Fire Up the Grill: Alert1 Thanks Local Firefighter Heroes

Most Valentine’s Days involve buying chocolate and flowers for your special someone. It’s a day to show your love for the most important people in your life. At Alert1, we love letting people know that we care. That’s why we offer state-of-the-art medical alerts and top-of-the-line service. We love being able to provide our members with the best care possible.

But what about the heroes in our lives who help us when no one else can? We realized that we don’t take much time to say thank you to the hometown heroes who take care of us during an emergency. This Valentine’s Day, we wanted to change that. That’s why we hosted our Firefighter Appreciation Barbeque here in Williamsport, Pennsylvania

Why Firemen?

alert1 banner firefighter appreciation bbq

Let’s be honest—who doesn’t love firefighters? The first responders to emergency scenes, our firefighters help seniors after a fall or a health scare. Our men and women in the branch dedicate long hours of work to helping people stay safe.

The Firefighter Appreciation BBQ was our way to say thanks to these hardworking heroes, and to let them know how much we appreciate their continued service and sacrifice. 

The Event

lining up to meet firefighters

Alert1 hosted the battalion of Williamsport’s finest firefighters at Firetree Place Daycare and Community Center. With delicious barbeque from ACME Smokehouse, children and seniors at the center came together to welcome the firefighters. The excitement was paramount. Everyone was excited to meet their local heroes, but for very different reasons. 

Meeting Their Idols

child in firetruck

The children approached the firefighters with feelings of excitement and anticipation. Meeting the firefighters lowered their initial fear and awe of these hometown heroes. While shy at first, the kids warmed up after learning that they would be able to “drive” the firetruck. They were soon all in line to get a chance to take the wheel behind everyone's favorite red truck.

The firefighters had a great time socializing with the kids. They took the chance to engage the kids in important lessons about fire safety and not playing with matches. We’re pretty sure that there were some future firefighters in crowd! Plus, it was hard to tell who had more fun—the firefighters or the kids! 

Senior Safety

bonding with a firefighter

Many seniors only see firefighters in an emergency. During an emergency, seniors are in such a daze that they don’t have enough time to register what’s going on around them. Afterwards, they’re left trying to find and thank the people who saved them. Our event was able to help seniors connect face-to-face with the firefighters to say thank-you in person.

We witnessed a great moment between a Vietnam veteran and a firefighter. They were able to bond through their shared experience in keeping communities safe. Despite the difference in years, they shared a moment of mutual respect.

We loved being able to witness all the excitement and memories being made at the BBQ. Connecting members of the community with events like this bring us joy. We’re proud to use that joy and excitement to fuel our continued innovation in the medical alert field. 

Alert1 and Firefighters

firefighters with alert1 banner

Alert1 provides technology to help you stay safe while aging in place. In an emergency, press the button on your medical alert. One of our CSAA 5-Diamond Certified Command Center operators will come on the line and ask if you are all right. To get you the help you need, the Command Center operator will follow the order of your Circle of Care. When you customize to have 911 be the first responders, firefighters will be among the people who come to your door.

With our wide range of medical alerts, Alert1 will make sure that you get the care need. Whether you choose to have a pendant for extra peace of mind at home or on the go, we’ve got you covered. Plus, all Alert1 pendants are lightweight and discreet, so you’ll never even notice you’re wearing one.

Even if you weren’t able to be there for our Firefighter Appreciation BBQ, don’t worry! By being a part of the Alert1 family, you’ll stay connected for any events in the future. But you don’t need to wait for us to give thanks to your local heroes. Take a trip down to your local fire station or police station with some fresh-baked cookies. The firefighters and police officers will be happy to see you, and will love the cookies. They’ll also love to hear your words of thanks and appreciation.

It’s near impossible to say thank you to responders during your hour of need. With the shock of the emergency and the buzz of activity, remembering to thank them is the last thing on your mind. With Alert1, you can connect to the responders after the emergency to say thank you in safety. From our appreciation events to simply knocking on the firehouse door, we want to help you show your care for the emergency responders in your community.