows it as home.

Williamsport Best Awards

Alert1 2018 Best of Williamsport Award

We are honored that Williamsport chose Alert1 Medical Alerts as the Best of 2018!  This local award recognizes our commitment to our community. Alert1 has grown up in Williamsport, and it is the people who live and work here that make it such a special place. We love participating in the vibrant culture here in Pennsylvania.  It is an honor that the Williamsport Awards Program chose Alert1 for this award.

  • Who chooses Williamsport’s Best?  The Williamsport Awards Program looks at how local companies make Williamsport a better place.  The Program examined how we service our nationwide members and our local community. 

  • Why Alert1?  Williamsport chose Alert1 because we help to make it a great place to live, work and play.  We know that our teammates are the key to our success. That’s why we always bring our best selves every day.  See what some of our teammates said about Alert1:

o   “A day without Alert1 is like a day without sunshine.” Fran, Senior Member Care Specialist

o    “I feel like Alert1 is part of my family now, in more ways than one, and I love my family!” Alisa, Member Records Specialist

  • What do people say about Alert1?  Here at Alert1 we treat our members like family.  Not only does Williamsport highly rate us, but Modern Senior Magazine announced that we are their #1 Medical Alert! We also have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.  Look at what our members are saying about Alert1:

o    “This is an outstanding company!  Having Alert1 protection takes out all the worry, and for that reason, it is worth every penny… Thank you!” – Barb, Member since August 2018

o   “These folks are “Johnny on the spot” The system works well and they assist promptly.  What more can one ask?” – Paul from Columbus, OH

How Alert1 Has Supported Williamsport

Alert1 Breakfast and Bears Seniors Giving Teddy Bear

It is very important to us to help support our community in any way that we can.  There is nothing more satisfying than knowing you are making a difference in your small town. We have held several community-building events.  Designed to bring together the different generations that call Williamsport home.

  • Breakfast and Bears:  We love being in a small town where we can come together and enjoy the little things in life.  Like teddy bears! In December of 2016 we partnered with the YMCA to brighten up the holiday season. Breakfast and Bears had two parts:

1.       Supporting SilverSneakers. We matched donations to the Williamsport YMCA’s Toys for Tots drive. After a successful campaign, we donated $5000 to the YMCA SilverSneakers program. This program promotes fitness and a healthy lifestyle for seniors. With this money they were able to buy new exercise equipment to help the active seniors to keep on moving.

2.       Embracing Teddy Bears. Every member who ordered a medical alert system received a teddy bear in their package. We then donated a matching teddy bear to the children at the Williamsport YMCA. We had the SilverSneakers seniors and all the children at the YMCA in the same room for breakfast.  Then the seniors gave each child their own teddy bear.

Alert1 loves giving back.  Nothing warms the heart more than seeing faces light up with big smiles.  The cuteness was almost too much to handle as the seniors handed each child their very own cuddly bear.  With our partnership with the YMCA we were able to bring together different generations, young and old.   Bettering our community while also getting to enjoy smiles and a great breakfast!

  • Firefighter Appreciation Barbeque. It is important that we take the time to honor the people who are there for you in the event of an emergency.  That is why Alert1 spent time with our hometown heroes in February 2017.  To bring together younger and older generations to support our local firefighters.

1.       Thanking our hometown heros. Seniors and children came to visit and have lunch provided by Alert1 with our Williamsport Fire Department as special guests. Many of the local seniors showed up to say thank you in person to the people who cared for them in emergencies. We were lucky enough to witness bonds created between our hometown heroes and seniors.  The joy it brought us only fueled our continued dedication in the medical alert field.

2.       Learning about first responders.  While the adults enjoyed chatting and getting to know the local first responders, the children loved seeing the firetruck.  Their excitement grew as they saw their favorite red truck.  When they learned they would all get the chance to take the wheel, the shyness melted away. We love watching kids get excited about fire safety and meeting their idols. We wish we had that much energy again!

Medical alerts are for everyone. While medical alerts are best known for the elderly, anyone can use a medical alert.  An Alert1 Medical Alert device is for any type of emergency – that can include falls, fires, break-ins, heart attacks and more.  Getting help is as simple as pressing a button. You don’t have to worry about remembering a phone number again.  Immediate help can save precious time to save a life that is precious to you. Plus, we stay on the line with you until help arrives. 

Alert1’s Connection to Williamsport

Woman demonstrating Alert1 Medical Alert
We have been a part of this small town for over 30 years now and could not be more proud!  Since our founder Paul first made his POM system in 1988, we have not stopped growing.  Williamsport has been the best town for Alert1 to grow up in and become who we are today.

  • How did Alert1 begin?  Our story begins with Paul’s focus to help his aging grandmother.  He wanted to make sure that when she needed help the most she could get it quickly and easily. 

    With a background in engineering, Paul began to tinker away and soon created the perfect button that she could press to call for help.  The start of the POM – Peace of Mind – System was here.  What could be better than a simple press button that sends help right away? 

    Word traveled of his amazing Peace of Mind System and before long Paul couldn’t make enough of them!  This was the beginning of what we know now as Alert1 Medical Alert Systems.

  • What are we doing now?  We are continuing in Paul’s footsteps and meeting the needs of families everywhere.  With new features like fall detection and GPS, our Kelsi Pro is better than ever! 

    While a lot has changed with new and improved technology, our focus stays the same: supporting an independent lifestyle everywhere and providing peace of mind for all.  We are always looking for ways to engage and support our local community any way we can.  
  • What is in the future?  Alert1 will carry on the grand tradition of providing peace of mind to loved ones.  We are continuing to develop and provide a broad range of products to our members, old and new.  It is exciting to see where these new technologies take us.  While Modern Senior Magazine has rated us number one, we are not content to standing still.  Alert1 will continue being innovative and meeting the changing needs of the modern senior.

Trusted and Loved by Our Community

We cannot help but feel the love here at Alert1 and again want to thank the Williamsport Awards Program.  We are excited to see what 2019 has to bring for our community.  If you are ever in our small town, stop by and say hi!  We would love to show you all that we have to offer and how we can protect your loved ones.