Smaller Home, Same Holiday Cheer

small home

­The holidays are more than big Santa decorations and parties that go until the wee hours. Holidays are the time to make memories your family will hold onto forever. The laughter and smiles that fill the room are what the holidays are all about.

If you have recently downsized your home, you may wonder what this holiday season will be like. You no longer have that sprawling kitchen that was once perfect for entertaining. The big yard that was seemingly designed for decorating is no longer yours. But no worries—there are lots of fun, creative ways to maintain your holiday spirit, even in a smaller home. 

Enjoy Holiday Decorations Even When You Can’t Decorate

tree lighting

Hanging up Christmas lights during Thanksgiving weekend used to be a tradition for the whole family. It’s true, big yards are fun to decorate. However, downsizing doesn’t mean the end to holiday decoration enjoyment. Keep your memories close and try new ways to enjoy holiday lights.

  • Invite the family to holiday light night drives. Drive through neighborhoods and check out everyone else’s lights and decorations. You can do this as many times as your family desires. Enjoy the combination of simple and elaborate decorations throughout each neighborhood. At the end, talk about your favorite houses. Each time you go try a new neighborhood. This way there will always be new lights to see.
  • Visit popular decoration hotspots. Parks or famously decorated streets are a holiday staple in many towns and cities.  Pack the car with gingerbread and hot chocolate and make your way to one of these festive local holiday destinations. 
  • Celebrate a tree lighting ceremony or holiday parade. There is something magical about the tree lighting ceremony down Main Street. Same goes for holiday parades. Find a tree lighting or holiday parade in your area and join in on the celebration. While you’re there, pick up some hot cocoa, egg nog, and other holiday treats. They are sure to warm your family’s holiday spirit.
  • Hang up lights in the small outdoor space you have. Just because you don’t have a yard to decorate doesn’t mean you can’t decorate the outdoor space you have. Line your door with festive lights to ignite holiday joy every time you come home. If you have a small patio, string lights along the balcony to show your holiday spirit. 

Forgo Hosting This Holiday


Your smaller home may mean that you can’t have a big holiday party like you once did. That doesn’t mean you're out of options for making holidays memorable.

  • The Nutcracker Ballet is great for all ages. It’s a ballet that is as old as time. The holiday charm and beautiful dancing makes it a must see holiday performance. Pair it with a nice evening dinner and you have all the makings of a magical holiday memory.
  • Host a family slumber party. Invite your loved ones to bring sleeping bags for an intimate sleep over. You’ll have fun with games, food and good company. All ages will enjoy this nice evening and you don’t need much space to host a sleepover.
  • Rent a space if you’re still itching to throw a party. Throwing a holiday party may be too difficult to give up. If so, rent out a local hall or banquet room to throw it in. The nice thing about that means not as much clean-up. However, it may cost more than you’d like to spend. Call your local hotels and community centers to shop around for the best space at the best price. 

Decorate the Space You Have, No Matter How Small

washi tape Christmas tree

A smaller home means that an 8-foot-tall Christmas tree might not fit in your living room. It may be hard to stray from such a long standing tradition of picking out a big tree. But there are other ways to create holiday cheer indoors that are perfect for your downsized home.  

  • Washi tape Christmas trees are perfect for small spaces.  You could get a smaller tree, or even an artificial one, but washi tape trees are so cute! This rice paper tape is currently trending and available at any craft store.  Make a wall tree out of it. Washi tape takes up absolutely no space while adding so much Christmas DIY charm.
  • Use wall space rather than counters and floor space. Decorate your home with wall décor to decrease the clutter of adding more things to your small home. Place your string lights around windows & door frames for an evening holiday glow. Hang up your Christmas cards on a string with clothes pins instead of placing them on the counter or on a cluttered refrigerator. 
  • Candles bring charm to the home during holidays. If you don’t have a safe place to put open flame candles, LED candles are a great option. You’ll enjoy the same ambiance and can put them all over your home. Forgo the risks of fire by using LED flameless candles this year. 

A New Home Means New Traditions, And That’s OK

Snowflake ornament

The holidays are a great time to make new memories with loved ones. Just because you have downsized your home doesn’t mean that your holiday festivities have to be downsized too. Embracing new traditions can actually bring more excitement to the season. No matter how you choose to spend your holidays, may they be merry and bright.