Breakfast and Bears: Alert1 Gives Back

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The holidays are your favorite time of year. You love seeing the window displays full of lights decorating stores. When you’re out grocery shopping, you always put a bag together for the food bank drive. The festive cheer in the air never fails to put a smile on your face. But, your favorite part of the holidays is giving to others. 

 At Alert1, we’re no exception. Giving back is one of our favorite things to do. As a medical alert company, we give back to our members every day. We consistently strive to bring our members the fastest response in the event of an emergency. Making sure that each of our members has peace of mind is at the top of our priority list.

Now that the holiday season is here, we knew that we wanted to do something extra special for December. We wanted to create an event that would give back to the community and brighten everyone's day. In a flash, we teamed up with the Williamsport YMCA to host a special Breakfast and Bears event.

Breakfast and Bears

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We all know the love that Winnie-the-Pooh has for honey. He enjoys the sweet treat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. While we can’t speak for lunch and dinner, you’ll be able to enjoy a sweet treat for breakfast while bringing a smile to a child’s face at Breakfast and Bears.

On December 20th, join the staff of Williamsport YMCA for a morning filled with cheer. At 10am, Alert1 will host a special event with the YMCA where senior members will be giving bears donated by Alert1 to the children at the day care. Afterwards, members will enjoy a special breakfast provided by Alert1. 

You Get a Bear! And You Get a Bear!

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Inspired by Oprah, we're giving everyone a bear for the whole month. For every medical alert purchased in December, Alert1 will donate a bear to a child at the YMCA—plus we’ll send one to you, too! You’ll feel great about giving a bear, and you know that your grandson is going to like the bear peeping out of his stocking in the morning.

 We felt so good about this special event that we decided to extend our giving back even further. Every year, the Williamsport YMCA hosts a Toys for Tots drive. When you head to the Williamsport YMCA this year, take a toy along with you.  Alert1 will match every toy donated to Toys for Tots with a dollar for the SilverSneakers Program. The more toys donated, the more money we will give to the YMCA’s SilverSneakers Program. 

Bear with Us

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Bringing bears and smiles to children is just one of the things we love to do at Alert1. We also love bringing extra peace of mind to you and your loved ones.  At Alert1, we believe that our medical alerts are the best of the best. With our wide selection of home and mobile medical alerts, Alert1 will bring you the care you need at the push of a button.

How you choose to wear your button is up to you.  You can choose between home and mobile systems, classic alerts or automatic fall detection. If you’re having a hard time deciding which alert you’d like, PAX Plus will give you the best of both worlds.

Other companies may surprise you with hidden fees or long term contracts. We do not require long-term contracts. Instead, we offer two simple and easy payment plans. With our annual and monthly payment plans, you’re able to choose if you want to pay for a whole year of service at once, or pay month-by-month. It’s as easy as pie.

In case of an emergency, we'll be on the line fast. Even if it’s a false alarm, we will still make sure that you’re okay. Think of our service giving you a big warm bear hug all the time. 

Alert1 Cares

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At Alert1, we love giving back. We also love bringing cheer to people during the holidays. That’s why we collaborated with the Williamsport YMCA for our Breakfast and Bears event. Between all the smiles, bears, and laughter, it’s going to be a great morning. Plus, the excitement from the event will carry over to the Toys for Tots drive for the rest of the holiday season.

When you're doing your online holiday shopping this year, come back to the Alert1’s website. Show you care, and give a bear. You can feel good about holiday shopping knowing that you're helping bring a smile to a child's face.