About the Alert1 Staff: Meet Abi Delker

Abi Delker Alert1 Headshot

Abi joined the Alert1 family in 2016. Raised in a small town, Abi is always looking for new ways to challenge herself.  After some big changes in her life, she found herself at Alert1 Medical Alerts.

Abi started at Alert1 as a Member Care and Technical Specialist and enjoyed helping our members with their accounts and equipment.  She soon became an Account Manager to ensure our valued members were getting the best help.  When a position became available in the Alert1 Sales/Marketing Department, Abi wanted to challenge herself to expand her responsibilities and take on something new.  She has excelled at showing her dedication and commitment to being part of the team here at Alert1. She continues to help our members as part of the Marketing department with her research and development skills. 

While she grew up in a small town in PA, Abi lived in Wyoming for a few years. While in high school, she was trained in dressage horseback riding. She then attended the University of Wyoming for Large Animal Veterinary. Part way through she got homesick and moved back to Pennsylvania where she is planning to go back to school for teaching. Most of Abi’s time outside of school was spent babysitting, tutoring kids, or in a horse barn. 

Abi is the proud mama of her fur-baby Mufasa. The most amazing golden retriever that there ever was - and Abi will defend that title!  Mufasa was the best birthday present that a girl could receive and he is spoiled beyond belief. Abi and Mufasa are two peas in a pod and Abi will gladly accept any excuse to take him somewhere. Favorite times of theirs include playing ball in the backyard, going for walks, tug of war, and laughing as Mufasa tries to catch his tail. Abi always has to pick up Mufasa’s toys so she doesn’t trip down the stairs. Maybe Abi should look into an Alert1 Medical Alert button for herself!

Mufasa is an honorary Alert1 teammate. Mufasa was part of an Alert1 outreach program where he and Abi visited a local nursing home.  Mufasa could not get enough of all the love. He loved placing his head on the resident’s laps and listening to them talk about their lives. Abi noticed Mufasa had a special connection with one gentleman in particular - Mufasa did not want to move away from his new friend. Abi talked with the man and learned that he was a veteran who used to raise and train dogs until he could no longer move around on his own. Once he gave Mufasa a final pat on the head with a “Good boy”, Mufasa knew that his job was done and joined the others in the main room.

When she is not playing or loving up on Mufasa, Abi likes to enjoy the little things in life. She loves to go camping, read a good book, or have a movie night complete with cuddles and popcorn. Abi’s favorite thing about camping is sitting next to a crackling fire and just relaxing. Plus a campfire means that s’mores are most likely on the menu! Abi is currently reading a collection of Agatha Christie novels and especially enjoys classics such as The Scarlet Letter.

Abi is known for her positive upbeat personality and always having a smile on her face. She also always has a corny joke or two to share! One that she enjoys sharing with her teammates is: “What did the fisherman say to the magician?... Pick a cod, any cod!”  Abi has been able to put her artistic side to work by creating bulletin boards, games, and beautiful window paintings for the Williamsport office. She loves that she has found a place where she can give back to the community while also tapping into her creative side. 


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